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Patent Technology Monitoring Team (PTMT)

Design Patenting In Design Classes,
Breakout by Geographic Origin (State and Country)

Count of 2001 - 2015 Design Patent Grants,
As Distributed By Calendar Year of Grant
With Design Patent Counts Based on Primary Patent Classification

- Explanation of Data -

To obtain a list of U.S. states and countries from which 1 or more design patents (*) originated that
have primary classification in a design class, click on the class below.

( * consolidated regions, states and countries receiving 1 or more design patents are listed )
( design class is determined by the primary classification assigned to a patent- see 'Explanation of Data' )
( patent origin is determined by the residence of the first-named inventor )

The following table lists design classes. Links are provided to reports that list U.S. states and countries and annual counts of design patents originating from those states and countries for the selected design class.
Class Title Notes
--- ------ ----------------
D00 ** Design Classification Undetermined ** (no state/country entries)
D01 Edible Products
D02 Apparel and Haberdashery
D03 Travel Goods and Personal Belongings
D04 Brushware
D05 Textile or Paper Yard Goods; Sheet Material
D06 Furnishings
D07 Equipment for Preparing or Serving Food or Drink Not Elsewhere Specified
D08 Tools and Hardware
D09 Packages and Containers for Goods
D10 Measuring, Testing, or Signalling Instruments
D11 Jewelry, Symbolic Insignia, and Ornaments
D12 Transportation
D13 Equipment for Production, Distribution, or Transformation of Energy
D14 Recording, Communication, or Information Retrieval Equipment
D15 Machines Not Elsewhere Specified
D16 Photography and Optical Equipment
D17 Musical Instruments
D18 Printing and Office Machinery
D19 Office Supplies; Artists' and Teachers' Materials
D20 Sales and Advertising Equipment
D21 Games, Toys, and Sports Goods
D22 Arms, Pyrotechnics, Hunting and Fishing Equipment
D23 Environmental Heating and Cooling; Fluid Handling and Sanitary Equipment
D24 Medical and Laboratory Equipment
D25 Building Units and Construction Elements
D26 Lighting
D27 Tobacco and Smokers' Supplies
D28 Cosmetic Products and Toilet Articles
D29 Equipment for Safety, Protection, and Rescue
D30 Animal Husbandry
D32 Washing, Cleaning, or Drying Machine
D34 Material or Article Handling Equipment
D99 Miscellaneous

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