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Response Forms and Voluntary Amendment Form

  • For the submission signature, the NOTE at “Signatory’s Position” has been changed to read as follows: NOTE: Enter the appropriate title or the relationship to the applicant - if an individual, enter "Owner;" if an attorney, enter "Attorney of record, [specify at least one state] bar member;" if an authorized signatory of a business entity enter, e.g., "President," "Vice President," "General Partner" (if a partnership), or "Principal" (if a limited liability company). Broad designations such as "Authorized Signatory" and "Trademark Administrator" are not acceptable.
  • Form wizard question enhanced to clarify that within the “Additional Statement” section, the “Miscellaneous Statement” field may be used to request deletion (withdrawal) of any additional statement currently of record, for example, a disclaimer.   Similar instructions also now appear at the top of the “Additional Statements” section itself.
  • Form wizard question about additional statements modified to make clear what the proper approach is for changing a description of the mark entry already of record, if no new mark image is being added.
  • Error message expanded related to an attempt to amend to the Supplemental Register (to highlight that there is a specific checkbox on the form to indicate that an Allegation of Use has been separately filed, but not yet processed): “You may not amend to the Supplemental Register until the mark is used in commerce. You must first file an Allegation of Use form for that specific purpose.  If you have filed an Allegation of Use that has not yet been processed, you must check the 2nd box underneath the Supplemental Register checkbox to confirm this.”
  • Duplicate appearance in the form wizard question related to a “Description of Mark” has been corrected.
  • Existing filing basis(es) should be the only basis(es) that pre-populate.
  • In 44(e) section, if checkbox for a standard character claim is checked, the stylesheets fixed so that the claim will properly appear.
  • Warning will be displayed if within the same class the box for both a Section 1(a) and Section 1(b) basis is checked (will be correct only if for different goods/services).
  • In Response to Office action form, wording corrected in one of the warnings--- it had been referencing an incorrect form wizard question number.
  • In Response to Office action form, updated how the form detects whether the application is in the proper status for using the form, and updated the error message when the application is not in the proper status.
  • In Response to Office action form, changed wording of Note under final declaration wizard question to clarify when the question should be answered “Yes.” 
  • In Response to a Suspension notice/inquiry form, a heading has been added to emphasize the option of deleting the 1(b) basis (this checkbox was easily overlooked).
  • In Post-Registration response form, the text form version has been fixed so that the declaration is displayed much closer to the signature.
  • Any reference to “Preliminary Amendment” has been changed to “Voluntary Amendment” (to reflect the broader use of the form), and the word “response” in some locations changed to “submission,” since this is not being filed as a response.
  • Front-end edits expanded for Voluntary Amendment form so that a registration number may be entered, to allow submission of information to supplement a post-registration filing.
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