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as of June 30, 2000


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Subclass Title
ClassTitle ===> POWER PLANTS
201[Patents] . Rotating or cyclic movement during axial thrust
202[Patents] . Ion motor
203.1[Patents] . Electric, nuclear, or radiated energy fluid heating means
204[Patents] . Method of operation
205[Patents] . . By chemical reaction
206[Patents] . . . Utilizing indirect heat exchange
207[Patents] . . . Utilizing plural reaction zones within a system
208[Patents] . . . Injecting air into the reaction zone
209[Patents] . . . . Including using additive material
210[Patents] . . . . . Injected separately
211[Patents] . . . Injecting separate streams of fuel and oxidizer (e.g., hypergole, etc.) into the reaction zone
212[Patents] . . . . Using igniter aid
213[Patents] . . . . . Injected separately
214[Patents] . . . . Oxidizer in the form of a mixture
215[Patents] . . . . Fuel in the form of a mixture
216[Patents] . . . . . One component free metal
217[Patents] . . . Injecting mixture of fuel and oxidizer into the reaction zone
218[Patents] . . . Decomposing a compound in the reaction zone
219[Patents] . . . Using solid material in reaction zone
220[Patents] . . . . Including injecting modifying fluid
221[Patents] . Motive fluid principally liquid
222[Patents] . . Plural discharge outlets
223[Patents] . With destruction sensing and preventing means
224[Patents] . Interrelated reaction motors
225[Patents] . . Sequentially operated
226.1[Patents] . . Air and diverse fluid discharge from separate discharge outlets (e.g., fan jet, etc.)
226.2[Patents] . . . Having thrust reverser
226.3[Patents] . . . Having means to effect a variable bypass ratio
227[Patents] . Motive fluid principally steam
228[Patents] . With thrust direction modifying means
229[Patents] . . With plural selectively usable motive fluid ejecting means
230[Patents] . . Jet stream deflecting means
231[Patents] . . . By secondary fluid injection
232[Patents] . . Motive fluid outlet movable relative to motor part
233[Patents] . Condition responsive thrust varying means
234[Patents] . . Solid propellant depletion control
235[Patents] . . Motive fluid outlet area and fuel flow control
236[Patents] . . . Plural spool motor-compressors
237[Patents] . . . Outlet area sensed to control fuel or oxidizer flow
238[Patents] . . . Motive fluid temperature sensed to control fuel flow or outlet area
239[Patents] . . . Compressor or turbine speed sensed to control fuel flow or outlet area
240[Patents] . . Oxidizer and fuel flow control
241[Patents] . . Plural burners in series
242[Patents] . . Outlet area control
243[Patents] . . Fuel flow control
244[Patents] . Motive fluid from diverse generators alternatively ejected through outlet
245[Patents] . . Propellant supply used in one operation reduced before starting another
246[Patents] . Turborocket
247[Patents] . Intermittent combustion
248[Patents] . . Air bypass passage
249[Patents] . . Aerodynamic valve
250[Patents] . Plural propellants to burn sequentially
251[Patents] . Solid and fluid propellant
252[Patents] . Gel propellant
253[Patents] . Solid propellant
254[Patents] . . Including means to terminate or regulate motive fluid production
255[Patents] . . Including propellant support means
256[Patents] . . Including ignition means
257[Patents] . Liquid oxidizer
258[Patents] . . Including injector means
259[Patents] . . Including pressurizing means
260[Patents] . . Including heating means
261[Patents] . Including afterburner
262[Patents] . Air passage bypasses combustion chamber
263[Patents] . Plural motive fluid generating means or plural outlets
264[Patents] . Including motive fluid treating means
265[Patents] . Means to flow film on surface
266[Patents] . Including heat exchange means
267[Patents] . . For a liquid
268[Patents] . Including counter rotating rotors
269[Patents] . Including mechanical air compressor or air flow inducing means
270.1[Patents] . Air supplied by ram effect
271[Patents] . Motive fluid outlet means
598[Patents] . With supercharging means for engine
599[Patents] . . With means to change temperature of supercharged flow
600[Patents] . . With condition responsive valve means to control supercharged flow and exhaust products
601[Patents] . . . With coordinated engine fuel control
602[Patents] . . Having condition responsive valve controlling engine exhaust flow
603[Patents] . . . With coordinated fuel control means for engine
604[Patents] . . With heat exchanger to transfer energy from engine exhaust to motive fluid for motor
605.1[Patents] . . Supercharging means driven by engine exhaust actuated motor
605.2[Patents] . . . With exhaust gas recirculation
605.3[Patents] . . . With motor bearing lubrication or cooling
606[Patents] . . . With means to provide additional motive fluid for motor
607[Patents] . . . With additional drive means for supercharging means
608[Patents] . . . . With condition responsive drive means control
609[Patents] . . . Fluid motor and engine each drive at least one means to supercharge the engine
610[Patents] . . . . Supercharging means convertible from series to parallel
611[Patents] . . . Having condition responsive means to control supercharged flow to engine
612[Patents] . . . Plural superchargers
613[Patents] . With means to store combustion products prior to entry into fluid motor means
614[Patents] . Having fluid motor motive fluid treating, controlling or conditioning means
615[Patents] . . Having condition responsive control of motive fluid
616[Patents] . . Having means to transfer heat energy between engine exhaust and motive fluid for fluid motor
617[Patents] . . . And having means to add fluid to motive fluid
618[Patents] . . . Motive fluid is vaporized liquid
619[Patents] . . Having means to add a diverse fluid to combustion products
620[Patents] . Fluid motor means is expansible chamber type with movable parts of motor and engine being interconnected
621[Patents] . . Movable wall portions are rigidly interconnected
622[Patents] . . Expansible chamber of fluid motor means receives exhaust alternately from two or more expansible chambers of engine means
623[Patents] . . Fluid motor is rotary type
624[Patents] . Fluid motor means is a turbine with output means mechanically interconnected with internal combustion engine output
273[Patents] . Methods
274[Patents] . . Anti-pollution
275[Patents] . By electrolysis, electrical discharge, electrical field, or vibration generator
276[Patents] . Having means analyzing composition of exhaust gas
277[Patents] . Having sensor or indicator of malfunction, unsafeness, or disarray of treater (e.g., fusible link, etc.)
278[Patents] . Material from exhaust structure fed to engine intake
279[Patents] . . Separated reactive constituent of exhaust fed to engine
280[Patents] . Having auxiliary device mechanically driven by exhaust gas
281[Patents] . Having exhaust gas collection and storage, or use as a pressure fluid source
282[Patents] . By means producing a chemical reaction of a component of the exhaust gas
283[Patents] . . With means handling crankcase, carburetor, or gas tank vapor
284[Patents] . . Automatic or timed reactor purge or heat-up in engine starting operation
285[Patents] . . Engine fuel, air, or ignition controlled by sensor of reactor condition
286[Patents] . . Condition responsive control of heater, cooler, igniter, or fuel supply of reactor
287[Patents] . . Condition responsive control of reactor feed, pressure, or by-pass
288[Patents] . . . Exhaust gas diverted from reactor or treating agent mixer
289[Patents] . . . Air feed to reactor modulated or diverted by control
290[Patents] . . . . Responsive to engine speed or intake manifold pressure
291[Patents] . . . Of or by pressure in reactor or of engine exhaust
292[Patents] . . . . Valve at reactor outlet controlled
293[Patents] . . . . Check valve feeds air to exhaust system
294[Patents] . . Reactor control correlated with cyclic or external engine control
295[Patents] . . Having means for regenerating, replacing, or feeding liquid or solid reagent or catalyst
296[Patents] . . . Flow reversing structure
297[Patents] . . Reactor plus a washer, sorber or mechanical separator
298[Patents] . . With means cooling reactor or reactor feed
299[Patents] . . Using a catalyst
300[Patents] . . . Having a means for heating the catalyst
301[Patents] . . . Reducing type catalyst
302[Patents] . . . Catalyst in engine manifold or at exhaust port
303[Patents] . . Having heater, igniter, or fuel supply for reactor
304[Patents] . . Oxidizer feed passage at engine exhaust valve, manifold or port
305[Patents] . . . Distributed to plural individual ports or valves
306[Patents] . . . To port zone and downstream of port
307[Patents] . . Pressurizing means feeds reactive air to reactor
308[Patents] . . . Exhaust actuated air aspirator
309[Patents] . Having retainer or flow director for exhaust gas condensate
310[Patents] . Treated by washing, or having liquid contact structure
311[Patents] . By sorber or mechanical separator
312[Patents] . Pulsed, timed, tuned or resonating exhaust
313[Patents] . . Correlated exhausts from plural cylinders
314[Patents] . . Two-cycle engine
315[Patents] . Pump draws exhaust gas from engine
316[Patents] . . Fluid jet or stream aspirates exhaust gas
317[Patents] . Exhaust and external fluid mingling structure
318[Patents] . . External fluid is steam
319[Patents] . . Exhaust aspirates external fluid
320[Patents] . Exhaust gas or exhaust system element heated, cooled, or used as a heat source
321[Patents] . . Cooled manifold
322[Patents] . Having vibration attenuating, or expansion and contraction relieving structure
323[Patents] . Common receiver having inlets from plural cylinder (i.e., exhaust manifold)
324[Patents] . Divider, collector, valve means, or boundary layer device controlling exhaust gas flow
626[Patents] . Having means for compressing, generating or storing pressure fluid
627[Patents] . . Having condition responsive control of means
628[Patents] . . Storage vessel charged by internal combustion engine acting as a pump
629[Patents] . . Pressure fluid motor convertible to pressure fluid pump
630[Patents] . Having manual selector of engine valve settings or of fluid flow branches
631[Patents] . . Including means selecting direction of engine rotation
633[Patents] . Having means for feeding fluid fuel
634[Patents] . Having plural charge holding means
635[Patents] . Having mechanical means securing working member in fired position
636[Patents] . Having latch, rupture or safety means resisting movement of working member or firing means from unfired position
637[Patents] . Having orifice or conduit restricting flow of combustion products from combustion zone to motor chamber
638[Patents] . Having shock absorbing, damping or slow down means for working member
39.02[Patents] . Processes
39.03[Patents] . . Regulation of power output
39.04[Patents] . . Multiple expansion
39.05[Patents] . . Addition of steam and/or water
39.06[Patents] . . Ignition and/or fuel injection
39.07[Patents] . With nonmotor output
39.08[Patents] . With lubricators
39.091[Patents] . With safety device
39.092[Patents] . . Debris anti-ingestion preventer
39.093[Patents] . . Ice preventer or de-icer
39.094[Patents] . . Fuel flusher or drainer
39.1[Patents] . . Excess pressure relief
39.11[Patents] . . Flame screen
39.12[Patents] . With combustible gas generator
39.13[Patents] . Automatic starting and stopping of combustion products generator
39.141[Patents] . With starting device
39.142[Patents] . . Separate starting device or motive fluid source
39.15[Patents] . Multiple fluid-operated motors
39.161[Patents] . . Re - expansion
39.162[Patents] . . . Counter - rotatable
39.163[Patents] . . . Selectively connectable
39.17[Patents] . . . With treatment between stages
39.181[Patents] . . Different fluids
39.182[Patents] . . . Steam and combustion products
39.183[Patents] . . . Air and combustion products
39.19[Patents] . Different fluids
39.23[Patents] . With variable oxidizer control
39.2[Patents] . With regulation of power output
39.21[Patents] . . Plural generators, selectively operable
39.22[Patents] . . Varying cycle frequency relative to prime mover speed
39.24[Patents] . . Automatic
39.25[Patents] . . . Motive fluid to prime mover
39.26[Patents] . . . Oxidizer, fuel and water or steam
39.27[Patents] . . . Oxidizer and fuel
39.281[Patents] . . . Fuel
39.282[Patents] . . . . Torque sensor
39.29[Patents] . . . Oxidizer
39.3[Patents] . . . Water or steam
39.31[Patents] . With mounting or supporting structure
39.32[Patents] . With expansible connections
39.33[Patents] . Convertible and combined
39.34[Patents] . Rotating combustion products generator and turbine
39.35[Patents] . . Continuous combustion type
39.36[Patents] . Coaxial combustion products generator and turbine
39.37[Patents] . Plural combustion products generators in ring coaxial with turbine
39.38[Patents] . . Intermittent combustion type
39.39[Patents] . . . Common rotary distributing valve
39.4[Patents] . . . Common cam member
39.41[Patents] . With exhaust pump for combustion products generator
39.42[Patents] . With reversible turbine
39.43[Patents] . With dual function turbine
39.44[Patents] . With closed pocket turbine
39.45[Patents] . With gear, pressure exchanger, or screw-type compressor
39.461[Patents] . Using special fuel or oxidizer
39.462[Patents] . . Monofuel type
39.463[Patents] . . Plural distinct fuels
39.464[Patents] . . Solid, slurry, emulsive, or suspensive type fuel
39.465[Patents] . . Gaseous fuel at standard temperature and pressure
39.47[Patents] . . Solid fuel containing oxidizer
39.48[Patents] . With fluid pressure feeding of oxidizer, fuel or water
39.49[Patents] . With air injection by fuel or steam jet
39.5[Patents] . With exhaust treatment
39.511[Patents] . . Regenerator
39.512[Patents] . . . Rotary heat exchanger
39.52[Patents] . . Exhaust gas recycling
39.53[Patents] . With addition of steam and/or water
39.54[Patents] . . Added in prime mover
39.55[Patents] . . Added in combustion products generator
39.56[Patents] . . Mixed in space above water
39.57[Patents] . . . Combustion products pass through water
39.58[Patents] . . Added in mixing nozzle or in turbine nozzle
39.59[Patents] . . Added in separate mixing chamber
39.6[Patents] . External-combustion engine type
39.62[Patents] . . With plurality of combustion products generator per cylinder
39.63[Patents] . . Continuous combustion
39.64[Patents] . Alternate cycle
722[Patents] . Combustion products generator
723[Patents] . . Having catalyst in combustion zone
724[Patents] . . Plural with intercycling by pressure fluctuations
725[Patents] . . Having noise reduction means
726[Patents] . . With means to pressurize oxidizer for combustion or other purposes
727[Patents] . . . With oxidizer accumulator
728[Patents] . . . Having oxidizer cooling means
729[Patents] . . . Reciprocating positive displacement type
730[Patents] . . With liquid heat exchanger
731[Patents] . . With combuston products accumulator
732[Patents] . . Having initial fuel-rich combustion zone
733[Patents] . . . Separate fuel injectors for plural zones
734[Patents] . . Having fuel supply system
735[Patents] . . . Fuel injected into turbine
736[Patents] . . . Fuel preheated upstream of injector
737[Patents] . . . Fuel and air premixed prior to combustion
738[Patents] . . . . Premix tube within combustion zone
739[Patents] . . . With fuel supply manifold for separate injectors
740[Patents] . . . With fuel injector
741[Patents] . . . . Fuel control valve integral with injector
742[Patents] . . . . Unitary injector having plural fuel flow paths
743[Patents] . . . . Surface film injector
744[Patents] . . . . Rotary fuel injector
745[Patents] . . . . . Slinger type
746[Patents] . . . . Plural distinct injectors
747[Patents] . . . . . Injectors in distinct radially spaced parallel flow combustion products generators arranged to combine discharges
748[Patents] . . . . With attendant coaxial air swirler
749[Patents] . . . Having bluff flame stabilization means
750[Patents] . . Having means to recycle combustion products internally of combustion zone
751[Patents] . . Having diffuser for air inlet
752[Patents] . . Combustor liner
753[Patents] . . . Ceramic
754[Patents] . . . Porous
755[Patents] . . . Having means to direct flow along inner surface of liner
756[Patents] . . . . Air directed to flow along inner surface of liner dome
757[Patents] . . . . In an axial direction
758[Patents] . . . Air introduced within liner counter to flow of combustion products
759[Patents] . . . Air scoop extends into air flowing outside liner
760[Patents] . . . Air outside liner flows counter to combustion products flow within liner
39.75[Patents] . . With turbine
39.76[Patents] . . Intermittent combustion type
39.77[Patents] . . . Resonating
39.78[Patents] . . . Rotating, oscillating, or reciprocating
39.79[Patents] . . . With fluid actuated valve
39.8[Patents] . . . With pressure actuated valve
39.81[Patents] . . . With fuel metering valve
39.821[Patents] . . With ignition device
39.822[Patents] . . . Catalytic type
39.823[Patents] . . . Pyrotechnic squib or charge type
39.824[Patents] . . . Hypergolic type
39.825[Patents] . . . Single shot liquid type
39.826[Patents] . . . Pilot or torch type
39.827[Patents] . . . Spark type
39.828[Patents] . . . Incandescent type
39.83[Patents] . Cooling of auxiliary components
640[Patents] . Rocking member having opposite accumulating means
641.2[Patents] . Geothermal
641.3[Patents] . . With direct fluid contact
641.4[Patents] . . With deep well turbopump
641.5[Patents] . . With fluid flashing
641.6[Patents] . With natural temperature differential
641.7[Patents] . . Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)
641.8[Patents] . Solar
641.9[Patents] . . With distillation
641.11[Patents] . . With elevated structure
641.12[Patents] . . . Air is working fluid
641.13[Patents] . . With single state working substance
641.14[Patents] . . . Gaseous
641.15[Patents] . . With solar concentration
517[Patents] . Unit of mass is a gas which is heated or cooled in one of a plurality of constantly communicating expansible chambers and freely transferable therebetween
518[Patents] . . Having means to change operational phase relationship of working member and displacer
519[Patents] . . Expansible chamber having rotatable or oscillatory displacer
520[Patents] . . Having free floating displacer or transfer piston
521[Patents] . . Having means to increase or diminish quantity of motivating mass
522[Patents] . . Having means to control rate of flow of mass between chambers
523[Patents] . . Having electrical heating means for mass
524[Patents] . . Having means to control temperature of heating or cooling chamber
525[Patents] . . Motor having plural working members
526[Patents] . . Motor having regenerator for mass
527[Patents] . Mass is a solid
528[Patents] . . Mass heated because of resistance to flow of electric current
529[Patents] . . Mass is bimetallic
530[Patents] . Mass is a liquid
531[Patents] . . Liquid is vaporized
509[Patents] . Special motive fluid
510[Patents] . Air rarefied by combustion
511[Patents] . Fluid mingling (e.g., condensation)
512[Patents] . Having means within the working chamber to effect the pressure of fluid therein
513[Patents] . . Electric heating means
514[Patents] . Concurrent fluid supply and vaporization
515[Patents] . Having control means for heating or cooling means
644.1[Patents] . Heating motive fluid by nuclear energy
645[Patents] . Process of power production or system operation
646[Patents] . . Including start up, shut down, cleaning, protective or maintenance procedure
647[Patents] . . Including operating at or above critical pressure
648[Patents] . . Including production of withdrawable product or steam for external use
649[Patents] . . Including mixing or separating materials of different chemical compositions in a motive fluid flow path
650[Patents] . . Producing power by heating and cooling a single phase fluid
651[Patents] . . Including vaporizing a motive fluid other than water
652[Patents] . . Of accommodating, fluctuating or peak loads
653[Patents] . . Including superheating, desuperheating, or reheating
654[Patents] . . Including mingling motor exhaust steam with boiler feed water
655[Patents] . Noncommunicating heat transferring motive fluid system (e.g., cascade, etc.)
656[Patents] . Having ancillary structure for starting
657[Patents] . Having apparatus cleaning, sealing, lubricating, purging, standby, or protecting feature
658[Patents] . . Damage to heat receiving element prevented by automatic means maintaining minimum flow
659[Patents] . Including heat, steam, or compressed gas storage means
660[Patents] . Having condition responsive control
661[Patents] . . Of or by heat rejecting means or its bypass
662[Patents] . . Involving feed from source means to separate motor stages or utilizing means
663[Patents] . . Of branched feed to, condition of, or heating means for motive fluid between motor stages
664[Patents] . . Of or by heat source material or element
665[Patents] . . . And of or by boiler liquid level or feed
666[Patents] . . Of bypass of superheater or desuperheater
667[Patents] . . Of means controlling boiler or its feed
668[Patents] . Power system physically related to vehicle structure
669[Patents] . Motor mounted in or on boiler
670[Patents] . Power system involving change of state
671[Patents] . . Motive fluid comprises a material other than steam or water
672[Patents] . . . Motor exhaust used in combustion zone
673[Patents] . . . One fluid absorbs or reacts with another
674[Patents] . . . Air and steam supplied to motor
675[Patents] . . Gravity motor actuated by weight of condensed vapor
676[Patents] . . Including plural distinct boilers, heat supplies or external sources of vapor
677[Patents] . . Serially connected motor with intermotor supply or withdrawal of motive fluid
678[Patents] . . . Withdrawn fluid heats boiler feed indirectly
679[Patents] . . Having motive fluid reheater between serially connected motors
680[Patents] . . . Motive fluid bypassing upstream motor heats reheater
681[Patents] . . Motor exhaust mixes with combustion products of boiler heater
682[Patents] . Single state motive fluid energized by indirect heat transfer
683[Patents] . . Motor exhaust fed into combustion device
684[Patents] . . Including interstage reheat means
532[Patents] . Shock or resonant wave type of energy transmission
533[Patents] . Pulsator
534[Patents] . . Having signal, indicator or recorder of apparatus condition
535[Patents] . . . Responsive to leakage of pulse fluid
536[Patents] . . Plural correlated pulsators transmitting unlimited rotary input to unlimited rotary output
537[Patents] . . Programmed, self-cycled or self-pulsed
538[Patents] . . . Including electrical control or actuation
539[Patents] . . . Cam drive of plural masters
540[Patents] . . . Including timer or time delay means the cycle
541[Patents] . . . Having means terminating cycle at parking or holding position
542[Patents] . . . Pneumatic device having pulse air bleed or supply means
543[Patents] . . . Self-operated pulse fluid purge or quantity adjustment structure
544[Patents] . . . Continuously acting self-pulsing master with manually settable slave release or output control valve
545[Patents] . . Having electricity or magnetically operated structure
546[Patents] . . Pulsator synchronizes movement of plural outputs
547.1[Patents] . . With control of or by a separate power fluid, etc.
547.2[Patents] . . . By pressure responsive valve dividing flow between motor and an auxiliary load
547.3[Patents] . . . By manually operated valve dividing flow between motor and an auxiliary load
548[Patents] . . . Flow in recirculating circuit controlled
549[Patents] . . . Master structure provides non-overlapping periods of pressurization of diverse pressure ranges in distinct pulsator circuits
550[Patents] . . . Master driven by manual power control lever on power failure and having means adjusting lever throw or master resistance responsive to failure of power fluid supply
551[Patents] . . . Manual master and controller of motor driven master actuated by separate linkages to a common operating lever
552[Patents] . . . Mechanical feedback to manual control controls power fluid to establish position of working member of master
553[Patents] . . . . With distinct piston or diaphragm exposed to pulsator pressure imparting feel to manual control
554[Patents] . . . . Having load deformable means between master working member and motor thrust means adjusting bias of manual control
555[Patents] . . . Master movement of master produces a pressure that controls the power fluid
556[Patents] . . . . Power fluid input controller operated by piston or diaphragm acted on one side by pressure of a manual master and on the other by pressure of a power driven master
557[Patents] . . . . Pressurized fluid from manual master charges slave and controls power fluid to separate master
558[Patents] . . . . . Fluid from the manual master fed to slave through a passage in the working member of the power master
559[Patents] . . . . . . Passage extends across the expansible chamber of the motor of the power master
560[Patents] . . . Power fluid also fed into a separate expansible chamber directly driving output means
561[Patents] . . Pressure balancing free piston or diaphragm between parallel pulsators
562[Patents] . . Master piston of one pulsator circuit drives master piston of a parallel circuit through a resilient, fluid or lost motion connection
563[Patents] . . Expansible chamber of output pressurized directly by motive fluid and indirectly by a master driven by the motive fluid
564[Patents] . . . Delivery pressure of master lower than pressure driving master
565[Patents] . . Master and diverse non-pulsator drive of output member or members
566[Patents] . . . Manual master and alternate nonmanual pressure fluid source feed output motor
567[Patents] . . Including plural separately operable master actuators or master units driving a common slave
568[Patents] . . Having distinct means for holding a pulsator element in set position
569[Patents] . . . Distinct externally operable valve sealing pulse fluid in slave
570[Patents] . . . Mechanical latch, brake or detent
571[Patents] . . Double-acting slave unit or opposed slaves having a single output
572[Patents] . . . Having pulse fluid pressure or quantity compensating or adjusting means
573[Patents] . . . . Self-acting phase balancing means acting at midpoint or end of stroke
574[Patents] . . Automatic control of plural stage pressure generation or utilization
575[Patents] . . . Automatic trapping of fluid back of delivery piston forms temporary pulsator driving piston during one stage
576[Patents] . . . Of separate movement of plural delivery pistons
577[Patents] . . . . Central externally driven piston drives surrounding piston means through a load responsive connector
578[Patents] . . . Unitarily movable displacer delivers fluid from two delivery chambers, one chamber being ineffective under high pressure delivery
579[Patents] . . Slave of first master drives master of another slave
580[Patents] . . . Parallel masters driven by first pulsator
581[Patents] . . Plural structurally related master pistons, cylinders or pulsator circuits
582[Patents] . . Having safety standby structure becoming operative upon apparatus malfunction
583[Patents] . . Pulse fluid vessel embracing output piston and fluid displacing element
584[Patents] . . Having separately and manually operated structure for charging, discharging bleeding, or adjusting pulsator volume
585[Patents] . . Holder for reserve liquid feeds master
586[Patents] . . . Having means to establish holding pressure in pulse liquid
587[Patents] . . . . Pressure maintained through inlet or piston cylinder of master
588[Patents] . . . Master piston traps liquid on advance across a feed port in cylinder wall
589[Patents] . . . Master piston or its actuator mechanically operates valve between holder and master cylinder
590[Patents] . . Condition responsive device limits return flow from biased slave
591[Patents] . . Having valve, director, or restrictor in pulse fluid flow path
592[Patents] . . Having, surge chamber, fluid supply means, or means compensating for fluid expansion, contraction or leakage
593[Patents] . . Having fluid motor driving piston of master unit
594[Patents] . . Having cam, or lever system driving master
326[Patents] . Utilizing a mixture, suspension, semisolid or electro-conductive liquid as motive fluid
327[Patents] . Methods of operation
328[Patents] . Having a signal, indicator or inspection means
329[Patents] . Condition responsive control means responsive to, or compensating for, motive fluid compressibility, temperature variation or viscosity variation driven master
330[Patents] . Coaxial impeller and turbine unit
331[Patents] . . Reversible turbine or turbine system
332[Patents] . . . Having pitch control or motive fluid flow guide or reaction blade means
333[Patents] . . . Having means to brake or free flow guide means
334[Patents] . . . Having means to remove or insert flow guide means from or into motive fluid flow path
335[Patents] . . . Having plural individually actuatable units
336[Patents] . . Having filtering, de-aerating, cleaning or bleeding structure
337[Patents] . . Having heating or cooling means
338[Patents] . . Having shock, vibration or surge control structure
339[Patents] . . Having lubricating means
340[Patents] . . Plural turbines drive relatively movable output members
341[Patents] . . Having brake or clutch controlling movement of a flow guide located in the impeller-turbine flow path
342[Patents] . . . With means adjusting blade orientation or blade exposure in flow path
343[Patents] . . . Speed or fluid condition responsive brake or manually adjustable brake
344[Patents] . . . . Braked casing
345[Patents] . . . One-way clutch between the movable guide, an impeller, turbine or a second movable guide
346[Patents] . . . Plural movable guides, one having a one-way clutch to frame
347[Patents] . . Having condition responsive or manually settable control means to regulate unit output
348[Patents] . . . Distributes motive fluid between plural units, stages or guides
349[Patents] . . . Adjusts impeller or turbine axially
350[Patents] . . . . Variable face clearance
351[Patents] . . . Controls scoop operation for removing liquid from rotating casing
352[Patents] . . . Of means within an impulse, reaction or energy transfer flow path being adjustable to modify flow of motive fluid
353[Patents] . . . . Motive fluid guide vane transferable axially into or out of motive fluid flow path
354[Patents] . . . . Pitch or orientation of flow directing guide or blade controlled
355[Patents] . . . . . Speed responsive
356[Patents] . . . . . Motive fluid pressure responsive
357[Patents] . . . Of means adjusting the mass of level of motive fluid at the impeller energy transfer zone
358[Patents] . . . . Including continuously driven auxiliary pump
359[Patents] . . . . Exhaust valve
360[Patents] . . . . . Motive fluid pressure responsive
361[Patents] . . Having separate guide or reaction means in circuit including impeller and turbine
362[Patents] . . . Rotatable guide or reaction means coaxial with the impeller
363[Patents] . . Plural impeller-turbine units
364[Patents] . . Impeller or turbine integral with unit housing
365[Patents] . . . Fluid deflecting means
366[Patents] . . . Toroidal impeller and turbine
367[Patents] . . . . Having core or ring member at interface
368[Patents] . Control by independently operated punch card, tape, digital computer, counter, template, or programmer cyclic control
369[Patents] . Cyclically operable reciprocating or oscillating motor or output stroke device
370[Patents] . . Pneumatic motor
371[Patents] . . Having means to store and release energy usable to energize motor work output means
372[Patents] . . . Pneumatic counter-balance of gravity load on motor (e.g., deep well pump rod, etc.)
373[Patents] . . Progressive change of stroke length in successive strokes
374[Patents] . . Correlated independently movable output members
375[Patents] . . Correlated power input pumps and/or pressurized fluid sources
376[Patents] . . Motor control means having timer or time delay means
377[Patents] . . . Provides dwell or press period at end of stroke
378[Patents] . . Having purging, surge accommodating, or leaking handling or replenishing structure
379[Patents] . . Having condition responsive cycle abort means or means for manual control of motor output
380[Patents] . . With means to shut down system after a complete to and fro cycle of the motor means
381[Patents] . . Having condition responsive control of variable displacement pump
382[Patents] . . . Cam or gear carried by stroke device varies displacement pump
383[Patents] . . Automatic or cyclic means provided plural distinct motor speeds in cycle
384[Patents] . Expansible chamber type volumetric responsive measuring device in series with or driven by output motor operates the motor controller
385[Patents] . Manual pump pressurizes fluid to position output motor motive fluid control valve
386[Patents] . . Manual pump supplies motive fluid to output motor when power motive fluid pump is inactive
387[Patents] . Distinct structure metering and dispensing a stroke length determining volume of motive fluid to the motor
388[Patents] . Full range correspondence of position of external manipulator and motor positioned member effected by feedback linkage
389[Patents] . . Positioned member is displacement controller of second motor pump
390[Patents] . . Electrical feedback means
391[Patents] . . Feedback linkage controls variable displacement pump
392[Patents] . . Feedback includes plural movable valve parts
393[Patents] . Manipulator for motive fluid control valve having load feel or motor pressure feedback
394[Patents] . Having apparatus control by timer or delay means
395[Patents] . Control relative to independently driven oscillator, speed standard or pacer device
396[Patents] . Utilizing lubricant, starter motor, cooling fluid, or fluid used for combustion in an internal combustion engine
397[Patents] . . Vacuum generated by internal combustion engine intake manifold powers motor
398[Patents] . Utilizing natural energy or having a geographic feature
399[Patents] . Unsafeness, unreadiness or disarray prevent manual change or operative state
400[Patents] . Selective or simultaneous power and manual energy inputs
401[Patents] . . Fluid motor and directs manual drive of output device
402[Patents] . . Separate manual and motor driven pumps supply motive fluid to output motor
403[Patents] . Apparatus having means responsive to or ameliorating the effects of breakage, plugging, mechanical failure or power failure
404[Patents] . . Stand-by stored energy means activated responsive to malfunction or power failure
405[Patents] . . Second motive fluid supply means takes load responsive to failure of first
406[Patents] . . Output means locked, positioned or released on failure of motive fluid supply means
407[Patents] . Pneumatic motor with gas supply or removal device
408[Patents] . . Convertible motor-pump device selectively charges and is driven by gas from storage vessel
409[Patents] . . Having automatic control
410[Patents] . . . Responsive to condition in gas storage vessel
411[Patents] . . . Suction pressure on motor regulated
412[Patents] . . Having pump device
413[Patents] . With control means for structure storing work driving energy (e.g., accumulator, etc.)
414[Patents] . . Energy of braking or of reversed load on motor stored
415[Patents] . . Accumulator pressurized by gas pump or external gas supply
416[Patents] . . Plural accumulators
417[Patents] . . Stroke device driven by successively operated energy input structure and stored energy structure
418[Patents] . . Control by sensor of accumulator condition
419[Patents] . Motor driven by motive fluid of system drives pump pressurizing motive fluid of system
420[Patents] . Having condition responsive control in a system of distinct or separately operable outputs or output drive units
421[Patents] . . With plural pump or motive fluid source relationships selected by multiway valve
422[Patents] . . Independently actuatable outputs with condition responsive means insuring sufficiency of feed of motive fluid
423[Patents] . . Including means for controlling or for reversing input pump drive
424[Patents] . . Serially connected motors controlled to establish parallel operation or to by-pass a motor means of the series
425[Patents] . . Condition responsive means establishes number of motor sections driving a common output
426[Patents] . . Speed of, pressure in, or position of one output motor or motor section controls another
427[Patents] . . With manual control or selection of motor, motor speed or motor load
428[Patents] . Having condition responsive control in a system of separately operable power input pumps, pump motors, pump cylinders or pressure fluid sources
429[Patents] . . With externally operated multiway valve changing the relationships of the motive fluid pressurizing or supplying means
430[Patents] . . Pressure or volume responsive means shifts the relationship
431[Patents] . Condition responsive control of or by input to input pump drive means
432[Patents] . . Pump drive means deactivated responsive to position of output stroke device
433[Patents] . Having correlated or joint actuation of controller of input to motive fluid pressurizer and of controller of motive fluid floow
434[Patents] . . Interlinked pump drive controller and manipulator of stroke device
435[Patents] . Having a mechanical clutch or brake device in the power train
436[Patents] . . Correlated control of device and motive fluid flow controller
437[Patents] . . Selective fluid and mechanical drive of output from input
438[Patents] . . . Condition responsive selection
439[Patents] . . Device acts on intermediate reactive rotor to modify speed ratio or direction
440[Patents] . . . Condition or direction responsive device
441[Patents] . . Condition or direction responsive device
442[Patents] . . Device holds output in adjusted position
443[Patents] . Servo-motor having externally operated control valve sets motor or pump displacement
444[Patents] . . Having auxiliary pump or external source of motive fluid supplying servo motor
445[Patents] . Condition responsive control of pump or motor displacement
446[Patents] . . Pump displacement varied responsive to position of motor or output device
447[Patents] . . Control actuated by a servo-motor fed by a speed indicating auxiliary pump
448[Patents] . . By means sensing rotational speed of output motor
449[Patents] . . By means sensing rotational speed of prime mover or pump
450[Patents] . . Choke in motor feed or discharge line establishes displacement control pressure (e.g., rate of flow responsive, etc.)
451[Patents] . . Controlled by torque of motor or motor discharge pressure
452[Patents] . . Pump displacement controlled by pump discharge or motor feed pressure
453[Patents] . With means purging, cleaning or separating undesirables from motive fluid
454[Patents] . . Solids from liquid separator
455[Patents] . Having leakage collecting structure
456[Patents] . Having distinct cooling or lubricating structure
457[Patents] . Collapsible joined device having fluid trapping valve in joint
458[Patents] . Having assembly or repair structure
459[Patents] . Condition responsive control of motive fluid flow
460[Patents] . . Holding or braking valve in motor exhaust line controlled by pressure in motorfeed line
461[Patents] . . Discharge from contracting cylinder of double-acting motor controlled
462[Patents] . . With externally operable multiwasy valve means directing flow to a stroke device
463[Patents] . . . Sensor of external condition controls valve
464[Patents] . . Of motive fluid transfer between a reservoir and a recirculating path of a pump motor loop
465[Patents] . . Having externally operable means for setting motor or pump displacement or direction of rotation
466[Patents] . . Of braking or holding valve in motor discharge line
467[Patents] . . Stroke cylinder open to exhaust responsive to position of output member
468[Patents] . . Of by-pass of motor, pump or flow control element
469[Patents] . Having means controlling or attenuating shock vibration, sticking or chattering
470[Patents] . Externally operated multiway valve or interconnected control elements control motive fluid for a limited stroke to-and-fro device
471[Patents] . . Having plural distinct or separately operable output means
472[Patents] . . Flow to opposed expansible chambers having a common output reversed
473[Patents] . Pump means moves motive fluid from one chamber to an opposite chamber of opposed expansible chambers having a common output
474[Patents] . . Valve or restriction controls gravity or spring return of output
475[Patents] . . With means compensating for charge leakage or volume difference between discharging and receiving chambers
476[Patents] . . Reversible delivery from pump means
477[Patents] . Ram driven by fluid pumped from reservoir
478[Patents] . . Having means pressurizing, vacuumizing or venting reservoir
479[Patents] . . Having selective or variable pump displacement or pump drive leverage
480[Patents] . . Telescopic ram
481[Patents] . . Having fluid trapping means with a manual release or by-pass holding ram
482[Patents] . . . Release valve and pump actuated by a common handle
483[Patents] . Having selecting means distributing motive fluid between plural motors or cylinders rotatating a common output shaft
484[Patents] . Having plural energy outputs (e.g., plural motors, etc.)
485[Patents] . . Unit having coaxial rotary output shafts and pump means in a common housing (e.g., automobile differential, etc.)
486[Patents] . Having plural energy input means, pumps or diverse pump outlets
487[Patents] . Input pump and rotary output motor system having displacement varying type of direction or speed selector
488[Patents] . . Including auxiliary system feed pump
489[Patents] . . Having valve means controlling flow between pump and motor
490[Patents] . . Both motor and pump have displacement adjustment means
491[Patents] . . . Having common or intercontrolled adjuster actuating means
492[Patents] . . . . Motor swash plate and pump swash plate intercontrolled
493[Patents] . Valve means reverses flow from pump to reversible rotary motor
494[Patents] . Including by-pass or restrictor controlling flow circuit
496[Patents] . With means to vary buoyancy of working member
497[Patents] . Working member actuated by the rise and fall of a surface of a body of fluid
498[Patents] . . Having tide responsive working member positioning means
499[Patents] . . Having means responsive to lateral impulse of fluid
500[Patents] . . Having articulated buoyant members
501[Patents] . . Motor is free floating unit
502[Patents] . . Having fluid flow or wave controlling, confining or directing means
503[Patents] . . . In which the control means is variable
504[Patents] . . Having flexible strand working member motion transmitting means
505[Patents] . . Having relatively movable working members
506[Patents] . . Working member pivotally supported
507[Patents] . . Having one-way clutch power transmission means, e.g., ratchet, etc.
686[Patents] . Having condition responsive control of exhaust structure or by exhaust condition
687[Patents] . Motor-exhaust assembly with stress relieving or absorbing structure
688[Patents] . Water mingled with exhaust steam
689[Patents] . Exhaust fluid mingled with non-exhaust fluid
690[Patents] . Motor and indirect heat exchanger
691[Patents] . . Boiler feed water heated by exhaust
692[Patents] . . Having condensate pump
693[Patents] . . Plural heat exchangers
694[Patents] . Including exhaust flow directing or dividing device
695[Patents] . . Device directs exhaust of air motor into atmosphere
696[Patents] . . Device is draft structure of hydraulic motor
697[Patents] . . Turbine discharge directed to flow line
699[Patents] . Spring type motor and internal combustion engine motor
700[Patents] . Motors intercontrolled responsive to angular speed differential of rotatable output shafts
701[Patents] . . Hydraulic or pneumatic intercontrol system
702[Patents] . . Electrical intercontrol system
703[Patents] . Control including pacer, oscillator, punch card, template or tape
704[Patents] . Control including clock, retarder or programmer
705[Patents] . Signal, indicator or inspection means
706[Patents] . Having condition responsive control
707[Patents] . . Of branched flow of motive fluid through serially connected motors
708[Patents] . . Of or by motor cooling, ventilation, or brake system
709[Patents] . . Of or by disconnect or load release means to output means or between motors
710[Patents] . . Intercontrol of internal combustion engines responsive to relative fuel or manifold conditions
711[Patents] . . First motor load share adjusted relative to the load share of a second motor driving a common load, responsive to a condition of the second motor or of the load
712[Patents] . Engine apparatus or system actuatable selectively or simultaneously by internal combustion of fuel and by expansion of motive fluid
713[Patents] . Plural motors having brake means for motor or output means
714[Patents] . Plural motors having supply or control of cooling, lubricating, or scavenging fluid
715[Patents] . Plural motors, connected for serial flow of motive fluid
716[Patents] . System of plural motors having a common output structure
717[Patents] . . And another output
718[Patents] . . Having disconnect means between a motor and the output
719[Patents] . Interrelated or group control operating means for plural motors or outputs
720[Patents] . Unitary support for plural motors
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