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Performance and Accountability Report Fiscal Year 2008
Management's Discussion and Analysis

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Commissioner's Performance for FY 2008

The American Inventors Protection Act (AIPA), Title VI, Subtitle G, the Patent and Trademark Office Efficiency Act, requires that an annual performance agreement be established between the Commissioner for Patents and the Secretary of Commerce, and the Commissioner for Trademarks and the Secretary of Commerce. The Commissioners for Patents and Trademarks have FY 2008 performance agreements with the Secretary of Commerce, which outline the measurable organizational goals and objectives for which they are responsible. They may be awarded a bonus, based upon an evaluation of their performance as defined in the agreement, of up to 50 percent of their base salary. The results achieved in FY 2008 are documented in this report. FY 2008 bonus information is currently not available. For FY 2007, the Commissioner for Patents was awarded a bonus of 17.9 percent of base salary and the Commissioner for Trademarks a bonus of 14.9 percent.

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