Class 229: ENVELOPES, WRAPPERS, AND PAPERBOARD BOXES ( Manual of U.S. Patent Classification )

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Manual of U.S. Patent Classification
as of June 30, 2000


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Subclass Title
101[Patents] . Variable volume
101.1[Patents] . . Plural, parallel tearing means for sequentially reducing the box volume
101.2[Patents] . . Tearing provides a reclosable box having reduced volume when reclosed
102[Patents] . Tamper indicating
102.5[Patents] . Having fixed upwardly extending display card
103[Patents] . Convertible
103.1[Patents] . Combined with drinking tube (e.g., straw)
103.11[Patents] . Thermally insulated
103.2[Patents] . Wrapper type (i.e., box formed around content)
103.3[Patents] . . Top or bottom wall includes four folded flaps or panels
104[Patents] . Elevated bottom wall included in a one-piece box construction
105[Patents] . Edges of rectangular bottom wall are at 45 degrees to edges of rectangular stock material
106[Patents] . Including a polygonal bottom wall and a curved sidewall
107[Patents] . Including a sector-shaped wall (e.g., pie-shaped, semicircular, etc.)
108[Patents] . Including a polygonal, nonrectangular wall
108.1[Patents] . . Collapsible along supplemental fold line
109[Patents] . . Octagonal
110[Patents] . . Hexagonal
111[Patents] . . Trapezium-shaped
112[Patents] . . Trapezoidal
113[Patents] . . . Three or more trapezoidal walls (e.g., truncated pyramid-shaped box)
114[Patents] . . . . Including a sidewall which slants upwardly and outwardly
115[Patents] . . Triangular
116[Patents] . . . Three or more triangular walls (e.g., pyramid-shaped box)
116.1[Patents] . Decoration or novelty feature
116.2[Patents] . . Heart-shaped box
116.3[Patents] . . Including a representation of an animate being
116.4[Patents] . . Including a representation of a vehicle or building
116.5[Patents] . . Decorative wrapping or lamination (e.g., gift wrap)
117[Patents] . Automatic bottom (i.e., multipart bottom wall forms automatically during erection of collapsed box)
117.01[Patents] . Collapsible along supplemental fold line
117.02[Patents] . . Separate end cap contains the sidewalls in collapsed configuration
117.03[Patents] . . Including anticollapse feature
117.04[Patents] . . . Flat anticollapse element overlies supplemental fold line
117.05[Patents] . . Two opposed sidewalls and the bottom wall fold upon themselves
117.06[Patents] . . . Bottom wall collapses outwardly
117.07[Patents] . . Two opposed sidewalls fold inwardly and downwardly
117.08[Patents] . . . Two other opposed sidewalls fold outwardly and downwardly
117.09[Patents] . Lifting or suspending element (e.g., handle)
117.11[Patents] . . Element portion or extension crosses all or part of the box bottom
117.12[Patents] . . One-piece with the box
117.13[Patents] . . . Box includes hand-receiving aperture
117.14[Patents] . . . . Handle elements or portions located above the box top include aligned, hand-receiving apertures
117.15[Patents] . . . . . A handle element or portion extends through a hole or gap in the box
117.16[Patents] . . . . Hand-receiving aperture extends through a box sidewall
117.17[Patents] . . . . . Apertured sidewall includes a downwardly folded extension of itself
117.18[Patents] . . . Box includes aperture for rodlike support
117.19[Patents] . . Detachable
117.21[Patents] . . Wire
117.22[Patents] . . With provision for positioning element in a nonuse location
117.23[Patents] . . Single lifting or suspending element
117.24[Patents] . . . Element extends through a hole or gap in the box
117.25[Patents] . . . . Element extends through a hole in each of two opposed side walls
117.26[Patents] . . . Elements secured to opposed sidewalls
117.27[Patents] . With inner flexible or flaccid bag liner
117.28[Patents] . . Including a paperboard liner
117.29[Patents] . . Means for venting air trapped between the liner and the box
117.3[Patents] . . Bag interior accessible through aperture in box material
117.31[Patents] . . . Means for tearing or cutting box and bag material simultaneously to form aperture
117.32[Patents] . . Movable box and bag portions secured together for simultaneous movement (e.g., bag opens automatically when flattened box is squared up)
117.33[Patents] . . Including means for securing the bag walls together in closed configuration
117.34[Patents] . . . Bag securing means is part of, or attached to, the box
117.35[Patents] . . Removable bag
118[Patents] . With detachable product-information band
119[Patents] . With drainage feature
120[Patents] . With venting or ventilation means
120.1[Patents] . . Live animal shipping box (e.g., chick box, etc.)
120.01[Patents] . Plural
120.011[Patents] . . Severably attached boxes (i.e., the boxes include means which facilitate severing a connecting element or box material uniting them)
120.012[Patents] . . . Including means which facilitate severing by a sharp-edged cutting implement
120.02[Patents] . Compartmented
120.03[Patents] . . Including independently operable closures for at least two compartments
120.04[Patents] . . . A closure includes a folded flange which forms a partition when the box is closed
120.05[Patents] . . Partition includes securing means for a closure
120.06[Patents] . . Partition detached from box blank
120.07[Patents] . . Partition made of plastic
120.08[Patents] . . Partition unitary (i.e., of one-piece construction) with and folded from a box wall
120.09[Patents] . . . Relatively movable compartments
120.11[Patents] . . . Partition includes adjoining walls of tubular box sections
120.12[Patents] . . . Oblique partition
120.13[Patents] . . . Partition folded from a downwardly extending sidewall extension
120.14[Patents] . . . Partition cut and folded from a box wall
120.15[Patents] . . . . Sidewall
120.16[Patents] . . . . Bottom wall
120.17[Patents] . . . Partition folded from bottom wall
120.18[Patents] . . . Partition folded from a sidewall
120.19[Patents] . . . . Including a nonunitary horizontal partition (i.e., in addition to the unitary partition)
120.21[Patents] . . . . Unitary partition is horizontal
120.22[Patents] . . Curved partition
120.23[Patents] . . Oblique partitions folded from a single sheet of material
120.24[Patents] . . Parallel partitions folded from a single sheet of material
120.25[Patents] . . . Including a nonunitary transverse partition (i.e., not of one-piece construction with the parallel partitions)
120.26[Patents] . . . Including a transverse partition which is part of the single sheet of material
120.27[Patents] . . . . The parallel partitions are cut and folded from the transverse partition
120.28[Patents] . . . . The transverse partition is horizontal
120.29[Patents] . . Perpendicular partitions are part of a single sheet of material
120.31[Patents] . . Collapsible compartments formed by partitions permanently attached to each other
120.32[Patents] . . Horizontal partition
120.33[Patents] . . Including partition retaining means which is not unitary with the partition
120.34[Patents] . . . Retaining means includes channels or grooves for ends of the partition
120.35[Patents] . . Oblique partition
120.36[Patents] . . Nonunitary, intersecting partitions
120.37[Patents] . . Self-sustaining container-like compartment-forming structure
120.38[Patents] . . Partition folded from an entire sheet of material separate from the box
121[Patents] . Including two or more separate access openings
122[Patents] . Including an access opening in a sidewall intended to permit lateral insertion or removal of content
122.1[Patents] . . Contents gravity-fed to access opening
122.2[Patents] . Including an access opening in the box bottom
122.21[Patents] . Box includes two side walls which are not formed from the same piece of box material
122.22[Patents] . . One of the walls is made of wood, metal, or rigid thermoplastic material
122.23[Patents] . . Each of two pieces of box material folded into a "U" shape to form a pair of opposed box walls connected by an intermediate wall panel (e.g., "crossed blanks")
122.24[Patents] . . First and second opposed side walls and the bottom wall formed from a single piece of material, and third and fourth opposed side walls formed from two other pieces of material (e.g., "Bliss box" type)
122.25[Patents] . . . The third and fourth walls framed by lengths of rigid material (e.g., wood, metal, rigid thermoplastic)
122.26[Patents] . . . Each of the third and fourth walls includes at least one folded flap which is attached to the single piece of material
122.27[Patents] . Rectangular box having a bottom wall initially separate from all of the side walls
122.28[Patents] . . Bottom wall hingedly attached to a side wall so that the box can be folded flat along its side wall fold lines
122.29[Patents] . . The bottom wall and a side wall interconnected by means of a portion of one extending through an aperture in the other (e.g., tabs on the bottom wall extended through slots in a side wall)
122.3[Patents] . . The bottom wall includes upwardly extending flanges which overlap the side walls on the outside of the box
122.31[Patents] . . The bottom wall is spaced upwardly from the bottom edges of the side walls
122.32[Patents] . Multi-layer side or bottom wall having two or more layers of paperboard which are initially separate from each other and are coextensive with each other throughout substantially the entire extent of the wall
122.33[Patents] . . Including a vertically extending open-ended tube
122.34[Patents] . . Including a multilayer bottom wall
123[Patents] . Tiltable sidewall provides enlarged access opening in box top
123.1[Patents] . Nonunitary, peelable closure or securing element (i.e., not of one-piece construction with the box)
123.2[Patents] . Including tearing or breaking means for opening a nonunitary closure or releasing a nonunitary securing element (i.e., the closure or securing element is not of one-piece construction with the box)
123.3[Patents] . . Tearing or breaking provides hinged reclosure element
200[Patents] . Having means to facilitate opening the box by severing (e.g., tearing, cutting, piercing, etc.) box material or outer wrapper
201[Patents] . . Box includes a curved sidewall (e.g., cylindrical, conical, etc.)
202[Patents] . . . Helical severing path
203[Patents] . . Box includes flexible outer wrapper
204[Patents] . . Combined with, or modified for opening by, a sharp-edged cutting implement or a piercing implement
205[Patents] . . Tearing facilitated by specified fiber or molecular orientation
206[Patents] . . Including a coating or lamination (e.g., adhesive tape) covering a line of weakness
207[Patents] . . Tearing means includes offset score lines in opposite faces of a layer of box material
208[Patents] . . Surface portion of box material stripped away during opening (e.g., delaminating, tearing surface fibers, etc.)
209[Patents] . . . Coating of adhesive-repelling material adjacent the surface portion
210[Patents] . . Tearing provides reusable closure
211[Patents] . . . Reusable closure includes an initially separate box closure
212[Patents] . . . Including a releasable or frangible bond (e.g., peel seal) for securing the reusable closure in position prior to tearing
213[Patents] . . . Gable-top box (e.g., milk carton)
214[Patents] . . . . Pour spout
215[Patents] . . . Pour spout
216[Patents] . . . . Pour spout formed by tearing a sealing fin
217[Patents] . . . . Pour spout includes at least part of the top wall
218[Patents] . . . . . Pour spout located in top wall at the intersection of only two sidewalls
219[Patents] . . . . . Pour spout includes joined parts of two or more overlapped closure flaps
220[Patents] . . . Reusable slide closure
221[Patents] . . . Reusable hinged closure
222[Patents] . . . . Reusable hinged closure includes interlocking closure flaps hingedly attached to opposite box walls
223[Patents] . . . . Reusable hinged closure provides an access opening which is coextensive with the entire top wall of the box
224[Patents] . . . . . Reusable hinged closure includes three depending flanges or tabs
225[Patents] . . . . . . Each flange or tab is detachably secured to a sidewall prior to tearing
226[Patents] . . . . . . . Including a segment of box material bonded to a sidewall and severably attached to a flange or tab prior to tearing
227[Patents] . . . . . . . . Segment severably attached via a removable strip of box material (i.e., tear strip)
228[Patents] . . . . . . Only one of the flanges or tabs is detachably secured to a sidewall prior to tearing
229[Patents] . . . . Reusable hinged closure provides an access opening which is coextensive with only a portion of the top wall
230[Patents] . . . . . Hinge line located in a sidewall and spaced from the top wall
231[Patents] . . . . . Reusable hinged closure includes two or more downwardly depending tabs or flanges
232[Patents] . . . . . Reusable hinged closure includes only one depending tab or flange
233[Patents] . . . . . . Reusable hinged closure includes bonded segments of two overlapped flaps which are attached to the sidewalls by fold lines prior to tearing (e.g., plug-type)
234[Patents] . . . . . Reusable hinged closure includes bonded segments of two overlapped flaps which are attached to the sidewalls by fold lines prior to tearing (e.g., plug-type)
235[Patents] . . Tearing means completely encompasses the box (i.e., the box is in two parts after it is torn open)
236[Patents] . . Tearing allows box to unfold to generally planar form
237[Patents] . . Specified detail of a score or perforation (e.g., size, spacing, etc.)
238[Patents] . . Box includes a separate tearing element which is gripped and pulled to open the box
239[Patents] . . . Thread, string, cord, or wire
240[Patents] . . Nonreclosable box having a section of box material which is completely separated from the box during tearing (e.g., tear strip)
241[Patents] . . . Separated section includes bonded segments of two overlapped closure flaps
242[Patents] . . . Tearing forms an access opening bounded by entire torn edge
243[Patents] . . Nonreclosable box includes means for tearing it open without completely removing box material
244[Patents] . . . Including a line of weakness in a closure flap
245[Patents] . Releasable or frangible bond between box parts provides means for opening the box (e.g., peel seal)
246[Patents] . . Including means for reducing the effectiveness of the bonding material (e.g., adhesive repellent, "resist" material, etc.)
247[Patents] . . Reusable closure
248[Patents] . . . Pour spout
249[Patents] . . . . Gable-top box (e.g., milk carton)
124[Patents] . With closure for an access opening
125[Patents] . . With means for securing closure element in an open configuration
125.01[Patents] . . Nonunitary closure (i.e., not of one-piece construction with the box)
125.015[Patents] . . . Transparent
125.02[Patents] . . . With means to bias closure into closed position
125.03[Patents] . . . Closure has secondary use (e.g., as an eating utensil)
125.04[Patents] . . . . Pour spout
125.05[Patents] . . . Separately operable, superposed closures for one access opening
125.06[Patents] . . . Closure adjustable for different size access openings
125.07[Patents] . . . Closure mounted for compound movement
125.08[Patents] . . . Closure mounted for swinging movement (e.g., hinged)
125.09[Patents] . . . . Plug-type closure
125.11[Patents] . . . . Including a nonunitary hinge (i.e., not of one-piece construction with the box or closure)
125.12[Patents] . . . Laterally slidable closure element (i.e., slides across access opening)
125.125[Patents] . . . . Sleevelike closure element
125.13[Patents] . . . Closure secured to open box end by frame or ring
125.14[Patents] . . . For an access opening extending through a nonunitary box end-closing element (i.e., the element is not of one-piece construction with the box)
125.15[Patents] . . . For an access opening formed by a cut-out in a box wall
125.16[Patents] . . . Including a gasket
125.17[Patents] . . . Plug-type closure
125.18[Patents] . . . Tethered closure
125.19[Patents] . . . Closure includes a depending flange or tab which extends along an adjacent box wall
125.21[Patents] . . . . With a nonunitary securing element (i.e., not of one-piece construction with the box)
125.22[Patents] . . . . . String, cord, or ribbon
125.23[Patents] . . . . . Nonunitary securing element on closure engages nonunitary securing element on box (i.e., securing elements are not of one-piece construction with the box)
125.24[Patents] . . . . Threaded
125.25[Patents] . . . . Flange or tab overlaps rolled container rim or bead
125.26[Patents] . . . . Flange or tab interlocks with downwardly extending flange or tab on box
125.27[Patents] . . . . Flange or tab interlocks with horizontal flange or tab on box
125.28[Patents] . . . . Flange or tab extends through opening in box material
125.29[Patents] . . . . Closure includes slit or aperture to receive a projection from a box wall
125.31[Patents] . . . . Flange or tab extends between two layers of box material
125.32[Patents] . . . . Flange or tab extends into box interior
125.33[Patents] . . . Closure bonded to box
125.34[Patents] . . . . Including a flexible sheet bonded to one or more closure flaps
125.35[Patents] . . . . Bonded to box rim or adjacent flange
125.36[Patents] . . . Closure interlocks with horizontal flange on box
125.37[Patents] . . Including a nonunitary securing element for a closure (i.e., element is not of one-piece construction with the box)
125.38[Patents] . . . String, cord, or ribbon
125.39[Patents] . . . For securing two or more closure flaps in place
125.41[Patents] . . . . Securing element extends through the outer of two overlapping closure flaps
125.42[Patents] . . One-piece box construction includes a closure useable as a pour spout (e.g., gable-top carton)
126[Patents] . . Foldable wall extension (e.g., closure flap)
127[Patents] . . . Two opposed extensions have folded confronting flanges
128[Patents] . . . Including means for biasing extension into closed position
129[Patents] . . . Telescoping closure formed from plural extensions
129.1[Patents] . . . Slide-operated closure flap
130[Patents] . . . Including stop to limit opening movement of closure
131[Patents] . . . Closed extension includes fixed and movable portions joined at a hinge line.
131.1[Patents] . . . Access opening cut out of a foldable wall extension
132[Patents] . . . Overlapping extensions bonded together
133[Patents] . . . . Including a sealing web formed by partial delamination of a wall extension
134[Patents] . . . . Including embossing or scoring to enhance the bond
135[Patents] . . . . Including means to restrain inward movement of inner extension during bonding
136[Patents] . . . . Extensions bonded by means of a cohesive or pressure sensitive type adhesive
137[Patents] . . . . Extensions of adjacent box walls hingedly attached together
138[Patents] . . . Extensions of adjacent box walls hingedly attached together
139[Patents] . . . . Three extensions form a pocket to receive fourth extension
140[Patents] . . . . One extension extends along an adjacent box wall
141[Patents] . . . Extension includes a depending flange or tab which extends along an adjacent box wall
142[Patents] . . . . Two or more extensions include a depending flange or tab
143[Patents] . . . . . Each of two opposed extensions includes flanges or tabs depending from two opposite edges
144[Patents] . . . . Flange connected to two box walls by a foldable web
145[Patents] . . . . Plural flanges interconnected to form a skirt
146[Patents] . . . . . Box wall or portion thereof pivots with extension during opening of the box
147[Patents] . . . . Flange or tab folded to extend along two or more box walls
148[Patents] . . . . Flange or tab includes slit or aperture to receive a projection from a box wall
149[Patents] . . . . Flange or tab extends through opening in box material
150[Patents] . . . . . Opening extends through a wall extension
151[Patents] . . . . Flange or tab extends between two layers of box material
152[Patents] . . . . Flange or tab extends into box interior
153[Patents] . . . . . Including means for securing flange or tab in closed position
154[Patents] . . . . Extension includes two or more depending flanges or tabs
155[Patents] . . . Plural extensions mechanically interlocked with each other
156[Patents] . . . . One extension interlocks with at least two others
157[Patents] . . . . . The one extension projects through an opening in each of the others
158[Patents] . . . . One extension projects through two separate openings in another extension
159[Patents] . . . Extension formed of two or more thickness of box material
160[Patents] . . . Access opening includes a rim for supporting a wall extension
160.1[Patents] . . Hinged closure includes material cut from a box sidewall (e.g., cigarette box)
160.2[Patents] . . Including means to facilitate the application of an opening force to the closure (e.g., pulltab, thumb notch, etc.)
161[Patents] . A box wall includes box material cut from another box wall
162[Patents] . Window or transparent portion
163[Patents] . Horizontal, outwardly extending bottom flange
164[Patents] . Different height sidewalls
164.1[Patents] . Flexible or flaccid external covering formed from an initially separate sheet of material (e.g., wrapper)
164.2[Patents] . Flexible or flaccid, internal, non-bag lining formed from an initially separate sheet of material
165[Patents] . A sidewall includes a horizontally or downwardly extending panel attached along a horizontal fold line which is spaced above the box bottom
166[Patents] . . Separate reinforcing member located within fold
167[Patents] . . Panel forms a hollow sidewall or sidewall portion
168[Patents] . . . Hollow sidewall has a nonrectangular cross-section
169[Patents] . . Panel forms planar, horizontal flange, or flap spaced from box bottom
170[Patents] . . . Flange or flap includes a portion of a folded corner connector (i.e., "corner fold" or "corner flap")
171[Patents] . . Panel is located outside the box
172[Patents] . . Panel includes a folded flap or tab which overlaps an adjacent box wall (e.g., sidewall or bottom wall)
173[Patents] . . . One or more flaps combine to cover entire bottom wall
174[Patents] . . . Flap or tab overlaps an adjacent sidewall
175[Patents] . . . . Flap or tab is coplanar with a downwardly extending panel of the adjacent sidewall
176[Patents] . . . . Flap or tab underlies a downwardly extending panel of the adjacent sidewall
177[Patents] . . Panel has opening or notch to receive a portion of a folded corner connector (i.e., "corner fold" or "corner flap")
178[Patents] . . Panel or panel portion projects into an opening or notch in the box material
179[Patents] . . . Opening or notch located in folded corner connector (i.e., "corner fold" or "corner flap")
180[Patents] . . Panel or panel portion is located between two layers of box material
181[Patents] . . Panel secured in folded position by a separate fastening device (e.g., adhesive tape, staple, etc.)
182[Patents] . . Panel secured in folded position by a heat weld or adhesive, per se
182.1[Patents] . Box includes straight sidewalls and rounded corners
183[Patents] . Bottom wall includes a folded extension of a sidewall
184[Patents] . . Extensions of adjacent sidewalls foldably attached together
185[Patents] . . Plural extensions mechanically interlocked with each other
185.1[Patents] . Single piece of paperboard folded to form a box having four or more multilayer walls
186[Patents] . Adjacent sidewalls connected by a folded web unitary with both (i.e., "corner fold")
187[Patents] . . And by a laterally folded extension which is unitary with only one of the sidewalls (i.e., "corner flap")
188[Patents] . . Tablike member on web extends through opening in box material
189[Patents] . . Web secured in folded position by a separate fastening device (e.g., adhesive tape, staple, etc.)
190[Patents] . A sidewall includes a folded lateral extension of an adjacent sidewall (e.g., "corner flap")
191[Patents] . . Extension forms hollow, upstanding corner element
192[Patents] . . Each of two adjacent sidewalls has a folded lateral extension where they join
193[Patents] . . Folded extensions of opposed sidewalls overlap one another
194[Patents] . . . And are mechanically interlocked with each other
195[Patents] . . Extension projects into an opening in the box material
196[Patents] . . . Extension projects into two or more separate openings
197[Patents] . . . Extension includes a downwardly opening slit or notch
198[Patents] . . Extension secured in folded position by a separate fastening device (e.g., adhesive tape, staple, etc.)
198.1[Patents] . Adjacent sidewalls connected only by a separate securing element
198.2[Patents] . Miscellaneous joint construction
198.3[Patents] . . Including separate securing element
199[Patents] . Separate reinforcing element
199.1[Patents] . . Wooden reinforcing element
4.5[Patents] . Cylindrical or conical body, or wall structure
5.5[Patents] . End structure
5.6[Patents] . . Crimped seam
5.7[Patents] . . Separate fastener
5.8[Patents] . . Pressed bottom or top
5.81[Patents] . Box material includes a coating or a nonpaperboard lamination or is permeated with a substance
5.82[Patents] . . Metal foil
5.83[Patents] . . Box material coated or permeated with a lacquer (e.g., shellac, varnish)
5.84[Patents] . . Box material coated, laminated, or permeated with a thermoplastic material
5.85[Patents] . . . Wax
93[Patents] . Tubes, cylindrical
67[Patents] . Barrels
67.2[Patents] . Hanging type
67.3[Patents] . Expandable
67.4[Patents] . Including closure
68.2[Patents] . Including handle
69[Patents] . Series
300[Patents] . Including remailing means (e.g., envelope, postcard, address label, etc.)
301[Patents] . . Remailable envelope
302[Patents] . . . Having original and remail closure flaps attached to opposite walls of the original envelope
303[Patents] . . . Including an address window
304[Patents] . . . . Including means for removing the window-containing portion of an envelope
305[Patents] . . . Including means for removing at least part of the original mailing address from the original envelope
306[Patents] . . . Including means for concealing at least part of the original mailing address when remailed (e.g., reversible envelope)
307[Patents] . Having means to facilitate opening the envelope by severing it (e.g., tearing, cutting, piercing, etc.)
308[Patents] . . Combined with, or modified for opening by, a sharp-edged cutting implement or a piercing implement
309[Patents] . . Envelope includes a separate tearing element which is gripped and pulled to open the envelope
310[Patents] . . . Gripped portion of tearing element secured to envelope exterior
311[Patents] . . . Cord, string, wire, or thread
312[Patents] . . . . Extends along envelope side edge
313[Patents] . . Line of weakness
314[Patents] . . . Lines of weakness in opposed walls form removable envelope portion
315[Patents] . . . . Including means to prevent contents from extending into the removable portion
316[Patents] . . . Line of weakness extends along or adjacent envelope side edge
70[Patents] . Coupon
71[Patents] . Display
72[Patents] . Compartment
74[Patents] . Tag
75[Patents] . Blanks
76[Patents] . Closures
77[Patents] . . Including a fastener
78.1[Patents] . . . Metallic
78.2[Patents] . . . . Reusable
79[Patents] . . . Seal
80[Patents] . . Sealing
80.5[Patents] . . . Releasable or frangible bond (e.g., peel seal)
81[Patents] . . . Perforated
82[Patents] . . . Tongues
83[Patents] . . . Soluble dye
84[Patents] . . Tongue
87.02[Patents] . Shock protection
87.03[Patents] . Expansible (e.g., pleated, stretchable, etc.)
87.04[Patents] . With handle
87.05[Patents] . Including means to facilitate severing the wrapper (e.g., cutting, tearing, etc.)
87.06[Patents] . Including transparent portion or window
87.07[Patents] . For chewing gum
87.08[Patents] . For food
87.09[Patents] . . Bread wrapper
87.11[Patents] . . Meat wrapper
87.12[Patents] . For a single cigar or cigarette
87.13[Patents] . For a pack of cigarettes or cigars
87.14[Patents] . For tobacco
87.15[Patents] . For apparel
87.16[Patents] . . Glove or mitten
87.17[Patents] . . Shirt or blouse
87.18[Patents] . For a paperboard box (e.g., cardboard)
87.19[Patents] . . Gift wrap
87.2[Patents] . Coin type
87.5[Patents] . Pocketed
89[Patents] . Bottle
90[Patents] . . Corrugated
91[Patents] . . Padded
92[Patents] . Mailing sheets
92.1[Patents] . Letter sheets
92.3[Patents] . . Window
. . Closures
92.5[Patents] . . Fastener
92.7[Patents] . . Closure flap
92.9[Patents]COIN CARDS
401[Patents] . With attached spoon
402[Patents] . Including handle
403[Patents] . Insulated
404[Patents] . Including closure
405[Patents] . Collapsible cup
407[Patents] . Tray-type
903[Patents] . Ovenable (i.e., disclosed to be placed in an oven)
904[Patents] . Compartmented fast food holder or lap tray
904.1[Patents] . Candy
905[Patents] . Frozen food
906[Patents] . Baked goods
907[Patents]TRASH BOX
908[Patents]PAINT TRAY
909[Patents]CIGAR BOX
911[Patents] . With closure
912[Patents] . . Separate element
915.1[Patents] . Gable-top box
916[Patents] . Means for ventilating while stacked
917[Patents] . Stacking of collapsed container or blank
918[Patents] . Corner construction
919[Patents] . Reinforced wall
923[Patents] . Gift wrapped
925[Patents] . Finger opening (e.g., slit, aperture, etc.)
926[Patents] . Pull tab located in a seam
930[Patents]FOLD DETAIL
931[Patents] . Fold includes slit or aperture
934[Patents] . Compartmented bottle carrier
935[Patents] . No waste (i.e., edge-to-edge blanks)
936[Patents] . Three or more blanks with alternating orientations
937[Patents] . Plural blanks for making a single container
Any foreign patents or non-patent literature from subclasses that have been reclassified have been transferred directly to FOR Collection listed below. These collections contain ONLY foreign patents or nonpatent literature. The parenthetical references in the Collection titles refer to the abolished subclasses from which these Collections were derived.
FOR 100 . Multiple (229/23 R)
FOR 101 . . Multiple bottom (229/23 A)
FOR 102 . . Crossed blanks (229/23 AB)
FOR 103 . . Telescoping (229/23 BT)
FOR 104 . . Wood reinforced (229/23 C)
FOR 106MATERIAL (229/3.5 R)
FOR 107 . Metal foil (229/3.5 MF)

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