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Highlights of TEAS 5.1.2 Release

The following highlights significant changes placed into production in TEAS 5.1.2 on December 7, 2013. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the release, please contact

All Forms

  • The text was revised for clarity, consistency, and to correct typographical errors.  Some of the changes included updating the help screen information related to black-and-white images, bolding the “Argument” heading in the TEXT version of the Response to Suspension Inquiry form, and removing the asterisk, indicating a required field, from the telephone number text box. 
  • The links to the Trademark Information Network (TMIN) videos were revised for accuracy.

Correspondence and Attorney/Domestic Representative Forms

  • The Withdrawal of Attorney form was enhanced to additionally allow an attorney to affirm that the power of attorney has ended because the mark has registered, ownership has changed, the application has abandoned, or the mark has cancelled or expired, and the attorney has not subsequently appeared on behalf of the applicant/registrant in a pending matter related to this application/registration. Additionally, the checkbox that allows users to affirm that more than one qualified attorney is of record and representation by co-counsel is ongoing was removed.  In such situations, attorneys should use the Replacement of Attorney of Record with Another-Already Appointed Attorney form.  
  • The special form instructions for the Replacement of Attorney of Record with Another Already-Appointed Attorney form were revised to require the name of the previously appointed attorney who will be replacing the named attorney of record.
  • The Change of Correspondence Address form was updated to remove the attorney name from the new correspondence address field in the Input Table.  This modification ensured that changes of correspondence address for law firms only update the correspondence address and do not update the attorney of record information. 

Intent to Use (ITU) Forms

  •  The text of the Request for Extension of Time to File a Statement of Use and Statement of Use/Amendment to Allege Use for Intent-to-Use forms was revised to remove erroneous language relating to registrants and the Post Registration Division. 

Global Forms

  • Global TEAS forms were enhanced to allow for the upload of JPG and PDF files with an ampersand symbol in the file names.  The following is a list of global forms:
    • Substitute trademark/servicemark application, Principal Register
    • Substitute certification mark application
    • Substitute collective membership mark
    • Substitute collective trademark/servicemark application
    • Response to Intent-to-Use/Divisional (ITU/Divisional) Unit Office action
    • Response to Office Action for Post-Registration Matters
    • Response to Petition to Revive Deficiency Letter
    • Response to Petition to Director Inquiry Letter
    • Request to withdraw as Domestic Representative
    • Replacement of Attorney of Record with Another Already-Appointed Attorney
    • Change of Domestic Representative's Address
    • Petition to the Director under Trademark Rule 2.146
    • Petition to Make Special
    • Request to Restore Filing Date
    • Request for Reinstatement
    • Due Diligence Petition under Trademark Rule 2.66
    • Petition to Change the Filing Basis After Publication
    • Letter of Protest
    • Petition To Revive With Request To Delete Section 1(b) Basis Or To Delete ITU Goods/Services After NOA
    • Petition To Director To Review Denial Of Certification Of International Application
    • Request to Divide Application
    • Surrender of Registration for Cancellation
    • Request to Divide Registration
    • Section 12(c) Affidavit
  •  Global TEAS forms were enhanced to allow customers to file a form when the trademark or servicemark contains a special character, including an accent mark or diacritical mark.
  • The “Mark Information” section of the Letter of Protest form was revised to remove an unnecessary note regarding the importance of maintaining a valid correspondence address and a warning that TEAS Plus status will be lost if the applicant does not maintain a valid email address. 

Additional Statement Section of Multiple Forms

  • The “Additional Statement” section of the forms was enhanced to allow for the inclusion of quotation marks within text boxes.  This enhancement prevents text from disappearing when quotation marks are used. 
  • The “Additional Statement” section of the forms was fixed to ensure that any prior registrations claimed are not be deleted when the form is saved as a portable form or when a user moves back and forth between the “Additional Statement” page and another page of the TEAS form.

Signature Section of Multiple Forms

  • All TEAS forms were enhanced to ensure that a special character, including an accent mark and/or a diacritical mark, can be used in a signature field when the e-signature process is used.
  • All TEAS forms were enhanced to ensure that a period, commonly used after a middle initial, can be used in the signature fields.
  • The signature section of the TEAS Plus form was be updated to comply with the requirements in TMEP Section 819.01. 
  • The following new note was added to the signature section of the TEAS forms.  “NOTE: If the attorney signing is from the same United States firm as the attorney of record, but was not listed in the original filing and is not otherwise of record, include firm name to establish acceptability of signature.  E.g., Associate Attorney, Smith, Jones & Davis, Virginia Bar Member.  See TMEP §604.01.
  • The technical bug in the Response to Office action form was fixed to ensure that unnecessary signature fields will not be displayed during the e-signature process.
  • The signature section of response forms were corrected in order to not show a note in the e-signature process that only one signature was required regardless of the number of applicants.

Foreign Applicant Section of Multiple Forms

  • All TEAS forms with a checkbox for Section 44(d) applicants stating that the applicant does not intend to rely on Section 44(e) as a basis for registration were updated to include the following revised warning message.  “WARNING: Do NOT check this box if the Section 44(d) basis is the ONLY basis either for the overall application or a specific good or service.”
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