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Performance and Accountability Report Fiscal Year 2007
Management's Discussion and Analysis

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Budgetary Resources and Requirements

The USPTO was provided appropriation authority to spend all estimated fee collections in FY 2007. When spending authority is less than fee collections, the additional fee collections are temporarily unavailable. During FY 2007, the USPTO collected an additional $12.2 million in fees that are unavailable for spending.

The following table presents the source of funds made available to the USPTO, and the use of such funds.

Source and Status of USPTO Funds (Dollars in millions)
Source and Status of Funds FY 2004 FY 2005 FY 2006 FY 2007

Source of Funds:
Unobligated Beginning Balance $    3.5  $    2.3  $    5.7 $    5.7
Recovery of Prior Year Obligations     10.4      7.6      9.1      9.9
Spending Authority from Offsetting Collections  1,321.7   1,504.2   1,665.4  1,791.1
Non-Expenditure Transfer        –         –       (0.1)        –
Net Increase in Unavailable Fees    (99.9)        –         –     (12.2)
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Total Source of Funds $1,235.7  $1,514.1  $1,680.1 $1,794.5
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Status of Funds:
Obligations Incurred $1,233.4  $1,508.4  $1,674.4 $1,766.5
Unobligated Balance, Available      1.8       2.7       5.7     28.0
Unobligated Balance, Unavailable      0.5       3.0         –        –
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Total Status of Funds $1,235.7  $1,514.1  $1,680.1 $1,794.5
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During FY 2007, total budgetary resources available for spend-ing increased 6.8 percent over the amount available in the preceding year. This significant increase in budgetary resources available for use is depicted by the graph below.

Graph summarizing annual growth in budgetary resources for the last four fiscal years.D

In FY 2007, the USPTO was provided with use of all of its estimated fee collections. This allowed the USPTO continued flexibility towards meeting the goals of the 2007-2012 Strategic Plan, including transitioning to a fully electronic operating environment, improving the quality of its services and products, addressing patent and trademark pendency, and improving intellectual property protection and enforcement. The additional funding has enabled the USPTO to substantially increase the number of patent examiners to assist in addressing the growing average complexity of patent applications and increasing workloads and to allocate additional resources towards protecting intellectual property in the United States and abroad. As a result, the USPTO was able to meet virtually all of the performance goals and continue reforms that assure intellectual property relevancy in a highly competitive, global marketplace.

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