Global Forms

Form Title

Response to Intent-to-Use/Divisional (ITU/Divisional) Unit Office action

Response to Office Action for Post-Registration Matters

Section 12(c) Affidavit

Surrender of registration for cancellation

Request to Divide Registration

2.146 petition to the Director

Petition To Revive With Request To Delete Section 1(b) Basis Or To Delete ITU Goods/Services After NOA

Petition to Make Special

Request to Make Special

Request to Restore Filing Date (new TEAS4.8)

Request for Reinstatement (new TEAS4.8)

2.66 Due Diligence petition

Petition to Amend Basis Post-Publication

Letter of Protest

Response to Petition to Revive Deficiency Letter

Response to Petition to Director Inquiry Letter

Replacement request

Transformation request

Petition To Director To Review Denial Of Certification Of International Application

Substitute trademark/servicemark application, Principal Register

Substitute certification mark

Substitute collective membership mark

Substitute collective trademark/servicemark

Request to Divide Application

Replacement of Attorney of Record with Another Already-Appointed Attorney

Request to withdraw as Domestic Representative

Change of Domestic Representative's Address