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Manual of U.S. Patent Classification
as of June 30, 2000


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Subclass Title
Atomizer; see D24-100 and D28-91.1.
Bagging tool; see D8-71.
Bail or handle per se; see D8-300+.
Bar soap container; see D28-76.
Barrel, cask or drum; see D34-39.
Bin, tray or similar permanent carrier; see D3-304+.
Brush combined with nail enamel; container; see D4-116.
Bundle, tie or strap; see D8-394+.
Calling card holder or receiver; see D6-449 and D20-40.
Christmas stocking; see D11-126.
Clamp or locking device per se; see D8-382+.
Compact-type face powder container; see D28-91.
Condiment cruet; see D7-598.
Container for the storage of articles, e.g., optical article, silver chest, jewelry box, tackle or tool box, etc., see D3-263+.
Cosmetic container for rouge, lipstick, powder compact, etc.; see D28-76+.
Cycle-mounted bottle combined with cage holder; see D12-411.
Dispensing container for photographic reproduction equipment; see D18-43.
Display card, sign, label, show card, etc.; see D20-10+.
Drinking cup; see D7-509+.
Fastener; see D8-349+.
Flower container or basket; see D11-143+.
Fluid storage tank; see D23-202+.
Food storage container such as lunch box, vacuum bottle, condiment server, etc.; see D7-590+ and 601+.
Fountain brush; see D4-114.
Glue applicator; see D19-70+.
Holy water bottle; see D99-25.
Label or tag; see D20-22+.
Liquid canteen; see D3-202.
Lubricating can; D23-211.
Medical atomizer; see D24-110.
Medical fluid dropper; see D24-115.
Medicine applicator; see D24-119.
Mural or wall-adhered hanging; see D11-132+.
Nursing bottle; see D24-197+.
Office holder, tray or basket; see D19-86+.
Package ornament or bow; see D11-184.
Pail or can attachment, e.g., paint brush support, etc.; see D32-53+.
Paint can rim combined with brush rest; see D32-54.
Pencil box; see D19-85.
Permanent type shipping container; see D3-272. see D7-300+.
Reel; see D8-358+.
Serving type decanter or carafe; see D7-300+.
Sheet wrapping paper; see D5.
Shoeshine equipment container; see D3-200.
Spray gun; see D23-223+.
Spray nozzle; see D23-213+.
Stationery envelope; see D19-3+.
Storage, as opposed to packaging, container; see D3.
Tobacco product container and reusable match container; see D27.
Vial, test tube or medication storage container; see D24-224.
Washer for canning jar; see D8-399.
Watering can; see D23-212.
301[Patents] . Bellows type
305[Patents]BAG OR WRAPPER TYPE (3)
306[Patents] . Tube or sleeve
308[Patents] . Vehicle or component thereof
309[Patents] . . Ship or boat
310[Patents] . Animate
311[Patents] . . Humanoid
312[Patents] . . . Christmas motif, e.g., Santa Claus, etc.
313[Patents] . . . Plural figures
314[Patents] . . . Organ, appendage, or element (4)
315[Patents] . . . . Heart
316[Patents] . . . Freestanding figure
317[Patents] . . Bird
318[Patents] . . Quadruped
319[Patents] . Apparel
320[Patents] . . Hat or crown
321[Patents] . Horseshoe
322[Patents] . Building or component thereof
323[Patents] . . Furniture
324[Patents] . Timepiece
325[Patents] . Barrel
326[Patents] . Book
327[Patents] . Luggage
328[Patents] . Musical
329[Patents] . Edible article or tobacco product
330[Patents] . Light source
331[Patents] . Star
332[Patents] . Lettering
333[Patents] . . Single letter or numeral
334[Patents] . Bow
335[Patents] . Plant life
336[Patents] . . Flower
338[Patents] . Applicator for contents (5)
340[Patents] . Razor blade
342[Patents] . Razor and accessories
343[Patents] . Light string
344[Patents] . Engaging rim, top or neck only of contained article (7)
345[Patents] . Sheet or molded material conforming to shape of contained article, e.g., shrunk film, etc.
346[Patents] . Folded sheet material
347[Patents] . Of varying size or shape
348[Patents] . Staggered rows
501[Patents] . Combined with holder, sheath, box or packaging container
502[Patents] . Repeating horizontal ribs, grooves or steps
503[Patents] . With closure (25)
504[Patents] . . Closure conforms to and continues container configuration (26)
505[Patents] . . Stopper type
507[Patents] . Front to rear opposition
508[Patents] . . Horizontally elongated
509[Patents] . Shaker type
510[Patents] . . Base cross-sectional shape merges into different body cross-sectional shape
511[Patents] . . . Circular or oval base
512[Patents] . . . Polygonal or triangular base
513[Patents] . . Circular or oval in plan
514[Patents] . . Polygonal or triangular in plan
517[Patents] . Combined with holder, box or packaging container
518[Patents] . Pull tab or tear strip opening
519[Patents] . Substantially spherical
520[Patents] . With bottom surface detail (28)
521[Patents] . . Pointed or downwardly rounded (i.e., nonstandable)
522[Patents] . Planar or concave side opposes convex side
523[Patents] . Mouth, spout or pouring lip offset from center line
524[Patents] . . Plural opening
525[Patents] . . Spout rotated or flexed to use position
526[Patents] . . Oblique or perpendicular relationship to base
527[Patents] . . . With handle, finger opening or provision therefor (29)
528[Patents] . . With handle, finger opening or provision therefor (29)
529[Patents] . Closure conforms to and continues container configuration (30)
530[Patents] . Grip retentive form (e.g., with handle, opposed grip recesses, inwardly curved or tapered body portion, etc.) (31)
531[Patents] . . Handle, lug, hook or opening, or provision therefor (29)
532[Patents] . . . Bail type
533[Patents] . . . Plural
534[Patents] . . . Cantilevered (i.e., finger grip is open at one end)
535[Patents] . . . Centrally disposed
536[Patents] . . . Applied to body portion having symmetry on two axes
537[Patents] . . Substantially circular body portion in plan
538[Patents] . . . Three or more repeats around body axis
539[Patents] . . . Symmetrical on two axes
540[Patents] . . . Bilaterally symmetrical
541[Patents] . . Three or more repeats around body axis
542[Patents] . . Symmetrical on two axes
543[Patents] . . Bilaterally symmetrical
544[Patents] . Decanter type or with provision for male type closure (i.e., stopper) (32)
545[Patents] . . Substantially circular or oval body portion in plan
546[Patents] . . Three or more repeats around body axis (33)
547[Patents] . Quantitative measurement indicator
548[Patents] . Pedestal base (e.g., footed, etc.)
549[Patents] . Substantially circular or oval body portion in plan
550[Patents] . . Specific area for product identification, label or seal
551[Patents] . . Circular or oval surface detail
552[Patents] . . Helical or sinuous surface detail
553[Patents] . . Triangular, square or diamond surface detail (34)
554[Patents] . . Irregular, random or contrast textured surface pattern
555[Patents] . . Incised V-shaped grooves defining pattern (i.e., cut glass type) (35)
556[Patents] . . Repeating adjacent ribs or grooves
557[Patents] . . . Straight and parallel to base (36)
558[Patents] . . Symmetrical on two axes
559[Patents] . Three or more repeats around body axis (37)
560[Patents] . . Four repeats or square in plan
561[Patents] . . Three repeats or triangular in plan
562[Patents] . Stepped down body detail
563[Patents] . Specific area for product identification, label or seal
564[Patents] . Circular or oval surface detail
565[Patents] . Helical or sinuous surface detail
566[Patents] . Triangular, square or diamond surface detail (38)
567[Patents] . Irregular, random or contrast textured surface pattern
568[Patents] . Incised V-shaped grooves defining pattern (i.e., cut glass type) (35)
569[Patents] . Repeating adjacent ribs or grooves
570[Patents] . . Straight and parallel to base (36)
571[Patents] . Arched surface detail
572[Patents] . Planar surface
573[Patents] . . Symmetrical on two axes
574[Patents] . Symmetrical on two axes
575[Patents] . Bilaterally symmetrical
415[Patents] . With display or hanger panel (11)
416[Patents] . Pull tab or tear strip opening
417[Patents] . Specific flow director or spout
418[Patents] . External display aperture, window, or magnifier
419[Patents] . Ribbon, strip, or filament (12)
420[Patents] . Swinging closure (13)
421[Patents] . . Plural (14)
422[Patents] . . Rotating into enclosure
423[Patents] . . Planar top parallel to base
424[Patents] . Molded or stamped type, i.e., cast, vacuum formed, etc.
425[Patents] . . Flanged
426[Patents] . . . Joined similar halves
427[Patents] . . . Perforated bottom
428[Patents] . . . Circular or oval
429[Patents] . . . . Plural ribs or grooves
430[Patents] . Polygonal in plan
431[Patents] . . Upwardly diverging or converging walls
432[Patents] . . Rectangular or square
433[Patents] . Folded or sheet material (15)
435[Patents] . Closure, cover, or pouring attachment
436[Patents] . . Combined with diverse article or having additional use (16)
437[Patents] . . . Cutter or punch
438[Patents] . . With tear strip or pop top (17)
439[Patents] . . Male type, i.e., stopper
440[Patents] . . . With pouring or dispensing feature (18)
441[Patents] . . . Simulative
442[Patents] . . Collapsible tube type
443[Patents] . . With distinct grip, handle, or clamping feature
444[Patents] . . Sheath type
445[Patents] . . . Protector for closure, e.g., overcap type
446[Patents] . . Tethered type
447[Patents] . . With pouring or dispensing feature
448[Patents] . . . Aerosol or pump type (19)
449[Patents] . . . With moveable or separable closure element
450[Patents] . . . . Rotated to use position
451[Patents] . . Simulative (20)
452[Patents] . . Repeating or uniform pattern around body axis
453[Patents] . . . Vertical straight ribs or grooves
454[Patents] . . Substantially circular (21)
455[Patents] . Stand or holder (22)
456[Patents] . Packing tray, separator, or insert
457[Patents] . Display or backing card (23)
(1) This class includes product containers whose acquisition is incidental to the purchase of the contents. Boxes, bottles, jars, etc., in this class, are of a disposable or destructible nature. However, returnable bottles, canning jars, or similar containers are included. Containers purchased exclusively for storing or carrying purposes such as jewelry boxes, china, canister sets, etc., are excluded. Secondary uses of the container are not specifically entertained for purposes of exclusion, e.g., bottle used as a bank, etc. CLASSIFIED BY FULL LINES IN CLAIMED DISCLOSURE. Products that are contained in claimed packages not considered.
(2) For thread, tape, or ribbon containers, see subclass 419.
(3) Excludes articles that are protective only such as shroud, cover, etc.; see subclass 444.
(4) Nonskeletal head excluded; see subclasses 311+.
(5) For closure combined with applicator, see subclass 436. Includes roller applicator in combination with container. For container combined with another packaging container; see subclasses 501 and 517. For fountain brush, see D4-114.
(6) For reusable storage case or carrier, see D3. For container holding plural articles loosely, i.e., tray or bin type, see subclasses 414+. For package having plural closure, see subclass 421. For egg type packing tray, see subclass 456.
(7) Includes top member for bottle or can 6-pack.
(11) For card per se, see subclass 457.
(12) For adhesive or gummed tape dispenser, see D19-67+.
(13) Blank excluded; see subclass 433.
(14) For package having distinct provision for plural article, see subclass 341.
(15) Includes blank.
(16) Includes combination with measuring device. For fountain brush, see D4-114.
(17) Includes tab per se. For can end disclosing provision for pouring only, see subclass 447.
(18) For combination with measuring feature, see subclass 436.
(19) See subclass 300.
(20) Exclusive of pointer or arrow.
(21) For circular closure having repeat or uniform pattern around axis, see subclass 452.
(22) For combination of holder and container, see subclasses 501 and 517.
(23) For advertising card, see D20-40.
(24) As a container is rotated, the same configuration exists throughout the 360-degree rotation; the container must have a constant profile. For example, an article turned on a lathe has a uniform cross-section around its axis. Applied surface ornamentation such as a printed motif, label, etc., or a matte surface texture, may be asymmetrical. The closure surface, and the bottom, may or may not conform to the uniform-section requirement. Threaded opening or molding seam not considered.
(25) Closure may or may not conform to the uniform-section requirement.
(26) Surface texture or ribs on the closure not considered.
(27) For container with flow director, see subclasses 523+ or 544+.
(28) Detail must be a design characteristic; normal recessed area, molding seam, etc., not considered. Bottom is considered to be the surface opposite to the opening or closure. Container having alternate bases, e.g., tiltable ink bottle, etc., excluded; see following subclasses, particularly subclass 526.
(29) Finger opening must be provided for grip to be considered a handle.
(30) Surface texture or ribs on the closure not considered. For bottle with roller applicator, see subclass 338.
(31) Overall body shape must provide for the retention of grip; For example, included are articles with upwardly tapered or curved body portions providing for grip retention, but excluded are articles with annular rings, flanges or enlarged portions adjacent to otherwise nonretentive shapes such as cylinders, planar or parallel walls, etc. Includes containers with opposed longitudinal side finger channels or depressions; Ribs or grooves alone that provide frictional retention are excluded. Excludes containers with full inset or defined panels on the front or rear; those are considered to be areas for label placement and are therefore classified in subclasses 550 or 563.
(32) Excludes containers having provision for another type of closure, such as crown cap.
(33) Exclusive of stopper.
(34) Excludes pattern formed by incised V-shaped grooves; see subclass 555. If triangular, square, or diamond detail is part of a randomized array of forms, see subclass 554.
(35) Each wall of the "V" must repeat (be a mirror image of) the opposing wall.
(36) Excludes horizontal ribs or grooves that define body steps; see subclass 562.
(37) Exclusive of closure.
(38) Excludes pattern formed by incised V-shaped grooves; see subclass 567. If triangular, square or diamond detail is part of a randomized array of forms; see subclass 567.
(39) Includes shopping bag handle. For parts or elements of bottles, see D9-516+.

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