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Collage showing images with one-word descriptors from the U S P T O Fiscal Year 2008 Performance and Accountability Report cover that reinforces the reportís tagline of Transforming for the Future Today.
Performance and Accountability Report Fiscal Year 2008
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Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviation List

AAO — Agency Administrative Order

ABC — Activity Based Cost

AIPA — American Inventors Protection Act

AIS — Automated Information System

ASEAN — Association of South East Asian Nations

BPAI — Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences

C&A — Certification and Accreditation

CAO — Chief Administrative Officer

CIPO — Canadian Intellectual Property Office

CPIC — Capital Planning and Investment Control

CS — Commercial Service

CSAM — Cyber Security Assessment and Management

CSRS — Civil Service Retirement System

CSSC — Competitive Sourcing Steering Committee

DEA — Delegated Examining Authority

DKPTO — Danish Patent and Trademark Office

DOC — Department of Commerce

DOL — Department of Labor

DOO — Departmental Organization Order

EAMS — Enterprise Asset Management System

EEOC — Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EFS — Electronic Filing System

EFT — Electronic Funds Transfer

ENS — Emergency Notification System

EPO — European Patent Office

eRF — eRed Folder

EVM — Earned Value Management

FAIR — Federal Activities Inventory Reform

FASAB — Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

FAST — First Action System for Trademarks

FCIP — Federal Career Intern Program

FECA — Federal Employees’ Compensation Act

FEGLI — Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

FEHB — Federal Employees Health Benefit Program

FEIR — Foreign Examiner in Residence

FERS — Federal Employees Retirement System

FFMIA — Federal Financial Management Improvement Act

FICA — Federal Insurance Contributions Act

FIRST — For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

FISMA — Federal Information Security Management Act

FMFIA — Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act

FMS — Financial Management Services

FTA — Free Trade Agreement

FY — Fiscal Year

G8 — Group of Eight Countries

GAAP — Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAO — Government Accountability Office

GIPA — Global Intellectual Property Academy

GPRA — Government Performance and Results Act

GSA — U.S. General Services Administration

HCSP — Human Capital Strategic Plan

HR — Human Resources

IDP — Individual Development Plan

IG — Inspector General

INTA — International Trademark Association

IP — Intellectual Property

IPAU — IP Australia

IPIA — Improper Payments Information Act

IPR — Intellectual Property Rights

IT — Information Technology

ITA — Internal Trade Administration

JPO — Japanese Patent Office

KIPO — Korean Intellectual Property Office

MBDA — Minority Business Development Agency

MTS — Metric Tracking System

NIST — National Institute of Standards and Technology

OBRA — Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

OCFO — Office of Chief Financial Officer

OCIO — Office of Chief Information Officer

OCS — Office of Corporate Services

OGC — Office of General Counsel

OHIM — Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market

OHR — Office of Human Resources

OIG — Office of the Inspector General

OIPPE — Office of Intellectual Property Policy and Enforcement

OMB — Office of Management and Budget

OPM — Office of Personnel Management

PALM — Patent Application Location and Monitoring

PAOs — Property Accountability Officers

PART — Program Assessment Rating Tool

PC — Property Custodians

PCT — Patent Cooperation Treaty

PDF — Portable Document Format

PELP — Patent Examiner Laptop Program

PFW — Patent File Wrapper

PMA — President’s Management Agenda

PPAC — Patent Public Advisory Committee

PPH — Patent Prosecution Highway

Pub.L. — Public Law

RAM — Revenue Accounting and Management System

SFFAC — Statements of Federal Financial Accounting Concepts

SFFAS — Statements of Federal Financial Accounting Standards

SIPO — State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China

SM — Service Mark

SMEs — Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

SOP — Standard Operating Procedure

STOP! — Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy!

TAC — Trademark Assistance Center

TEAS — Trademark Electronic Application System

TI — Transfer Inquiry

TRAM — Trademark Reporting and Application Monitoring

TTAB — Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

U.S. — United States

U.S.C. — United States Code

UK — United Kingdom

UK-IPO — United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office

USPTO — United States Patent and Trademark Office

USTR — United States Trade Representative

WIPO — World Intellectual Property Organization

WTO — World Trade Organization

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