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Initial Application Forms

  • In the certification mark form, corrected the text that appeared within the 44(d) and 44(e) basis sections (eliminated reference to “members”).
  • The HELP text associated with “Domestic Representative” has been updated to clarify that it may be a natural person, for example, an individual attorney, or a juristic person, for example, a law firm.
  • The manner of display of attorney information has been modified in the text form.
  • Section 44(d) and 44(e) data in underlying xml will only be displayed when actually present (this was not causing a problem with the display in the input and text form stylesheets, but some filers were confused when looking at the xml).
  • Forms enhanced to prevent display of a “404 error” while a user is in the ID manual.
  • New field added for providing a website address, since this often is a useful source of information in examination (but it will not be considered in and of itself a “specimen”).
  • The “Additional Statements” approach is being changed, because too many filers are missing the initial checkbox that results in the expansion of the form to display the complete “Additional Statements” section.   The new design features information about additional statements more prominently, although the full offering of statements still will not appear without checking a box.   Also, a new warning has been added: WARNING: Additional statements are not commonly used and are for special circumstances that only exist in certain applications.  Selecting items that do not apply may delay the processing of your application.
  • When no filing basis has been specified, the input table will specifically state at NO FILING BASIS SPECIFIED the wording BASIS REQUIRED (rather than merely YES), to highlight for the examining attorney that a requirement must be made.
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