Trademark User Feedback

On or about February 18, 2010, the USPTO will introduce a new "Trademark Feedback mailbox," available at, to contact the USPTO with complaints, compliments, or other feedback for the Trademark Operation. Such an e-mail does not constitute an official filing in connection with trademark applications or registrations, and will not become part of the official record. You should make official filings through the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS), available at, and request technical assistance with TEAS at

Please note that sending an e-mail to does not provide a basis to request suspension of an application or appeal and will not stay the period for replying to an Office action, filing a notice of appeal, or submitting any other filing that is due to the USPTO.

If you prefer to direct your feedback to the relevant area within the Trademark Operation, see for a complete listing of Trademark Operation contact information (Trademark Assistance Center, Law Offices, Division units, etc.).

You may not send an e-mail to for any patent-related matters.