Starting the Filing Process - Steps Specific for Electronic Submissions and Communications

Before you attempt to file an application electronically, you should take the various steps outlined below.

Confirm Status of System

Check Current Server Status and Planned Outages to find out when the online forms may be unavailable for use due to system maintenance (look for posting referencing an outage of “The Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS)”).

Establish Electronic Funds Transfer Account (if appropriate)

If you wish to make your fee payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), establish the required account BEFORE beginning the filing process. It takes up to 8 business days before you are contacted about the status of your EFT set-up.  For more information about EFT, click here.

Ensure Delivery of All USPTO Communications

You may receive important communications from the USPTO.  If via regular mail, they will have an official USPTO seal. If via email, they will always come from an address including “”  Ensure that emails are NOT treated as spam.  Also, if your email address changes, you must update the USPTO records with the new address, using the Change of Correspondence Address form.  

WARNING:  You may receive solicitations from companies and/or law firms that are NOT associated with the USPTO that will offer monitoring services and/or other assistance regarding the registration of your mark.   You must carefully determine whether, in fact, any communication is truly from the USPTO.  For more information, click here.