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Performance and Accountability Report Fiscal Year 2009
Financial Section

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Note 15. Fiduciary Activities

Fiduciary activities are the collection or receipt, and the management, protection, accounting, and disposition by the Federal Government of cash or other assets in which non-Federal individuals or entities have an ownership interest that the Federal Government must uphold. Fiduciary cash and other assets are not assets of the Federal Government and accordingly are not recognized on the proprietary financial statements.

The Patent Cooperation Treaty authorized the USPTO to collect patent filing and search fees on behalf of the WIPO, EPO, Korean Intellectual Property Office, and the Australian Patent Office from U.S. citizens requesting an international patent. The Madrid Protocol Implementation Act authorized the USPTO to collect trademark application fees on behalf of the International Bureau of the WIPO from U.S. citizens requesting an international trademark.

The following tables provide the USPTO’s fiduciary activity and fiduciary net assets as of and for the year ended September 30,2009.

Schedule of Fiduciary Activity
For the year ended September 30, 2009
(Dollars in Thousands)
  Patent Cooperation Treaty Madrid Protocol
Fiduciary Net Assets, Beginning of Year $  11,598  $   311 
Contributions  116,818   8,618 
Disbursements To and on Behalf of Beneficiaries (119,282) (8,477)
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(Decrease)/Increase in Fiduciary Net Assets   (2,464)    141 
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Fiduciary Net Assets, End of Year $   9,134  $   452 
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Fiduciary Net Assets
As of September 30, 2009
(Dollars in Thousands)
  Patent Cooperation Treaty Madrid Protocol
Cash and Cash Equivalents $   9,134  $   452 
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Total Fiduciary Net Assets $   9,134  $   452 
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