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Manual of U.S. Patent Classification
as of June 30, 2000


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Subclass Title
Blinder type sun visor or shade; see D29 -109+.
Camera or photographic equipment case; see D3-267+.
Cassette for photographic film or magnetic tape; see D14-474+.
Computer or data processing equipment; see D14-300+.
Contact lens case; see D3-264.
Disguise or face mask; see D21-660+.
Eyeglass case; see D3-265.
Eyeshade; see D29-109+.
Eye shield for attachment to helmet; see D29-110.
Eyewear including provision to occlude or filter air (e.g., diving mask); see D24-110.2+.
Face mask protective type; see D29-108+.
Grinder for lens; see D15-124+.
Holder for eyeglasses; see D3-266.
Intraocular lens; see D24-157.
Kaleidoscope; see D21-403.
Lamp, floodlight or spotlight for photography (non camera attached); see D26-24+.
Measuring or testing instrument embodying optical device (other than camera range finder); see D10-46+.
Optical medical instrument; see D24-137, 150 and 172.
Photolithographic printing equipment; see D18-50+.
Reel for film or magnetic tape; see D14-484.
Transit or optical surveyor' instrument; see D10-61+.
Vehicle visor-attached case for eyeglasses; see D12-417.
Video image printer or copier; see D18-36.
Vision inhibitor; see D29-109.
X-ray equipment; see D24-158.
201[Patents] . Simulative
202[Patents] . Video type (21)
203[Patents] . Security surveillance type
204[Patents] . Underwater
205[Patents] . Cinematographic (i.e., motion picture type, etc.)
206[Patents] . . With handgrip
207[Patents] . . With multiple lens
208[Patents] . Combined (e.g., with case, etc.)
209[Patents] . . With flash or floodlight
210[Patents] . Plural objective lens (e.g., stereoscopic, etc.) (2)
211[Patents] . Folding or extending case or lens
212[Patents] . . Laterally opening divided body
213[Patents] . Lens on narrow side of body
214[Patents] . Stand mounted (e.g., identification photo type, etc.)
215[Patents] . Cabinet or booth type
216[Patents] . Reflex viewing type
217[Patents] . . Single lens
218[Patents] . Separate lens and viewfinder (e.g., rangefinder type, etc.)
219[Patents] . Element (3)
220[Patents] . . Rangefinder or viewfinder
222[Patents] . Stereoscopic
223[Patents] . Combined with printer
224[Patents] . Combined with splicer (i.e., film editing type, etc.)
225[Patents] . Integrated unit (i.e., with self-contained image viewing and reflection or projection)
226[Patents] . . Coin operated or arcade type
227[Patents] . . With eyepiece
228[Patents] . . Plural screen
229[Patents] . . Foldable, collapsible or articulated
230[Patents] . Motion picture type
231[Patents] . . With carrying handle or case
232[Patents] . Overhead or opaque type
233[Patents] . With provision for transparency magazine (i.e., with provision for magazine, shuttle mechanism, etc.)
234[Patents] . With carrying handle or case
235[Patents] . Element or attachment
236[Patents] . . Transparency holder (e.g., magazine, cartridge, etc.) (4)
238[Patents] . Photometer, color, or exposure meter (5)
239[Patents] . Camera mounted movie light or flash unit
240[Patents] . . Provision for angle adjustment
241[Patents] . Screen or element thereof
242[Patents] . Support
243[Patents] . . Handgrip or shoulder support
244[Patents] . . Tripod or unipod
245[Patents] . . . Element
246[Patents] . Film processing equipment (6)
247[Patents] . . For medical image film
248[Patents] . . Enlarger, printer or head therefor (7)
249[Patents] . . Tray, tank or drum
250[Patents] . . Element or accessory
100[Patents]OPTHALMIC ARTICLE (14)
101[Patents] . Lens (15)
300[Patents] . Eyeglasses, eyewear, or frame therefor
301[Patents] . . Opaque or perforated mask (i.e., sleep mask, louvered shield) (14)
302[Patents] . . Monocle or lorgnette
303[Patents] . . Folding, flexible, or adjustable bridge
304[Patents] . . Adjustable lens or provision therefor (15)
305[Patents] . . Makeup or prism type
306[Patents] . . Simulative or novelty type
307[Patents] . . . Animate
308[Patents] . . . Plant life
309[Patents] . . Combined with diverse article (16)
310[Patents] . . . Visor (17)
311[Patents] . . Provision for flexible attachment to head (i.e., attaching means encircles head)
312[Patents] . . . Contiguous lens
313[Patents] . . Contiguous lens
314[Patents] . . . Rimless or semi-rimless
315[Patents] . . Rimless or semi-rimless
316[Patents] . . . Screw-pierced lens
317[Patents] . . Circular lens only
318[Patents] . . Temple mounts below eye level
319[Patents] . . Including opening (e.g., pierced-type frame)
320[Patents] . . . Bridge
321[Patents] . . . Temple
322[Patents] . . Adjustable nose cushion or pad
323[Patents] . . Including applied ornament or texture
324[Patents] . . . Texture
325[Patents] . . Upper frame edge and bridge merge in substantially flat, even contour only
326[Patents] . . Upper frame edge and bridge merge in sinuous curve only
327[Patents] . . District bridge
328[Patents] . . . Top edge of bridge arcs upwardly
329[Patents] . . . District depression or notch at bridge contour
330[Patents] . Element or attachment (18)
331[Patents] . . Contact lens implement
332[Patents] . . Bridge or nose pad
333[Patents] . . . Nose pad
334[Patents] . . Lens mounting or hinge
335[Patents] . . Temple (i.e., ear stem)
336[Patents] . . . Combined with diverse article
337[Patents] . . . Side guard
338[Patents] . . . Tip or end piece
339[Patents] . . Retainer or strap (19)
340[Patents] . . Visor or shade (20)
341[Patents] . . Applied ornament
342[Patents] . . . Simulative
131[Patents] . Microscope
132[Patents] . Telescope (22)
133[Patents] . . Binocular
134[Patents] . Lens or objective
135[Patents] . . Magnifying or reducing glass
136[Patents] . . Element or attachment
137[Patents] . Prism
(1) For dedicated photocopy equipment camera, see D18-40.
(2) Exclusive or viewfinder objective.
(3) For attachment, e.g., tripod, handgrip, flash unit, etc., see subclasses 237+. For film or film strip, see subclasses 237+. For lens, see subclasses 134+. For reel, cassette, etc., see see D14-483+.
(4) For transparency mount per se, see D14-482.
(5) For meter that is coupled to camera, see subclass 219.
(6) Includes photo processing or printing machine.
(7) For lens, see subclass 134.
(14) For costume or novelty-type mask, see D21-660.
(15) Includes flip-up lens type and multiple lens type.
(16) Excludes head strap, temple guard, shield, and extender.
(17) For visor attachment, per se, see D16-340. For visor attached to protective headgear, see D29-104. For visor combined with headgear or hat, see D2-865+.
(18) For eyeglass or contact lens container or holder, see D3-264+.
(19) Includes mask strap.
(20) For vision inhibitor, see D29-109. For visor combined with eyewear, see D16-310.
(21) Includes magnetic disc still camera.
(22) For telescope combined with firearm, see D22-101.
(23) Element included. Classified by FULL LINE DISCLOSURE.

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