Public Comments on Trademark Applications and Renewals; Reduction of Fees

From: Mark Jaffe []
Sent: Monday, June 23, 2014 4:56 PM
To: TM FR Notices
Subject: PTO-T-2014-0011; Reduction of Fees for Trademark Applications and Renewals

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Cynthia C. Lynch, Commissioner for Trademarks

Re: PTO-T-2014-0111; Reduction of Fees for Trademark Applications and Renewals

June 23, 2014

Dear Ms. Lynch:

I write in response to your proposal PTO-T-2014-0011, to reduce the fees for TEAS Plus applications from $275 to $225 per class, and TEAS applications from $325 to $275 per class. I am in support of this proposal, as it will increase efficiency for the USPTO and result in more accurate and carefully tailored trademark applications.

The current trademark fee structure puts growing companies in the difficult position of choosing between receiving the maximum potential benefits of the trademark system, or saving money in order to develop other aspects of the company. Many of this firm's clients are start-up companies, and had previously been unaware of the benefits of utilizing the USPTO to build their brand. These companies are using or are planning to use trademarks in order to increase customer awareness of their goods and services.

However, they are not able to set aside the budgets that larger companies do for their trademark portfolio. As a result, start-up companies will often be over-cautious when designating international classes in their applications, even where they are using their trademarks in those classes or have a bona fide intent to do so.

Moreover, if the company is seeking registration of several marks in numerous international classes, it will often seek to match the goods and services listed in USPTO's Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual so that they can use the TEAS Plus application and reduce expenses. This results in inefficiencies not only for the companies seeking to register, but for the USPTO and other companies conducting trademark searches. I would rather my clients not have to choose between selecting the most accurate designations of their goods and services, or saving their budget so that the money can be used towards product development.

Therefore, the USPTO's proposal will not only reduce fees for this firm's clients and many more like them, it will help them receive the maximum benefits of the USPTO system and the most accurate and comprehensive designation of goods and services. I appreciate your proposal and the opportunity for me to give my words of support.


Mark H. Jaffe


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