Examples of fraudulent or misleading solicitations

Fraudulent or misleading solicitations can be challenging to identify. To help you recognize these solicitations, here are some that our customers have contacted us about. 

Select the names to see examples of solicitations our customers have received. None of these examples are official U.S. government or international governmental notices or offers. 

For examples of solicitations concerning international applications and registrations, the World Intellectual Property Organization warns about requests for payment of fees. 

NameAddress, City, State, ProvinceCounty Date
Brand Registration Office (Trademark Selection Edition)Washington, DC 20001United States of America 11/29/2013
GBO, Inc., Trademark and Patent Dep. 
Miami, FL 33179
United States of America 12/21/2012
GLOTRADE          New York City, NY 10016-2817United States of America12/05/2017
Intellectual Property Services USA IncorporatedAlexandria, VA 22314United States of America06/11/2013
IOPR - Intellectual Office Property RegisterBeaverton, OR 97006United States of America11/20/2012
ITR Trademark PublicationMiami, FL 33166-7896United States of America01/01/2018
NATP Register ServicesVoorhees, NJ 08043United States of America08/25/2023
NTPS Trademark PublicationBethlehem, GA 30620United States of America02/17/2023
P.T.M.A. Patent and Trademark AssociationNew York, NY 10001United States of America01/08/2016
Patent & Trademark AgencyNew York City, NY 10022United States of America07/11/2012
Patent and Trademark Bureau Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006United States of America01/11/2022
Patent and Trademark Bureau1700 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19103United States of America06/24/2021
Patent and Trademark Bureau1500 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19102United States of America01/01/2016
Patent and Trademark Bureau Los Angeles, CA 90071United States of America04/16/2019
Patent and Trademark Bureau230 Park Ave., New York, NY 10169United States of America10/31/2017
Patent and Trademark Bureau30 Broad St., New York, NY 10004United States of America11/15/2019
Patent & Trademark Office 250 Park Ave., New York, NY 10177United States of America06/26/2018
Patent & Trademark Office 299 Park Ave., New York, NY 10171United States of America05/02/2016
Patent & Trademark Office 387 Park Ave., S, New York, NY 10016-8810United States of America02/19/2019
Patent & Trademark Office 555 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022United States of America01/05/2015
Patent & Trademark OfficeJersey City, NJ 07302United States of America02/19/2019
Patent & Trademark Office (Red stripe)Bothell, WA 98011 United States of America07/28/2020
Patent & Trademark Office (Blue stripe)Bothell, WA 98011 United States of America07/28/2020
Patent and Trademark Office Washington, DC 20037United States of America02/19/2019
Patent and Trademark OrganizationNew York, NY 10036United States of America05/06/2016
Patent & Trademark Resource CenterSeattle, Woodinville, and Bothell, WAUnited States of America10/17/2016
Patent & Trademark Renewal Services Washington, DC 20002United States of America10/04/2021
P.T.M.I.Alexandria, VA 22307United States of America09/24/2020
PTMI – Register of Protected Patents and Trademarks Staten Island, NY 10302-2044United States of America02/19/2019
TM-DB Register of Protected TrademarksMinneapolis, MN 55402United States of America01/12/2017
TM-DB Register of Protected TrademarksPearland, TX 77584United States of America02/19/2019
TM-DB Register of Protected TrademarksWashington, DC 20037United States of America02/19/2019
TM-DB Register of Protected TrademarksWilmington, DE 19803United States of America02/19/2019
TMP Online Services Astoria, NY 11106United States of America08/25/2023
Trademark and Patent OfficeLos Angeles, CA 90048United States of America07/10/2014
Trademark Compliance Center (version 2)Alexandria, VA 22314United States of America02/19/2019
Trademark Compliance Center (version 1)Alexandria, VA 22314United States of America01/01/2013
Trademark Compliance CenterWashington, DC 20036United States of America02/19/2019
Trademark Compliance OfficeArlington, VA 22209United States of America02/19/2019
Trademark Office Ltd.New York, NY 10005United States of America02/19/2019
Trademark Registration and Monitoring Office (Intellectual Property Rights Recordation Alert)Los Angeles, CA 90071-9500United States of America01/01/2012
Trademark Registration and Monitoring Office (Past Due Notice)Los Angeles, CA 90071-9500United States of America10/29/2012
Trademark Renewal ServiceNew York, NY 10016United States of America04/28/2014
Trademark Renewal ServiceWashington, DC 20006United States of America06/30/2012
Trademark Safeguard - Trademark Monitoring ServiceNew York, NY 10010United States of America02/19/2019
U.S. Trademark Compliance OfficeWilmington, DE 19801United States of America02/19/2019
U.S. Trademark Compliance ServicePhoenix, AZ 85043United States of America02/19/2019
United States Department of Commerce (Issuance Fee Version)Alexandria, VA 22313-1450United States of America11/04/2022
United States Department of Commerce (Infringement Notice Version)Alexandria, VA 22313United States of America09/07/2022
United States Trademark Maintenance Service (version 2)Chandler, AZ 85244United States of America10/23/2012
United States Trademark Maintenance Service (version 1)Chandler, AZ 85244United States of America10/23/2012
United States Trademark Registration Office Los Angeles, CA  90071-2005United States of America10/23/2012
USTM Information Services Idaho Falls, ID 83405-1688United States of America07/26/2013
WTMR World Trademark Register (address 1)Washington, DC 20006-1631 United States of America12/02/2017
WTMR World Trademark Register (address 2) Washington, DC 20006-3951United States of America10/12/2018
WTMR World Trademark Register (address 3)Washington, DC 20005-3807United States of America08/09/2019
WTMR World Trademark Register (address 4)Washington, DC 20036-4359United States of America05/22/2020
WTMR World Trademark RegisterFort Lauderdale, FL 33335-2546United States of America12/18/2020
WTP Trademark PublicationMiami, FL 33166-7896United States of America01/01/2018
WTP Trademark PublicationFresh Meadows, NY 11366United States of America07/21/2020
WT Worldwide Trademarks Ltd.Claymont, DE 19703United States of America08/20/2020
Allowance-USPTO.usKosice, SlovakiaSlovakia11/21/2023
Notices-USPTO.usKosice, SlovakiaSlovakia11/21/2023
NOA-USPTO.usKosice, SlovakiaSlovakia11/22/2023
FeesDue-USPTO.usKosice, SlovakiaSlovakia11/21/2023
Marks-USPTO.usKosice, SlovakiaSlovakia11/22/2023
Official-USPTO.usKosice, SlovakiaSlovakia11/22/2023
GLOPAT Global Patents & TrademarksBratislava, Slovak RepublicSlovak Republic11/21/2023
GLOTRADEMontreal, CanadaCanada11/15/2018
Intellectual Property Agency Ltd.London, United KingdomUnited Kingdom03/16/2012
IP Direct - Registration of the International Trademark Czech RepublicCzech Republic09/03/2017
IPTA Registration of the International Trademark Brno, Czech RepublicCzech Republic06/15/2017
IPTI - International Patent & Trademark IndexCzech RepublicCzech Republic02/16/2016
IPTO International Patent & Trademark OrganizationBrno, Czech RepublicCzech Republic02/12/2015
IPTR Registration of the International TrademarkBrno, Czech RepublicCzech Republic06/12/2018
Patent Trademark RegisterVienna, AustriaAustria10/23/2012
Register of International Patents and TrademarksBratislava, Slovak RepublicSlovak Republic05/07/2012
RPT Servis - Registration of the International TrademarkCzech RepublicCzech Republic01/29/2016
TM CollectionSzombathely, HungaryHungary07/05/2012
TM Edition (2012 version)Szentendre, HungaryHungary05/03/2012
TM Edition (2015 version)Szentendre, HungaryHungary01/07/2015
TPP - Trademark & Patent Publications PolandPoland01/01/2016
WDTP Registration of International Trademark (version 1)Praha, Czech RepublicCzech Republic10/23/2012
WDTP Registration of International Trademark (version 2)Praha, Czech RepublicCzech Republic01/01/2010
World Organization for Trademarks (WOTRA)HungaryHungary04/15/2008
WPAT World Patents Trademarks (version 1)Bratislava, Slovak RepublicSlovak Republic02/19/2019
WPAT World Patents Trademarks (version 2)Bratislava, Slovak RepublicSlovak Republic12/16/2016
WPTA World Patent & Trademark Agency Brno, Czech RepublicCzech Republic06/17/2020
WPTRCzech RepublicCzech Republic11/28/2018
WTR World Trademark RegisterPolandPoland04/12/2017
WT Worldwide Trademarks Ltd.United Kingdom and Budapest, HungaryUnited Kingdom and Hungary04/28/2020