Public Comments on Proposal to Allow Amendments to Identifications of Goods and Services Due to Technology Evolution

From: Crawford, Rebecca A. (GP Law) []
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2014 5:45 PM
To: TM Policy
Subject: Technology Evolution

I feel the proposal to allow amendments to identification of goods and services due to technology evolution is reasonable and should be allowed.  However, careful review and consideration of actual goods/services should be reviewed by someone with technology background.  For example, I believe the following approved change included in the proposal should be reconsidered

  • “Floppy discs for computers for word processing,” in International Class 9 to “Providing on-line non-downloadable software for word processing,” in International Class 42

My reasoning is that a floppy disc was a storage medium for saving (downloading) documents to and not the actual software for word processing.  The original description of goods appears to have been for the storage medium not the software for word processing.  So a change from floppy discs to CD’s or flash drives may be appropriate but not to actual software for word processing.