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as of June 30, 2000


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Subclass Title
DIG 1[Patents]ALLEGED CONTROLLED FUSION REACTORS (G21B-1/00) ** (uncontrolled reactors DIG. 423; arrangements for heating or confining plasma H05H-1/02)
DIG 2[Patents] . Combined fission-fusion reactors [G21B-1/00B] *** (see also DIG. 5+)
DIG 3[Patents] . Inertial confinement fusion reactor [G21B-1/00C] *** (plasma produced by laser H05H-1/22B; by particle beam H05H-1/22C)
DIG 4[Patents] . Using a beam of particles some of which react with other particles [G21B-1/02]
DIG 5[Patents]NUCLEAR REACTORS [G21C-1/00] *** (fusion reactors H05H-1/00; nuclear explosives DIG. 423; analogue computers therefor G06G-7/54)
DIG 6[Patents] . Integral reactors (i.e., the reactor core and the heat exchanger are placed in one vessel; the reactor vessel and the heat exchanger form an integral construction) [G21C-1/00B]
DIG 7[Patents] . . Where the prime mover is also placed in the vessel [G21C-1/00B2]
DIG 8[Patents] . . Where the heat exchanger is disposed above the core [G21C-1/00B3]
DIG 9[Patents] . . Where the heat exchanger is disposed beneath the core [G21C-1/00B4]
DIG 10[Patents] . . Where the heat exchanger is disposed beside the core [G21C-1/00B5]
DIG 11[Patents] . Fast fission reactors (i.e., reactors not using a moderator; metal cooled reactors; fast breeders) [G21C-1/02]
DIG 12[Patents] . . Characterized by the concept and properties of the core [G21C-1/02B]
DIG 13[Patents] . . . Where the core is divided into zones with fuel and zones with breeding material [G21C-1/02B2]
DIG 14[Patents] . . Cooled by a not essentially pressurized coolant (e.g., tub type) [G21C-1/02D] *** (cooling arrangements DIG. 187+)
DIG 15[Patents] . . Cooled by a pressurized coolant [G21C-1/02F] *** (cooling arrangements DIG. 187+)
DIG 16[Patents] . Thermal reactors; Epithermal reactors [G21C-1/04]
DIG 17[Patents] . . Heterogeneous reactors (i.e., in which the fuel and moderator are separated) [G21C-1/06]
DIG 18[Patents] . . . Pebble-bed reactors; Reactors with granular fuel [G21C-1/06B]
DIG 19[Patents] . . . Moderator being highly pressurized (e.g., boiling water reactor; integral super-heat reactor; pressurized water reactor) [G21C-1/08] *** (DIG. 30 takes precedence)
DIG 20[Patents] . . . . Pressure regulating arrangements; "pressurizers" [G21C-1/08B]
DIG 21[Patents] . . . . Reactors where the coolant is overheated [G21C-1/08D]
DIG 22[Patents] . . . . Boiling water reactors [G21C-1/08E]
DIG 23[Patents] . . . . Pressurized water reactors [G21C-1/08F]
DIG 24[Patents] . . . . Moderator and coolant being different or separated [G21C-1/10]
DIG 25[Patents] . . . . . Moderator being solid (e.g., Magnox reactor, gas-graphite reactor [G21C-1/12]
DIG 26[Patents] . . . Moderator being substantially not pressurized (e.g., swimming-pool reactor [G21C-1/14] *** (DIG. 30 takes precedence)
DIG 27[Patents] . . . . Moderator and coolant being different or separated (e.g., sodium-graphite reactor, sodium-heavy water reactor, organic coolant-heavy water reactor) [G21C-1/16]
DIG 28[Patents] . . . . . Coolant being pressurized [G21C-1/18]
DIG 29[Patents] . . . . . . Moderator being liquid (e.g., pressure-tube reactor, also the construction of the pressure-tubes) [G21C-1/20]
DIG 30[Patents] . . . Using fluid or fluent fuel [G21C-1/22] *** (With granular fuel DIG. 18)
DIG 31[Patents] . . Homogeneous reactors (i.e., in which the fuel and moderator present an effectively homogeneous medium to the neutrons) [G21C-1/24]
DIG 32[Patents] . . . Single-region reactors [G21C-1/26]
DIG 33[Patents] . . . Two-region reactors [G21C-1/28]
DIG 34[Patents] . Subcritical reactors; Experimental reactors with exception of swimming-pool reactors, zero-energy reactors [G21C-1/30]
DIG 35[Patents] . . Experimental and irradiation arrangements inside the reactor [G21C-1/30B] *** (irradiation loops DIG. 36; material testing by neutrons G01N-23/00B)
DIG 36[Patents] . . Irradiation loops [G21C-1/30D]
DIG 38[Patents] . Fuel elements [G21C-3/02] *** (manufacturing DIG. 283)
DIG 39[Patents] . . Constructional details [G21C-3/04]
DIG 40[Patents] . . . Means for removal of gases from fuel elements [G21C-3/04B]
DIG 41[Patents] . . . Fuel elements comprising casings with a mass of granular fuel with coolant passages through them [G21C-3/04C]
DIG 42[Patents] . . . Fuel elements with porous or capillary structure [G21C-3/04D]
DIG 43[Patents] . . . Casings; Jackets; Jacket materials [G21C-3/06]
DIG 44[Patents] . . . . Jacket materials (e.g., alloys) [G21C-3/06B]
DIG 45[Patents] . . . . Provided with external means to promote heat-transfer (e.g., fins, baffles) [G21C-3/08]
DIG 46[Patents] . . . . End closures; means for tight mounting therefor [G21C-3/10]
DIG 47[Patents] . . . . . Flattened end-closures [G21C-3/10B]
DIG 48[Patents] . . . . Means forming part of the element for locating it within the reactor core [G21C-3/12] *** (means not forming part of the element DIG. 102)
DIG 49[Patents] . . . . Means forming part of the element for inserting it into, or removing it from, the core; Means for coupling adjacent elements (e.g., to form a stringer) [G21C-3/14]
DIG 50[Patents] . . . Details of the construction within the casing [G21C-3/16]
DIG 51[Patents] . . . . Means for storage or immobilization of gases in fuel elements [G21C-3/16B]
DIG 52[Patents] . . . . Internal spacers; Other nonactive material within the casings (e.g., compensating for expansion of fuel rod; compensating for excess reactivity) [G21C-3/18] *** (interlayers DIG. 53)
DIG 53[Patents] . . . . With coating on fuel or on inside of casing; with nonactive interlayer between casing and active material; with multiple casings or multiple active layers [G21C-3/20]
DIG 54[Patents] . . Elements with fissile or breeder material in contact with coolant [G21C-3/22]
DIG 55[Patents] . . Elements with fissile or breeder material in fluid form within a nonactive casing [G21C-3/24]
DIG 56[Patents] . . Elements with fissile or breeder material in powder form within a nonactive casing [G21C-3/26] *** (DIG. 57 takes precedence)
DIG 57[Patents] . . Elements with fissile or breeder material in solid form within a nonactive casing [G21C-3/28]
DIG 58[Patents] . Assemblies of number of fuel elements in the form of a rigid unit [G21C-3/30]
DIG 59[Patents] . . Bundles of parallel pin-, rod-, or tube-shaped fuel elements [G21C-3/32]
DIG 60[Patents] . . . Means to influence the coolant flow through or around the assembly [G21C-3/32B] *** (DIG. 246 takes precedence)
DIG 61[Patents] . . . Coats and envelope surrounding the assembly [G21C-3/32C]
DIG 62[Patents] . . . Made of moderator-material [G21C-3/32D]
DIG 63[Patents] . . . Comprising fuel-elements of various compositions; comprising other pin-, rod-, or tube-like forms [G21C-3/32G] *** (elements influencing the coolant flow DIG. 60)
DIG 64[Patents] . . . . Special arrangements of elements in the assembly-lattice (e.g., fissile rods, fertile rods, water rods, poison rods, dummy-rods) [G21C-3/32G2]
DIG 65[Patents] . . . Supporting or hanging the elements in the assembly [G21C-3/32H] *** (Spacer grids DIG. 71); Means forming part of the assembly for inserting it into, or removing it from, the core; Means for coupling adjacent assemblies (means forming part of the element for inserting it into, or removing it from, the core; or means for coupling adjacent elements DIG. 49)
DIG 66[Patents] . . . . Supports for spacer grids [G21C-3/32H2]
DIG 67[Patents] . . . Means for the storage or removal of fission gases [G21C-3/32K] *** (means for the storage of fission gases in the elements DIG. 50; means for the removal of fission gases from elements DIG. 39+)
DIG 68[Patents] . . . Assembling the bundle; Exchange of elements in the bundle [G21C-3/32L]
DIG 69[Patents] . . . Spacer elements [G21C-3/32M] *** (spacer grids DIG. 71)
DIG 70[Patents] . . . . Helicoidal spacer elements [G21C-3/32M2]
DIG 71[Patents] . . . Spacer grids; other spacer devices [G21C-3/34]
DIG 72[Patents] . . . . Compact spacer grids (e.g., made of a plate or a blade) [G21C-3/34A]
DIG 73[Patents] . . . . Spacer grids formed of assembled tubular elements [G21C-3/34B]
DIG 74[Patents] . . . . Spacer grids wherein each cell has a circular cross section; cells formed of assembled metallic nonintersecting strips [G21C-3/34C]
DIG 75[Patents] . . . . Spacer grids wherein each cell has a polygonal (e.g., square cross section) ; cells formed of assembled metallic nonintersecting strips [G21C-3/34D]
DIG 76[Patents] . . . . . Polygonal cells formed of intersecting strips [G21C-3/34D2]
DIG 77[Patents] . . . . . . The cells being provided with fuel element supporting members [G21C-3/34D2A]
DIG 78[Patents] . . . . . . . Supporting members formed only by deformations in the intersecting strips [G21C-3/34D2A2]
DIG 79[Patents] . . . . . . . Supporting members formed only of elements fixed on the strips (e.g., by welding) [G21C-3/34D2A4]
DIG 80[Patents] . . . . Spacer grids formed by metallic wires (e.g., springs) [G21C-3/34E]
DIG 81[Patents] . . . . Fabrication of spacer grids [G21C-3/34F]
DIG 82[Patents] . . Assemblies of plate-shaped fuel elements or coaxial tubes [G21C-3/36]
DIG 83[Patents] . Fuel units consisting of a single fuel element in a supporting sleeve or in another supporting element [G21C-3/38]
DIG 84[Patents] . Structural combination of fuel element with thermoelectric element for direct production of electric energy from fission heat; or with another arrangement for direct production of electric energy (e.g., a thermionic device) [G21C-3/40] *** (temperature measurement DIG. 236; combination with thermoelements for temperature measurements DIG. 241)
DIG 85[Patents] . Selection of substances for use as reactor fuel [G21C-3/42]
DIG 86[Patents] . . Fluid or fluent reactor fuel [G21C-3/44]
DIG 87[Patents] . . . Aqueous compositions [G21C-3/46]
DIG 88[Patents] . . . . True or colloidal solutions of the active constituent [G21C-3/48]
DIG 89[Patents] . . . . Suspensions of the active constituent; Slurries [G21C-3/50]
DIG 90[Patents] . . . Liquid metal compositions [G21C-3/52]
DIG 91[Patents] . . . Fused salt, oxide or hydroxide compositions [G21C-3/54]
DIG 92[Patents] . . . Gaseous compositions; Suspensions in a gaseous carrier [G21C-3/56]
DIG 93[Patents] . . Solid reactor fuel; Pellets made of fissile material [G21C-3/58]
DIG 94[Patents] . . . Metallic fuel; Intermetallic dispersions [G21C-3/60]
DIG 95[Patents] . . . Ceramic fuel [G21C-3/62]
DIG 96[Patents] . . . . Oxide fuels [G21C-3/62B]
DIG 97[Patents] . . . . Coated fuel particles [G21C-3/62J]
DIG 98[Patents] . . . . Ceramic dispersion fuel (e.g., cermet) [G21C-3/64]
DIG 100[Patents] . Details [G21C-5/02]
DIG 101[Patents] . . Spatial arrangements allowing for Wigner growth [G21C-5/04]
DIG 102[Patents] . . Means for locating or supporting fuel elements [G21C-5/06] *** (means forming part of the element DIG. 48)
DIG 103[Patents] . . Means for preventing undesired asymmetric expansion of the complete structure (e.g., stretching devices, pins) [G21C-5/08]
DIG 104[Patents] . . Means for supporting the complete structure [G21C-5/10] *** (arrangements for supporting vessels and core structure DIG. 168)
DIG 105[Patents] . Characterized by composition (e.g., the moderator containing additional substances which ensure improved heat resistance of the moderator [G21C-5/12] *** (purification of fluid moderators during the operation of the reactor DIG. 266)
DIG 106[Patents] . . Moderators made of organic materials [G21C-5/12B]
DIG 107[Patents] . . Carbonic moderators [G21C-5/12G]
DIG 108[Patents] . Characterized by shape [G21C-5/14]
DIG 109[Patents] . . Shape of its constituent parts [G21C-5/16]
DIG 110[Patents] . Characterized by the provision of more than one active zone [G21C-5/18]
DIG 111[Patents] . . Wherein one zone contains fissile material and another zone contains breeder material [G21C-5/20]
DIG 112[Patents] . . Wherein one zone is a superheating zone [G21C-5/22]
DIG 114[Patents] . Flux flattening [G21C-7/00B]
DIG 115[Patents] . By using self-regulating properties of reactor materials (e.g., Doppler effect) [G21C-7/02] *** (arrangements that involve temperature stability DIG. 136)
DIG 116[Patents] . . Of burnable poisons [G21C-7/04]
DIG 117[Patents] . By application of neutron-absorbing material (i.e., material with absorption cross section very much in excess of reflection cross section) [G21C-7/06]
DIG 118[Patents] . . By displacement of solid control elements (e.g., control rods) [G21C-7/08]
DIG 119[Patents] . . . Construction of control elements [G21C-7/10]
DIG 120[Patents] . . . . Control assemblies containing one or more absorbant as well as other elements (e.g., fuel or moderator elements) [G21C-7/10B]
DIG 121[Patents] . . . . Control elements adapted for pebble bed reactors [G21C-7/10C]
DIG 122[Patents] . . . . Deformable control elements (e.g., flexible, telescopic or articulated) [G21C-7/10D]
DIG 123[Patents] . . . . Control elements made of flat elements; Control elements having cruciform cross section [G21C-7/10E]
DIG 124[Patents] . . . . Cluster or spider control rods [G21C-7/10F]
DIG 125[Patents] . . . Means for moving control elements to desired position [G21C-7/12]
DIG 126[Patents] . . . . Mechanical drive arrangements [G21C-7/14]
DIG 127[Patents] . . . . Hydraulic or pneumatic drive [G21C-7/16]
DIG 128[Patents] . . . Means for obtaining differential movement of control elements [G21C-7/18]
DIG 129[Patents] . . . Disposition of shock-absorbing devices; Braking arrangements [G21C-7/20] *** (shock absorbers in general F16F)
DIG 130[Patents] . . By displacement of a fluid or fluent neutron-absorbing material (e.g., by adding neutron absorbing material to the coolant) [G21C-7/22]
DIG 131[Patents] . . Selection of substances for use as neutron-absorbing material [G21C-7/24]
DIG 132[Patents] . By displacement of the moderator or parts thereof; by changing the moderator concentration [G21C-7/26]
DIG 133[Patents] . . Spectral shift control [G21C-7/26B]
DIG 134[Patents] . By displacement of the reflector or parts thereof [G21C-7/28]
DIG 135[Patents] . By displacement of the reactor fuel or fuel elements [G21C-7/30]
DIG 136[Patents] . By varying flow of coolant through the core; by adjusting the coolant or moderator temperature [G21C-7/32]
DIG 137[Patents] . By utilization of a primary neutron source [G21C-7/34]
DIG 138[Patents] . Control circuits [G21C-7/36]
DIG 139[Patents]EMERGENCY PROTECTION ARRANGEMENTS STRUCTALLY ASSOCIATED WITH THE REACTOR (e.g., safety valves provided with pressure equalization devices) [G21C-9/00] *** (emergency cooling arrangements DIG. 196)
DIG 140[Patents] . Pressure suppression [G21C-9/00B]
DIG 141[Patents] . . By rupture discs or diaphragms [G21C-9/00B2]
DIG 142[Patents] . . By stream condensation or by thermal accumulation [G21C-9/00B4]
DIG 143[Patents] . Core catchers [G21C-9/00D]
DIG 144[Patents] . Against explosions (e.g., blast shields) [G21C-9/00F]
DIG 145[Patents] . Against Na- or Ka- reactions [G21C-9/00I]
DIG 146[Patents] . Means for effecting very rapid reduction of the reactivity factor under fault conditions (e.g., reactor fuse, control elements having arrangements activated in an emergency) [G21C-9/02] *** (control elements, per se, DIG. 113+)
DIG 147[Patents] . . By fast movement of a solid (e.g, pebbles) [G21C-9/02B]
DIG 148[Patents] . . By an absorbant fluid [G21C-9/02D]
DIG 149[Patents] . . Reactor fuses [G21C-9/02F]
DIG 150[Patents] . . Rupture diaphragms [G21C-9/02H]
DIG 151[Patents] . Means for suppressing fires; Earthquake protection [G21C-9/04]
DIG 153[Patents] . Biological sheilding; Neutron and gamma shielding [G21C-11/02] *** (in general DIG. 319+)
DIG 154[Patents] . . Inside the reactor vessel [G21C-11/02B]
DIG 155[Patents] . . . Structurally combined with the casing [G21C-11/02B2]
DIG 156[Patents] . . In apertures or channels through a wall [G21C-11/02D]
DIG 157[Patents] . . Characterized by the form or by the material [G21C-11/02F]
DIG 158[Patents] . . On waterborne craft [G21C-11/04]
DIG 159[Patents] . Reflecting shields (i.e., for minimizing loss of neutrons) [G21C-11/06]
DIG 160[Patents] . Thermal shields; Thermal linings (i.e., for dissipating heat from gamma radiation which would otherwise heat an outer biological shield); Thermal insulation [G21C-11/08]
DIG 161[Patents] . . Consisting of a nonmetallic layer of insulating material [G21C-11/08B]
DIG 162[Patents] . . Consisting of one or more metallic layers [G21C-11/08D]
DIG 163[Patents] . . . Consisting exclusively of several metallic layers [G21C-11/08D2]
DIG 164[Patents] . . Consisting of a combination of nonmetallic and metallic layers (e.g., metal-sand-metal-concrete) [G21C-11/08E]
DIG 165[Patents] . . Consisting of a stagnant or a circulating fluid [G21C-11/08F]
DIG 166[Patents]PRESSURE VESSELS; CONTAINMENT VESSELS [G21C-13/00] *** (chemical or physical processes B01J-3/00; pressure vessels in general F16J-12/00)
DIG 167[Patents] . Details (e.g., seals, supporting constructions, ventillating arrangements, tube joints with a vessel wall) [G21C-13/02]
DIG 168[Patents] . . Supporting constructions for pressure vessels or containers [G21C-13/02B]
DIG 169[Patents] . . Seals (e.g., for pressure vessels or containers [G21C-13/02D]
DIG 170[Patents] . . . For container apertures [G21C-13/02D2]
DIG 171[Patents] . . Tube joints with a vessel wall (e.g., taking into account thermal stresses) [G21C-13/02F]
DIG 172[Patents] . . Ventillating arrangements [G21C-13/02G]
DIG 173[Patents] . . Tube crossings through a vessel wall [G21C-13/02H]
DIG 174[Patents] . . Arrangements for expansion and contraction [G21C-13/04]
DIG 175[Patents] . . Sealing plugs [G21C-13/06]
DIG 176[Patents] . . . For tubes (e.g., standpipes; Locking-devices for the plugs included) [G21C-13/06B]
DIG 177[Patents] . . . . Seals for the plugs [G21C-13/06B2]
DIG 178[Patents] . . . Closures for reactor-vessels (also rotatable) [G21C-13/06D]
DIG 179[Patents] . . . . Seals for closures or for rotatable closures [G21C-13/06D2]
DIG 180[Patents] . Vessels characterized by the material; Selection of materials for pressure vessels [G21C-13/08]
DIG 181[Patents] . . Metallic vessels [G21C-13/08B]
DIG 182[Patents] . . . Tube-type vessels (e.g., for not essentially pressurized coolants) [G21C-13/08B2]
DIG 183[Patents] . . Concrete vessels [G21C-13/08D]
DIG 184[Patents] . . . Made of prestressed-concrete [G21C-13/08D2]
DIG 185[Patents] . . . . Particulars concerning pre-stressing devices (and cables) [G21C-13/08D2B]
DIG 186[Patents] . Means for preventing contamination in the event of leakage (e.g., double wall) [G21C-13/10]
DIG 188[Patents] . Arrangements or disposition of passages in which heat is transferred to the coolant; Coolant flow control devices [G21C-15/02] *** (DIG. 246 takes precedence); (coolant flow control through fuel assemblies (e.g., flow restrictors) DIG. 60)
DIG 189[Patents] . . From fissile or breeder material [G21C-15/04] *** (DIG. 59 takes precedence)
DIG 190[Patents] . . . In fuel elements [G21C-15/06]
DIG 191[Patents] . . From moderating material [G21C-15/08]
DIG 192[Patents] . . From reflector or thermal shield [G21C-15/10]
DIG 193[Patents] . . From pressure vessel; from containment vessel [G21C-15/12]
DIG 194[Patents] . . From headers; from joints in ducts [G21C-15/14]
DIG 195[Patents] . Comprising means for separating liquid and steam [G21C-15/16]
DIG 196[Patents] . Emergency cooling arrangements; Removing shut-down heat [G21C-15/18]
DIG 197[Patents] . Partitions or thermal insulation between fuel channel and moderator [G21C-15/20]
DIG 198[Patents] . Structural association of coolant tubes with headers [G21C-15/22]
DIG 199[Patents] . Promoting flow of the coolant [G21C-15/24]
DIG 200[Patents] . . For liquids [G21C-15/24B]
DIG 201[Patents] . . . For liquid metals [G21C-15/24B2]
DIG 202[Patents] . . . Jet-pumps [G21C-15/24B4]
DIG 203[Patents] . . For gases (ventilators) [G21C-15/24D]
DIG 204[Patents] . . Heat-pipes [G21C-15/24F]
DIG 205[Patents] . . By convection (e.g., using chimneys, using divergent channels [G21C-15/26]
DIG 206[Patents] . Selection of specific coolants; additions to the reactor coolants (e.g., against moderator corrosion) [G21C-15/28] *** (if serving as the moderator DIG.105, Compositions, per se, C09K-5/00; Organic coolants DIG. 106; purification and regeneration of the reactor coolants DIG. 266)
DIG 208[Patents] . Mechanical simulators [G21C-17/00B] *** (electrical or magnetic simulators G06G-7/54)
DIG 209[Patents] . Detection of leaks [G21C-17/00C] *** (by testing the coolant or the moderator DIG. 224)
DIG 210[Patents] . Remote inspection of vessels (e.g., pressure vessels) [G21C-17/00D]
DIG 211[Patents] . . Inspection of outer surfaces of vessels [G21C-17/00D1]
DIG 212[Patents] . . Inspection of inner surfaces of vessels [G21C-17/00D2]
DIG 213[Patents] . . Inspection vehicles [G21C-17/00D3]
DIG 214[Patents] . Inspection or maintenance of pipe-lines or tubes in nuclear installations [G21C-17/00F]
DIG 215[Patents] . Devices or arrangements for monitoring coolant or moderator [G21C-17/02]
DIG 216[Patents] . . For monitoring liquid coolants or moderators [G21C-17/02B]
DIG 217[Patents] . . . For monitoring liquid metal coolants [G21C-17/02B2] *** (molten metal sampling in general G01N-1/12B)
DIG 218[Patents] . . . . Liquid metal leaks detection [G21C-17/02B2B] *** (detecting leaks in pipe-line systems in general F17D-5/00)
DIG 219[Patents] . . For monitoring gaseous coolants [G21C-17/02D]
DIG 220[Patents] . . Solid moderators testing (e.g., graphite) [G21C-17/02F]
DIG 221[Patents] . . Reactor coolants flow measuring or monitoring [G21C-17/02H] *** (measuring volume or mass flow in general G01F)
DIG 222[Patents] . . Moderator or coolant level detection devices [G21C-17/02K] *** (indicating or measuring liquid level in general G01F-23/00)
DIG 223[Patents] . . Moderator or coolant boiling detection [G21C-17/02M]
DIG 224[Patents] . . Detecting burst slugs [G21C-17/04]
DIG 225[Patents] . . . Characterized by (matrix) systems for checking the coolant channels [G21C-17/04B]
DIG 226[Patents] . . . Devices for selective sampling (e.g., valves, shutters, rotatable selector valves) [G21C-17/04D]
DIG 227[Patents] . . . Detectors and metering devices for the detection of fission products [G21C-17/04F]
DIG 228[Patents] . . . . Precipitation chambers [G21C-17/04F2]
DIG 229[Patents] . . . . Detection and metering circuits [G21C-17/04F4]
DIG 230[Patents] . . . Characterized by a special construction of fuel elements (e.g., by a confined "tracer") [G21C-17/04H]
DIG 231[Patents] . Devices or arrangements for monitoring or testing fuel or fuel elements (e.g., for burn-up, for contamination, for leak-tightness) not during reactor operation [G21C-17/06] *** (DIG. 235, DIG. 236 take precedence) (detection of leaking fuel elements during reactor operation DIG. 224)
DIG 232[Patents] . . Leak-tightness control [G21C-17/06B] *** (DIG. 234 takes precedence)
DIG 233[Patents] . . Burn-up control [G21C-17/06D] *** (DIG. 234 takes precedence)
DIG 234[Patents] . . Control of spherical elements [G21C-17/06F]
DIG 235[Patents] . Structural combination of reactor core or moderator structure with viewing means (e.g., with television camera, periscope, window) [G21C-17/08]
DIG 236[Patents] . Structural combination of fuel element, control rod, reactor core, or moderator structure with sensitive instruments (e.g., for measuring temperature) [G21C-17/10]
DIG 237[Patents] . . Measuring reactivity [G21C-17/10B]
DIG 238[Patents] . . Measuring the reactor flux within the reactor (e.g., within its pressure vessel) [G21C-17/10D]
DIG 239[Patents] . . Measuring the temperature [G21C-17/10E]
DIG 240[Patents] . . Passages and insulators for electric cables and for measuring purposes [G21C-17/10G]
DIG 241[Patents] . . The sensitive element being part of a fuel element or a fuel assembly [G21C-17/10S] *** (structural combination with a thermoelectric element for direct production of electrical energy DIG. 84)
DIG 242[Patents] . . Sensitive element forming part of control element [G21C-17/12]
DIG 243[Patents] . Period meters [G21C-17/14]
DIG 245[Patents] . Details of handling arrangements [G21C-19/02]
DIG 246[Patents] . . Means for controlling flow of coolant over objects being handled; Means for controlling flow of coolant through channel being serviced (e.g., for preventing "blow-out") [G21C-19/04]
DIG 247[Patents] . . Magazines for holding fuel element or control elements [G21C-19/06]
DIG 248[Patents] . . . Storage racks; Storage pools [G21C-19/06B]
DIG 249[Patents] . . . Rotatable magazines [G21C-19/06D]
DIG 250[Patents] . . Means for heating fuel elements before introduction into the core; Means for heating or cooling fuel elements after removal from the core [G21C-19/08]
DIG 251[Patents] . . Lifting devices or pulling devices adapted for cooperation with fuel elements or with control elements [G21C-19/10]
DIG 252[Patents] . . . With grasping or spreading coupling elements [G21C-19/10B]
DIG 253[Patents] . . . With revolving coupling elements (e.g., socket coupling) [G21C-19/10D]
DIG 254[Patents] . . . With latching devices and ball couplings [G21C-19/10F]
DIG 255[Patents] . . Arrangements for exerting direct hydraulic or pneumatic force on fuel element or on control element [G21C-19/12]
DIG 256[Patents] . Characterized by their adaptation for use with horizontal channels in the reactor core [G21C-19/14]
DIG 257[Patents] . Articulated or telescopic chutes or tubes for the connection to channels in the reactor core [G21C-19/16]
DIG 258[Patents] . Apparatus for bringing fuel elements to the reactor charge area (e.g., from a storage place) [G21C-19/18]
DIG 259[Patents] . Arrangements for introducing object into the pressure vessel; Arrangements for handling objects within the pressure vessel; Arrangements for removing objects from the pressure vessel [G21C-19/20]
DIG 260[Patents] . . Arrangements for handling ball-form (i.e., pebble fuel) [G21C-19/20A]
DIG 261[Patents] . . Interchanging of fuel elements in the core (fuel shuffling) [G21C-19/20B]
DIG 262[Patents] . . Arrangements for obtaining access to the interior of a pressure vessel while the reactor is operating [G21C-19/22]
DIG 263[Patents] . . . By using an auxiliary vessel which is temporarily sealed to the pressure vessel [G21C-19/24]
DIG 264[Patents] . Arrangements for removing jammed or damaged fuel elements or control elements; Arrangements for moving broken parts thereof [G21C-19/26]
DIG 265[Patents] . Arrangements for introducing fluent material into the reactor core; Arrangements for removing fluent material from the reactor core [G21C-19/28] *** (pumping coolant DIG. 199+ and 294)
DIG 266[Patents] . . With continuous purification of circulating fluent material (e.g., by extraction of fission products, deterioration or corrosion products, impurities (e.g., by cold traps) [G21C-19/30] *** (purification of circulating fluid fuels DIG. 281; separation in general B01D)
DIG 267[Patents] . . . Specially adapted for gases [G21C-19/30B] *** (decontamination of gases DIG. 378)
DIG 268[Patents] . . . Specially adapted for liquids [G21C-19/30D] *** (decontamination of liquids DIG. 379)
DIG 269[Patents] . . . . For molten metals [G21C-19/30D2]
DIG 270[Patents] . . . . . Using "cold traps" [G21C-19/30D2B]
DIG 271[Patents] . . . Recombination devices [G21C-19/30R]
DIG 272[Patents] . Apparatus for removing radioactive objects or materials from the reactor discharge area (e.g., to a storage place); Apparatus for handling radioactive objects or materials within a storage place or removing them therefrom [G21C-19/32] *** (disposal of waste material DIG. 375+)
DIG 273[Patents] . Apparatus or processes for removing canning or casings from fuel; Separation of fuel and jacket material; also fuel elements, perforation (e.g., for sampling); Separation of fuel elements and fuel element-jackets in pieces; removal of end closures [G21C-19/34] *** (shielded cells DIG. 355+)
DIG 274[Patents] . . Mechanical means only [G21C-19/36]
DIG 275[Patents] . . Chemical means only [G21C-19/38]
DIG 276[Patents] . Arrangements for preventing occurence of critical conditions (e.g., during storage) [G21C-19/40]
DIG 277[Patents] . Reprocessing of irradiated fuel [G21C-19/42]
DIG 278[Patents] . . Of irradiated solid fuel [G21C-19/44]
DIG 279[Patents] . . . Aqueous processes (e.g., by using organic extraction means, including the regeneration of these means) [G21C-19/46]
DIG 280[Patents] . . . Nonaqueous processes [G21C-19/48]
DIG 281[Patents] . . Of irradiated fuel; also the regeneration of the fuels while the reactor is in operation [G21C-19/50]
DIG 283[Patents] . Manufacture of fuel elements or breeder elements contained in nonactive casings [G21C-21/02]
DIG 284[Patents] . . By vibrational compaction or tamping of fuel in the jacket [G21C-21/04]
DIG 285[Patents] . . By rotatable swaging of the jacket around the fuel [G21C-21/06]
DIG 286[Patents] . . By a slip-fit cladding process; by crimping the jacket around the fuel [G21C-21/08]
DIG 287[Patents] . . By extrusion, drawing, or stretching; by rolling (e.g., "picture frame" technique) [G21C-21/10]
DIG 288[Patents] . . By hydrostatic or thermo-pneumatic cannings (in general by pressing without lenthening, e.g., explosive coating) [G21C-21/12]
DIG 289[Patents] . . By plating the fuel in a fluid [G21C-21/14]
DIG 290[Patents] . . By casting or dipping techniques [G21C-21/16]
DIG 291[Patents] . . Manufacture of control elements covered by DIG. 113+ [G21C-21/18]
DIG 292[Patents]DETAILS OF NUCLEAR POWER PLANT [G21D-1/00] *** (control DIG. 296)
DIG 293[Patents] . Nuclear facilities decommissioning arrangements [G21D-1/00B] *** (decontamination arrangements; treating radioactively contaminated material DIG. 375+)
DIG 294[Patents] . Arrangements of auxiliary equipment [G21D-1/02]
DIG 295[Patents] . Pumping arrangements [G21D-1/04] *** (within the reactor pressure vessel DIG. 199+; electrodynamic pumps H02K-44/02)
DIG 296[Patents]CONTROL OF NUCLEAR POWER PLANT [G21D-3/00] *** (control of nuclear reaction in general DIG. 113)
DIG 297[Patents] . Manual control [G21D-3/02]
DIG 298[Patents] . Safety arrangements [G21D-3/04] *** (emergency protection of reactor DIG. 139+)
DIG 299[Patents] . . Responsive to faults within the plant [G21D-3/06] *** (in the reactor DIG. 139+)
DIG 300[Patents] . Regulation of any parameters in the plant [G21D-3/08]
DIG 301[Patents] . . By a combination of a variable derived from neutron flux with other controlling variables (e.g., derived from temperature, cooling flow, pressure) [G21D-3/10]
DIG 302[Patents] . . By adjustment of the reactor in response only to changes in engine demand [G21D-3/12]
DIG 303[Patents] . . . Varying flow of coolant [G21D-3/14]
DIG 304[Patents] . . . Varying reactivity [G21D-3/16]
DIG 305[Patents] . . By adjustment of plant external to the reactor only in response to change in reactivity [G21D-3/18]
DIG 307[Patents] . Reactor and engine structurally combined (e.g., portable) [G21D-5/02]
DIG 308[Patents] . Reactor and engine not structurally combined [G21D-5/04]
DIG 309[Patents] . . With engine working medium circulating through reactor core [G21D-5/06]
DIG 310[Patents] . . With engine working medium heated in a heat exhanger by the reactor coolant [G21D-5/08]
DIG 311[Patents] . . . Liquid working medium partially heated by reactor and vaporized by heat source external to the core (e.g., with oil heating) [G21D-5/10]
DIG 312[Patents] . . . Liquid working medium vaporized by reactor coolant [G21D-5/12]
DIG 313[Patents] . . . . And also superheated by reactor coolant [G21D-5/14]
DIG 314[Patents] . . . . Superheated by separate heat source [G21D-5/16]
DIG 315[Patents]ARRANGEMENTS FOR DIRECT PRODUCTION OF ELECTRIC ENERGY FROM FUSION OR FISSION REACTIONS [G21D-7/00] *** (obtaining electric energy from radioactive sources DIG. 410)
DIG 316[Patents] . Using magneto-hydrodynamic generators [G21D-7/02]
DIG 317[Patents] . Using thermoelectric elements and/or thermoionic converters [G21D-7/04] *** (structural combination of fuel element with thermoelectric element and/or thermoionic converter DIG. 84; structural combination of fuel element with thermoelectric element DIG. 415, DIG. 84)
DIG 320[Patents] . Selection of uniform shielding materials [G21F-1/02]
DIG 321[Patents] . . Liquids [G21F-1/02B]
DIG 322[Patents] . . Semi-liquids, gels, pastes [G21F-1/02C]
DIG 323[Patents] . . Concretes; Other hydraulic hardening materials [G21F-1/04]
DIG 324[Patents] . . . Combined with other materials dispersed in the carrier [G21F-1/04B]
DIG 325[Patents] . . . . With organic substances [G21F-1/04B2]
DIG 326[Patents] . . . . With metals [G21F-1/04B4]
DIG 327[Patents] . . Ceramics; Glasses; Refractories [G21F-1/06] *** (cermets DIG. 328)
DIG 328[Patents] . . Metals; Alloys; Cermets (i.e., sintered mixtures of ceramics and metals) [G21F-1/08]
DIG 329[Patents] . . . Heavy metals or alloys [G21F-1/08B]
DIG 330[Patents] . . Organic substances; Dispersions in organic carriers [G21F-1/10]
DIG 331[Patents] . . . Dispersions in organic carriers [G21F-1/10B]
DIG 332[Patents] . . . . Metallic dispersions [G21F-1/10B2]
DIG 333[Patents] . Laminated shielding materials [G21F-1/12]
DIG 334[Patents] . . Comprising metals [G21F-1/12B]
DIG 335[Patents]SHIELDING CHARACTERIZED BY ITS PHYSICAL FORM (e.g., granules or shape of the material) [G21F-3/00]
DIG 336[Patents] . Clothing [G21F-3/02]
DIG 337[Patents] . . Clothing surrounding the wearer completely [G21F-3-02B]
DIG 338[Patents] . . Aprons [G21F-3/02C]
DIG 339[Patents] . . Gloves [G21F-3/02D] *** (mounting means on glove boxes DIG. 363)
DIG 340[Patents] . Bricks; Shields made up therefrom [G21F-3/04]
DIG 342[Patents] . Containers for fluid wastes [G21F-5/00A]
DIG 343[Patents] . Containers for solid radioactive wastes (e.g., ultimate disposal containers) [G21F-5/00B] *** (DIG. 347 takes precedence)
DIG 344[Patents] . . Containers for fuel elements [G21F-5/00B2]
DIG 345[Patents] . . . Fuel element racks in the container [G21F-5/00B2B]
DIG 346[Patents] . Shock absorbers, specially adapted therefor (e.g., impact buffers for containers) [G21F5-00D]
DIG 347[Patents] . Containers provided with a rotatable drum [G21F-5/00F]
DIG 348[Patents] . Specially adapted heat removal systems (e.g., by a circulating fluid or by cooling fins.); Specially adapted protection against external fire [G21F-5/00H]
DIG 349[Patents] . Closures for containers or corresponding sealing arrangements [G21F-5/00J]
DIG 350[Patents] . For storing radioactive sources (e.g., source carriers for irradiation units); Radio isotope containers [G21F-5/00L]
DIG 351[Patents] . . Syringe shields and holders [G21F-5/00L2]
DIG 352[Patents] . Specially adapted containers or shipping cask handling devices (e.g., transporting devices) [G21F-5/00N]
DIG 353[Patents] . With provision for restricted exposure of a radiation source within the container [G21F-5/02]
DIG 354[Patents] . . Means for controlling exposure (e.g., time, size of aperture) [G21F-5/04]
DIG 356[Patents] . Shielded passages through walls; Locks; Transferring devices between rooms [G21F-7/00B] *** (between glove-boxes DIG. 362)
DIG 357[Patents] . . Transferring by fluidic means [G21F-7/00B2]
DIG 358[Patents] . Room atmosphere, temperature or pressure control devices [G21F-7/00C] *** (glove-boxes DIG. 364)
DIG 359[Patents] . Observation devices permitting vision but shielding the observer (e.g., window, periscope) [G21F-7/02]
DIG 360[Patents] . . Windows (e.g., shielded) [G21F-7/02B]
DIG 361[Patents] . Shielded glove-boxes [G21F-7/04]
DIG 362[Patents] . . Shielded passages through walls; Locks; Closing or transferring means between glove-boxes [G21F-7/04B] *** (in general DIG. 356)
DIG 363[Patents] . . Glove mounting means [G21F-7/04C]
DIG 364[Patents] . . Glove-box atmosphere, temperature or pressure control devices [G21F-7/04D] *** (in general DIG. 358)
DIG 365[Patents] . . Lighting [G21F-7/04F]
DIG 366[Patents] . . Transportable glove-boxes [G21F-7/04G]
DIG 367[Patents] . Structural combination with remotely controlled apparatus (e.g., with manipulators) [G21F-7/06]
DIG 368[Patents] . . Integrated manipulators [G21F-7/06B]
DIG 369[Patents] . . . Mounted in a wall (e.g., pivotably mounted) [G21F-7/06B2]
DIG 370[Patents] . . Remotely manipulated measuring or controlling devices [G21F-7/06C] *** (combined with window DIG. 359)
DIG 371[Patents] . . Remotely manipulated machinery [G21F-7/06D]
DIG 372[Patents] . . Remotely manipulated tools [G21F-7/06F]
DIG 373[Patents] . . Transferring devices within cells or boxes [G21F-7/06G] *** (between cells DIG. 356, 362)
DIG 374[Patents] . . Remotely manipulating devices for fluids [G21F-7/06H]
DIG 376[Patents] . Decontamination of contaminated objects, apparatus, clothes, food; Preventing contamination thereof [G21F-9/00B]
DIG 377[Patents] . Recovery of isotopes from radioactive waste (e.g., fission products [G21F-9/00C]
DIG 378[Patents] . Treating gases [G21F-9/02]
DIG 379[Patents] . Treating liquids [G21F-9/04]
DIG 380[Patents] . . Processing [G21F-9/06]
DIG 381[Patents] . . . By evaporation; by distillation [G21F-9/08]
DIG 382[Patents] . . . By flocculation [G21F-9/10]
DIG 383[Patents] . . . By absorption; by adsorption; by ion exchange [G21F-9/12]
DIG 384[Patents] . . . By incineration; by calcination (e.g., desiccation) [G21F-9/14]
DIG 385[Patents] . . . By fixation in stable solid media [G21F-9/16]
DIG 386[Patents] . . . By biological processes [G21F-9/18]
DIG 387[Patents] . . Disposal of liquid waste [G21F-9/20]
DIG 388[Patents] . . . By storage in a tank or other container [G21F-9/22]
DIG 389[Patents] . . . By storage in the ground; by storage underwater (e.g., in ocean) [G21F-9/24]
DIG 390[Patents] . . . By dilution in water (e.g., in ocean, in stream) [G21F-9/26]
DIG 391[Patents] . Treating solids [G21F-9/28]
DIG 392[Patents] . . Processing [G21F-9/30]
DIG 393[Patents] . . . By incineration [G21F-9/32]
DIG 394[Patents] . . Disposal of solid waste [G21F-9/34]
DIG 395[Patents] . . . By packaging; by baling [G21F-9/36]
DIG 397[Patents] . In nuclear reactors {G21G-1/02]
DIG 398[Patents] . Outside of nuclear reactors or particle accelerators [G21G-1/04]
DIG 399[Patents] . . By neutron irradiation [G21G-1/06]
DIG 400[Patents] . . . Accompanied by nuclear fission [G21G-1/08]
DIG 401[Patents] . . By bombardment with electrically charged particles [G21G-1/10] *** (irradiation devices DIG. 440+)
DIG 402[Patents] . . By electromagnetic irradiation (e.g., with gamma or X-rays) [G21G-1/12] *** (applications of radiation DIG. 421; irradiation devices DIG. 440+)
DIG 403[Patents]RADIOACTIVE SOURCES [G21G-4/00] *** (producing neutrons or other subatomic particles, X- or gamma rays, in fusion reactors DIG. 1+, in nuclear reactors DIG. 5+; in accelerators H05H; X-ray tubes H01J-35/00; gamma masers H01S-4/00)
DIG 404[Patents] . Neutron sources [G21G-4/02]
DIG 405[Patents] . Radioactive sources other than neutron sources [G21G-4/04]
DIG 406[Patents] . . Characterized by constructional features [G21G-4/06]
DIG 407[Patents] . . . Specially adapted for medical application [G21G-4/08]
DIG 408[Patents] . . With radium emanation [G21G-4/10]
DIG 410[Patents]ARRANGEMENTS FOR OBTRAINING ELECTRICAL ENERGY FROM RADIOACTIVE SOURCES (e.g., from radioactive isotopes, nuclear or atomic batteries) [G21H-1/00] *** (fusion reactors DIG. 1+; nuclear reactors DIG. 5+)
DIG 411[Patents] . Cells charged directly by beta radiation [G21H-1/02]
DIG 412[Patents] . Cells using secondary emission induced by alpha radiation, beta radiation, or gamma radiation [G21H-1/04] *** (discharge tubes H01J-40/00)
DIG 413[Patents] . Cells wherein radiation is applied to the junction of different semiconductor materials [G21H-1/06]
DIG 414[Patents] . Cells in which radiation ionizes a gas in the presence of a junction of two dissimilar metals (i.e., contact potential difference cells) [G21H-1/08] *** (discharge tubes H01J)
DIG 415[Patents] . Cells in which radiation of disintegration heats a thermoelectric junction or a thermionic converter [G21H-1/10] *** (devices where heating occurs from fission reactions DIG. 39; discharge tubes functioning as thermionic generators H01J-45/00; thermoelectric devices comprising a junction of dissimilar materials H01L-35/00)
DIG 416[Patents] . . Cells provided with thermoelectric generators [G21H-1/10B]
DIG 417[Patents] . . Cells provided with thermionic generators [G21H-1/10C]
DIG 418[Patents] . Cells using conversion of the radiation into light combined with subsequent photoelectric conversion into electric energy [G21H-1/12]
DIG 420[Patents] . In which material is excited to luminesce by the radiation [G21H-3/02]
DIG 422[Patents] . As tracers [G21H-5/02] *** (medicinal preparations containing radioactive substances A61K-43/00; investigating or analyzing biological material G01N-33/16)
DIG 424[Patents]PEACEFUL APPLICATIONS OF NUCLEAR EXPLOSIVE DEVICES [G21J-3/00] *** (obtaining oil, gas, water, soluble or meltable material from deep wells by means of nuclear energy E21B-43/236F, 43/24F)
DIG 425[Patents] . For excavation [G21J-3/02]
DIG 426[Patents]DETECTION ARRANGEMENTS FOR NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS [G21J-5/00] *** (individual measuring devices G01N)
DIG 427[Patents]ARRANGEMENTS FOR HANDLING RADIATION OR PARTICLES (e.g., focusing, moderating [G21K-1/00] *** (radiation filters DIG. 435)
DIG 428[Patents] . Using diaphragms, collimators [G21K-1/02]
DIG 429[Patents] . . Using multiple collimators (e.g., Bucky screens); other devices for eliminating undesired or dispersed radiation [G21K-1/02B]
DIG 430[Patents] . . Using variable diaphragms, shutters, choppers [G21K-1/04]
DIG 431[Patents] . Using diffraction, refraction or reflection, e.g., monochromators [G21K-1/06] *** (DIG. 435, 445 take precedence)
DIG 432[Patents] . Deviation, concentration or focusing of the beam by electric or magnetic means [G21K-1/08] *** (electron-optical arrangements in electric discharge tubes H01J-29/46; details (e.g., electric or magnetic deviating means for direct voltage accelerators or in accelerators using single pulses) H05H-5/02; arrangements for injecting particles into orbits H05H-7/08; arrangements for ejecting particles from orbits H05H-7/10)
DIG 433[Patents] . . By electrical means [G21K-1/087]
DIG 434[Patents] . . By magnetic means [G21K-1/093]
DIG 435[Patents] . Scattering devices; Absorbing devices [G21K-1/10]
DIG 436[Patents] . . Resonant absorbers or driving arrangements therefor (e.g., for Moessbauer-effect devices) [G21K-1/12] *** (motors with reciprocating, oscillating or vibrating magnet, armature or coil system in general H02K-33/00)
DIG 437[Patents] . Using charge exchange devices (e.g., for neutralizing or changing the sign of the electrical charges of beams) [G21K-1/14] *** (producing or accelerating neutral particle beams H05H-3/00)
DIG 438[Patents] . Using polarizing devices (e.g., for obtaining a polarized beam) [G21K-1/16] *** (ion sources, ion guns H01J-27/02; polarized targets for producing nuclear reactions H05H-6/00B)
DIG 439[Patents]CONVERSION SCREENS FOR THE CONVERSION OF THE SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION OF X-RAYS OR PARTICLE RADIATION INTO VISIBLE IMAGES (e.g., fluoroscopic screens) [G21K-4/00] *** (photographic processes using X-ray intensifiers G03C-5/17; discharge tubes comprising luminescent screens H01J-1/62; cathode-ray tubes for X-ray conversion with optical output H01J-31/50)
DIG 440[Patents]IRRADIATION DEVICES [G21K-5/00] *** (discharge tubes for irradiating H01J-37/00)
DIG 441[Patents] . Having no beam-forming means [G21K-5/02]
DIG 442[Patents] . With beam-forming means [G21K-5/04]
DIG 443[Patents] . Holder for targets or for other objects to be irradiated [G21K-5/08]
DIG 444[Patents] . With provision for relative movement of beam source and object to be irradiated [G21K-5/10]

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