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Manual of U.S. Patent Classification
as of June 30, 2000


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Subclass Title
2[Patents] . With preliminary weakening
3[Patents] . Longitudinally of direction of feed
4[Patents] . Transversely of continuously fed work
5[Patents] . . Progressively to or from one side edge
7[Patents] . With other type severing means
8[Patents] . With timer-released means for preventing work feed-out
9[Patents] . Including means to effect bias cut
10[Patents] . With feed-out of predetermined length from work supply
11[Patents] . . Including means to select or adjust feed-out length
12[Patents] . . Including feed-out stop for manually pulled work
13[Patents] . . . Stop abuts work edge or work-mounted article
14[Patents] . . . With feed-out of lead-end to aid initial grasping
15[Patents] . . Merely to provide lead-end for manual grasping
16[Patents] . . Manually operated feed-out mechanism
17[Patents] . With indicator
18[Patents] . . Indicates length to be severed from supply
19[Patents] . With blade-edge guard
20[Patents] . . Movable
21[Patents] . Work stripped from blade by relatively movable means
22[Patents] . . Including movable blade
23[Patents] . With means to move work toward or into severing position
24[Patents] . . With means to strip adhering work therefrom
25[Patents] . With work-immobilizing paster surface
26[Patents] . . With finger-access opening
27[Patents] . With means to hold pad or stack of individual sheets
28[Patents] . . With means to separate severed end of stub from supply package
29[Patents] . . With changeable blade-edge contour
30[Patents] . . . Slidable notcher
31[Patents] . . Blade slidable along plane of work surface
32[Patents] . Zigzag-folded supply package
33[Patents] . Separate blades usable alternatively or sequentially on same work supply
34[Patents] . Plural supply sources
35[Patents] . . On turret-type support with single blade
36[Patents] . . With movable blade registrable selectively with each source
37[Patents] . . With plural blades
38[Patents] . . . With individual blade for each source
39[Patents] . With housing for work supply
40[Patents] . . Liquid-, gas-, or light-tight work passage
41[Patents] . . With inspection window or transparent panel
42[Patents] . . With mounting means for housing
43[Patents] . . Blade on pivoted closure for housing
44[Patents] . . Sectional telescoping housing
45[Patents] . . . Including removable cap or sleeve enclosure for spooled work supply
46[Patents] . . Including special support for wound supply package
47[Patents] . . . Bearing or trunnions to engage package core
48[Patents] . . Single blank container
49[Patents] . . . Blade unitary with container
50[Patents] . . . With closure fastener
51[Patents] . . With brake or tensioner
52[Patents] . . . Restricted or restrictable work outlet
53[Patents] . . With finger-access opening to facilitate work feed-out
54[Patents] . . With internal guide
55[Patents] . Blade carrier bodily and slidably supported on running length work
56[Patents] . Blade mounted on hand-held wound package
57[Patents] . . With lead-end stripper for tacky adhesive work
58[Patents] . . By resiliently embracing outer circumference of package
59[Patents] . . Work supply nonrotatably wound on flanged spool
60[Patents] . . . Circumferentially movable blade radially retained by beaded or grooved flanges
61[Patents] . . . Blade carrier supports hollow spool for rotation
62[Patents] . . . Flange edge notched to provide or coact with cutter
63[Patents] . . . With clamp for lead-end of strand-type work
64[Patents] . . . . Strand clamped against flange
65[Patents] . . By resiliently engaging package ends or interior of core
66[Patents] . . Blade carrier supports package for rotation
67[Patents] . Movable blade continually biased toward wound web supply package
68[Patents] . . Including temporary bias-disabling means
69[Patents] . . Including stripper to separate lead-end from package
70[Patents] . . Weight of bodily movable package contributes to blade-biasing force
71[Patents] . . Blade slidably guided
72[Patents] . Blade movable to severing position by moving work
73[Patents] . . With simultaneous application of brake or clamp
74[Patents] . . . Applied to running length work
75[Patents] . . . . Opposed movable jaws
76[Patents] . Wound package bodily biased toward fixed blade
77[Patents] . With fixed blade and support for wound package
78[Patents] . . Body- or belt-attached
79[Patents] . . With brake applied to supply package
80[Patents] . . With guide spaced from blade edge to provide lead-end therebetween
81[Patents] . With work-abutment stop
82[Patents] . With brake or clamp
83[Patents] . . Thread cutter and clamp attachment for sewing machine presser foot
84[Patents] . . Applied to running length work
85[Patents] . . . Spaced from blade edge to provide lead-end therebetween
86[Patents] . . . . Blade manually movable to expose lead-end
87[Patents] . . Manually applied, spring returned
88[Patents] . With guide for running length work
89[Patents] . Blade manually movable to or from severing position
90[Patents] . With means to facilitate lead-end grasping
91[Patents] . Blades or severing devices
92[Patents] . . Adjustable blade-edge contour
93.5[Patents] . Including means to apply thermal shock to work
94[Patents] . Combined with preliminary weakener or with nonbreaking cutter
95[Patents] . . Successively actuated sharp and dull tools
96[Patents] . . Preliminary weakener
96.5[Patents] . . . With means to apply moment of force to weakened work
97[Patents] . Plural breakers
98[Patents] . Conveyer diverter for moving work
99[Patents] . . Plural divergent work paths
100[Patents] . Work-parting pullers (bursters)
101[Patents] . . Relatively movable clamps
102[Patents] . Axial twisters
103[Patents] . Movable breaking tool
104[Patents] . . Breaking tool intermediate spaced work supports
105[Patents] . . . Clamping supports
106[Patents] . Web restrainer

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