Applications impacted by show cause order issued to Abtach Ltd., 360 Digital Marketing LLC, and Retrocube LLC

Applications filed by an entity listed in the Show Cause Order issued to Abtach Ltd., 360 Digital Marketing LLC, and Retrocube LLC on November 3, 2021 have been suspended. These entities are accused of committing fraud on applicants and the USPTO. Be suspicious of requests for additional fees; the USPTO does not require fees to respond to a show cause order. 

Your application may be impacted if you worked with one of the entities listed below:

Brand Markly                    Logo Orb                 Manhattan Digital          Trademark Fusion           
Design Iconix                    Logo Sparkle           Nucle-I Global                Trademark Kingdom                        
Design Logo USA             Logo Synergy          Ohmydigital                   Trademark Nation 
Designing Territory           Logo Tender           Olive Logo                      Trademark Regal 
Digitalech                         Logo Vizio              Oneclicklogo                   Trademark Target 
Downtown Digital            LogoAmmo            Trademark 999                 Trademark Terminal 
Impressionify                   Logoexxon              Trademark Axis                US Trademark Profs  
Kreative5                          Logoknox               Trademark Eminent         US Trademark Pros 
Logo Evoke                      Logomacy               Trademark Excel              US Trademark Solutions 
Logo Facility                     Logostark               Trademark Falcon            Websnart 
Logo Iconix                       

If your application is impacted by this order, consider following these steps: 

  1. Read the Show Cause Order to find out what the filing firms are accused of and what sanctions the USPTO has proposed. 
  2. Check the status of your application in the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system to confirm your application is impacted. If you need help navigating or understanding the TSDR system, contact the Trademark Assistance Center (TAC). If the application is suspended for an administrative investigation, you will not be able to make changes to the application.  
  3. File a new application by yourself (if you’re not required to have a U.S.-licensed trademark attorney) or use an attorney. If an order terminates your application, the application is invalid and cannot be revived. The new application will receive a new serial number and filing date. New applications filed in response to one of these situations can’t be expedited, even if you file a Petition to Make Special.  

In many of these cases, the filing firm did not provide the applicants' actual email addresses as part of the application. If you’re re-filing make sure you provide your email address so that we have it in our records and can correspond directly.  

If you use an attorney, the attorney’s email will be the correspondence email address in our records. We’ll only communicate with the attorney. However, your attorney must provide your email address too. That way, if your attorney withdraws or is sanctioned, we can reach you directly regarding your application.  

If it’s clear that the USPTO made a mistake in including your application in the show cause order or the order for sanctions, you may file a Petition to the Director describing the circumstances and providing the relevant evidence. However, a petition merely requesting reconsideration of the suspension or sanction will be denied because the evidence identified in the order shows that application was invalid. 

If you’ve been the victim of a scam there are additional things you can do, which include contacting your state’s attorney general, filing a consumer complaint, or contacting the Federal Trade Commission. Also contact your financial institutions, such as your bank or credit card company, to determine if you can dispute the charges.