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The Compressed/Optimized Official Gazette

In response to concerns that the Trademark Public Advisory Committee and customers have raised, the Trademark Operation began providing a compressed, or "optimized," version of the Official Gazette (OG) on June 1, 2010, to allow for more rapid transmission of the information across the Internet (issues prior to June 1 available from the USPTO web site have not been changed).  All the same content is available in the new  formatit simply has been "optimized" for shorter data transfer times.  The OG now constitutes roughly a 400% decrease in file size and should provide a comparable decrease in transmission time.  Users are encouraged to download the OG to their local workstation, rather than searching from a web browser, using the following steps: 

1.    Right click on “Trademark Official Gazette” for the date corresponding to the publication date.

2.    Left click on "Save Target As" from the right-click menu.

3.    Specify a "Save As" location or accept defaults.

4.    Left click on the "Save" button.

5.    When the download completes, left click the "Open" button.

6.    Right click inside the Acrobat window.

7.    Left click on "Search" in the right-click menu.

8.    Enter in the "Search" box the name of the applicant (for individual: last name, first name) or the serial number in this exact format (i.e., with hyphen and comma): 77-545,528, e.g.

9.    Left click on the "Search" button.

10.  View the retrieved result(s).  If multiple results appear in the "results" box, click directly on each "search term" shown in the box to access all separate appearances in the OG.

NOTE: Viewing the PDF files will require Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer.  The PDF file can also be opened with a left-click and searched online, but this will extend file transfer and search time.  The printed (paper) publication is available from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), as an annual subscription or as single copies.

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