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(report dated 22-Jan-2003)

This report presents a preliminary list of the U.S. universities receiving the most patents for invention (i.e., utility patents) during the 2002 calendar year.

This table displays a preliminary listing of the top ten U.S. universities receiving utility patents in calendar year 2002.
Preliminary Rank
in 2002 *
Preliminary number
of patents
in 2002 *
U.S. University * (Final Rank
in 2001)
(Final number
of patents
in 2001)
1 431 University of California (1) (402)
2 135 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2) (125)
3 109 California Institute of Technology (3) (124)
4 104 Stanford University (5) (84)
5 93 University of Texas (4) (89)
6 ** 81 Johns Hopkins University ** (6) (80)
** 81 University of Wisconsin ** (7) (73)
8 55 State University of New York (17) (41)
9 50 Pennsylvania State University (11) (52)
10 49 Michigan State University (18) (39)


* The listed patent counts are preliminary counts which are subject to correction.

** Indicates a tie in the ranking among two or more U.S. universities.

Please Note:
Patent information presented reflects patent ownership at patent grant and does not include ownership changes that occur after the patent grant. Where more than one assignee (owner) exists, patents are attributed to the first-named assignee.

Identifying the patent activity of U.S. universities involves substantial effort because patent applications received from universities are not separately identified at the time of filing but must be determined by looking at the listed assignee names on the issuing patents. While every effort is made to accurately identify all U.S. university entities and to report data by a single university name, achievement of a totally clean record is not expected, particularly in view of the many variations that occur in organizational identifications.

This listing of U.S. universities and their patent activity is made possible through work at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Each year, USPTO produces a set of statistical reports for NSF that profiles the patenting activity of U.S. universities. The report, "U.S. Colleges and Universities, Utility Patent Grants, Calendar Years 1969-2002", will profile U.S. university patent activity through calendar year 2002 and is expected to be completed in December of 2003. Since USPTO has not yet compiled the calendar year patent activity of U.S. universities for the 2002 NSF report, the above list of the top patenting universities for 2002 should be viewed as preliminary.

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