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Retention of "Old" TARR

While the USPTO encourages use of the new Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system, which integrates the Trademark Application and Registration Retrieval (TARR) and Trademark Document Retrieval (TDR) systems, it notes that the user community has raised concerns about the retirement of "old" TARR. 

The USPTO will continue to service the "old" TARR links beyond the February 29th date when the "old" front page of the USPTO web site will be retired.  A retirement date for "old" TARR has not been set.  The USPTO is currently investigating whether another service is possible that would respond to the same URL as TARR and return the same format HTML, so that any existing scripts would not be broken.   We also plan to make the TSDR link appearing in the browser URL window function more like "old" TARR; i.e., TSDR will build a URL that indexes the case with the related-case identifier (serial number, registration number, etc.).  Sending this link will result in the data being displayed for that case in TSDR in the new TSDR format.  

For those with other specific technical concerns, please note that the application programming interface (API) has not been released because it is not yet mature.   Exactly what features will be provided and which will be available to users/systems outside the USPTO remain under consideration.  We are currently posting the URLs in the TSDR FAQs as they become available to external entities.  While the attempt was made to come up with URLs that were thought to be useful to our customers, we are aware that the zipped file containing XML and image is not helpful to some parties.  In that regard, we need additional technical information as to what is desired---please send any specifics to

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