TEAS 5.10 and TEASi 2.10 release highlights

We made several enhancements in the latest releases of the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) and the Trademark Electronic Application System International (TEASi). The significant changes are listed below. The releases occurred on July 15, 2017.

For questions about the releases, please email TEAS@uspto.gov.

Implemented new rule on revivals, reinstatements, and petitions to the director

Simplified filing receipt language and list of next steps for all TEAS forms

  • Embedded hyperlinks instead of URLs
  • Improved format to enhance readability, including increasing line spacing and removing all caps
  • Described the next steps in the application or registration process
  • Added more specific and useful information to success screens that appear after forms are successfully submitted

Improved mark drawing validation to ensure high-quality uploaded images

  • TEAS will automatically convert CYMK color format to RGB.
  • Images will be checked to ensure that dots per inch (DPI) are set to 300 DPI to avoid problems with USPTO systems.

Improved ID Manual feature to validate IDs

  • TEAS Plus form will validate IDs when the Pay/Submit button is clicked to ensure IDs in the TEAS Plus form comply with the current version of the ID Manual, which is updated weekly.
  • If the system identifies goods or services that appear no longer valid, or entries where the user is required to specify additional information inside brackets, the user will see this error message and check box:

Error message

Your goods and/or services contain one or more items that required you to specify additional information in a fill-in-the-blank entry.  Or in a rarer case, your goods/services are no longer valid entries in the ID Manual.  Please confirm that you have followed the instructions in the ID Manual to “specify” or “indicate” as directed.  Your goods/services will be reviewed by an examining attorney in order to determine whether your additional wording is acceptable.

 You may continue with your submission by checking the second box in the Important Notice, but you are responsible for ensuring that all of your goods and/or services match valid entries in the appropriate class in the ID Manual and/or comply with the instructions to “specify” or “indicate.” If any do not, this application may be removed from TEAS Plus and you may have to submit clarifying language and/or additional fees.

New check box

By checking the box, applicant acknowledges that proceeding with this Identification of Goods and/or Services may result in the application’s removal from TEAS Plus and a requirement for clarifying language and/or additional fees.

Standardized telephone numbers

  • TEAS is changing the way it stores telephone numbers to make them easier to read. 
  • All 10-digit U.S. telephone numbers will now include hyphens to separate the area code from the local exchange and local number as follows: XXX-XXX-XXXX.
  • All extensions will be displayed with an "x" in front of the extension number. 
  • Users with non-U.S. numbers will have to select their country codes from a drop-down list to ensure that the proper country code is added to the record.

Added requirement for postal code for international addresses

  • We are actively updating our system in order to ensure greater accuracy in international correspondence.  
  • A new error message will prompt users to provide a postal code when entering certain international addresses. 


  • A new warning message will prompt users to provide a postal code when entering certain international addresses. 
  • Language in the different TEASi forms and error messages has been made more consistent.