Highlights of TEAS 5.0 Release

The following listing highlights changes to be placed into production in TEAS 5.0, scheduled for deployment on January 31, 2013. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the release, please contact TEAS@uspto.gov.

1. The TEAS forms will be migrated to a new virtual environment running on the Linux JBOSS Enterprise Application Platform, which will improve both the security of the information contained on the forms and the efficiency with which the forms can be accessed. Although this change will require that the URLs to the TEAS forms be changed, all current links to existing TEAS forms will automatically redirect the user to the appropriate TEAS form for the foreseeable future. The TEAS team recommends that users bookmark the new URLs for ease of use. All portable forms and e-signature forms must be filed one day prior to the release. If you are unable to submit the forms one day prior to the release, you will need to start the process again with an updated form after the TEAS 5.0 release. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2. In addition, TEAS server will be upgraded to prepare for eventual acceptance of both Internet Protocol Version 6 ("IPv6") and Internet Protocol Version 4 ("IPv4") IP addresses. This upgrade will ensure that users will continue to be able to access the TEAS systems in an efficient manner as the address format of the Internet is revised.

3. All TEAS forms have been updated to replace links to the Trademark Document Retrieval (TDR) system and Trademark Application and Registration Retrieval (TARR) system webpages with links to the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system webpage. The TSDR webpage allows users to both check the status of an application or registration and view and download application and registration records.

4. The text in the TEAS forms was revised for clarity, consistency, and to correct typographical errors.

5. Many OMB form numbers and expiration dates have been updated.

6. The Response to Suspension Inquiry or Letter of Suspension form has been updated to provide a checkbox allowing attorneys to bypass the submission of a signed declaration if none is required. The new checkbox appears as follows:

  • [ ] I hereby elect to bypass the submission of a signed declaration, because I believe a declaration is not required by the rules of practice. I understand that the examining attorney could still, upon later review, require a signed declaration.
    WARNING: If the examining attorney has required a signed declaration in a final office action, bypassing this requirement may result in your application being abandoned for failure to submit a complete response.

7. Revised all global forms to ensure that the forms function properly when special characters appear in the marks.

8. In order to ensure clarity regarding the nature of a Section 2(f) claim, the wording "Claim of Acquired Distinctiveness" was added to all TEAS forms that reference Section 2(f) in the additional statement fields.

9. The Section 7 form has been updated to include a note explaining that the "miscellaneous statement" portion of the form allows the user to submit both free-entry text and JPG/PDF attachments.

10. The Section 7 form has been updated to ensure that entity information entered into the free text entity field appears in the Text Form," which form is accessible from the "Textform" link on the validation page.

11. The Section 7 form stylesheet has been updated to change the color of the serial number and/or registration number to red if the serial number is a 79 series application.

12. The warning statement indicating that the failure to maintain a correct email address will result in the loss of TEAS Plus status has been removed from all Post-Registration and Letter of Protest forms.

13. The warning message received when the filer has submitted a color claim, but the TEAS system detects a black-and-white drawing, has been revised to explain how to correct the issue.

14. The warning message received when a form to be submitted has not been properly signed and/or dated has been revised to indicate that the signature, signatory's name, position, and/or date, as applicable, were not provided.

15. The warning message on TEAS forms informing users that registrations are subject to cancellation for fraudulent statements has been revised.

16. The "Text Form for E-Signature" portions of the TEAS forms have been updated to ensure conformity between the forms.

17. The prepared statements regarding specimens have been updated on the post-registration forms in order to account for the submission by the filer of one or more specimens.

18. The "Post-Publication Amendment" form has been renamed the "Post-Approval/Publication/Post-Notice of Allowance (NOA) Amendment" form.

19. The punctuation in the Combined Declaration of Use and Incontestability under Sections 8 & 15 form has been updated to ensure grammatical clarity.

20. The TEAS system has been updated to ensure that all online forms are compatible with the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Internet browsers.

21. Post Registration forms have been updated to replace the wording "examining attorney" with the term "examiner."

22. In the Response to Office Action, Request for Reconsideration, and Voluntary Amendment forms, revised the note regarding a Section 1(a) filing basis to clarify that if the original application was filed under Section 1(b), this form should not be used to submit dates of use and a specimen, unless responding to a specimen issue created by an already filed Allegation of Use.

23. The instructions regarding the certification statement set out in Certification Mark applications for registration on the Principal Register have been revised so as to clarify the nature of the information needed from the applicant.

24. The language set out in the "Text Form," which form is accessible from the "Textform" link on the validation page for a Response to Office Action, has been updated to correct a typographical issue.

25. The TEAS forms have been updated to include instructions for copying and pasting characters from the standard character list into the Mark Information field.

26. The language regarding deleted/divided goods or services in the Extension Request form has been revised in order to ensure clarity.

27. The payment instructions for a Petition to the Director have been revised to ensure clarity.

28. Revised forms to ensure the name of the signatory appears during the e-signature process in the completed email.

29. The warning that a filer receives if an email address has been provided with the submission, but email communication has not been authorized has been updated to read as follows:

  • "Although you have provided an e-mail address, you have not checked the box to authorize the USPTO to communicate with the applicant. This is acceptable if you wish the address to be used for informal communications only; otherwise, for official correspondence purposes, the authorization box would have to be checked."

30. The TEAS system has been updated to provide the following warning to filers who do not enter an email address or check the box to authorize email communication:

  • "Warning: You have neither entered an e-mail address nor checked the box permitting e-mail communication. To receive official e-mail communications from the USPTO, you must enter an e-mail address and check the box. If you only wish to receive informal communications from an examining attorney via e-mail, you should only enter an e-mail address."