Highlights of TEAS 5.1 and TEASi 2.2 Releases

The following listing highlights changes to be placed into production in TEAS 5.1 and TEASi 2.2, tentatively scheduled for deployment on July 20, 2013. Portable forms and e-signature forms do not need to be filed prior to the release. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the releases, please contact TEAS@uspto.gov.

1. The forms will be migrated to new back end servers, which will improve both the security of the information contained on the forms and the efficiency with which the forms can be accessed.

2. The Application for International Registration form will be corrected to allow all users to reuse a saved form and to submit a reviewed form.

3. The Subsequent Designation form will be corrected so that the form updates with the payment information and users will no longer receive an "Internal Failure" error message after submitting payment information.

4. The URLs for some of the help links in the TEAS forms will be updated to ensure that they work properly.

5. The OMB information for the TEASi forms will be updated.