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TEAS Plus ID Manual Requirements

The TEAS Plus version of the ID Manual intentionally does not include the following: 

(1) items classified in Classes A, B, or 200, because those marks are not eligible for filing under TEAS Plus; 

(2) any listings that appear in the "regular" manual under "000," because correct classification is required under TEAS Plus, and classification for these listings varies according to the additional information provided within the listing; and 

(3) the Class 25 listing of "Clothing, namely, ...", because this entry is too open-ended, and could result in items being listed that do not truly fall within this class. Since specific clothing items must be listed anyway, the TEAS Plus version of the form requires the initial selection of those specific items.

Additionally, some entries include instructional language beneath the actual entry, within < > symbols. This language is only to assist in the proper selection of an entry, and will NOT be included as part of the actual identification after the checked entry is inserted into the form. 

Your selection of goods/services must be precise and accurate. Do NOT simply select a listing that is "close" to your goods/services. If you do not find a listing that accurately identifies your goods/services, you may e-mail to request that your identification be added to the ID Manual, and then wait for the addition before filing using TEAS Plus. For more information on this process, see  The ID Manual is updated every week, and new entries appear Thursday morning.

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