Trademark Center beta is here

We launched Trademark Center, a new system designed to improve your filing experience. You can use the beta version of Trademark Center to apply to register your trademark.

Trademark Center beta

We designed Trademark Center with valuable feedback from attorneys, paralegals, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Features of the system include:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • A new, guided user interface
  • Drafts that automatically save every 60 seconds
  • Status tracking in a new filing docket
  • Transparent application costs that update as you go  
  • Prompts to complete commonly omitted information, like name consent, translation, and transliteration
  • Improved character limits
    • Street address fields have a 250-character limit (40 characters in TEAS)
    • City address fields have a 40-character limit (22 characters in TEAS)
    • Docket number fields have a 25-character limit (12 characters in TEAS)


We’ll provide training webinars on how to apply to register your trademark in Trademark Center. Check back here for training dates, or subscribe to receive updates in our Subscription Center.

You can also watch videos that focus on specific scenarios when filing a trademark application with a single class of goods or services: 


We hope you’ll use Trademark Center and provide feedback so we can continue improving the platform. You can submit comments and suggestions via: 

  • The feedback button on the bottom right side of each page in Trademark Center 

  • Our feedback form 

What’s happening to TEAS?

Although the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) has served us well for more than 25 years, the technology is now outdated and difficult to maintain. Developing Trademark Center has allowed us to address those issues, and also supports the USPTO’s strategic goal to develop modern IT infrastructure and applications. 

Over the next few years, we’ll gradually transition all forms from TEAS and TEAS International (TEASi) to Trademark Center. 

You have the option to apply to register your trademark in either Trademark Center or TEAS until early January 2025. The cost to file remains the same in both systems. 

Upcoming features and enhancements 

  • Draft-sharing for attorneys and their sponsored support staff 

    • You’ll be able to share drafts with someone in a sponsorship relationship with you. That means attorney support staff will be able to share drafts with their sponsoring attorneys, and attorneys will be able to share drafts with their sponsored support staff.  

    • You can only share it with one other person at a time, and only they will be able to edit it while it is shared with them. When they are done, they can return it to you for any further edits.  

    • You can unshare the draft at any time. 

    • You can’t share a draft with trademark owners. 

  • Custom views

    • These settings will allow you to adjust the amount of help text you see, including hiding it entirely. 

  • Expanding beyond TEAS Plus and TEAS Standard to add applications for supplemental registration, collective membership marks, certification marks, and collective marks