Trademark Bulk Data from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The following Trademark bulk data files are available for download from the USPTO at no cost:

  • Trademark Daily/XML files:

- Trademark Daily Applications
(text data of applications filed, published for opposition, registrations issued, registrations renewed, registrations cancelled, registrations amended or corrected, registrations issued new certificates)

- Trademark Daily Assignments file
(text data of ownership transfers)

- Trademark Daily TTAB
(text data of Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) adversary proceedings)




(3); or


  • Trademark Daily Application Image 24-Hour Box
    (images processed through the Trademark Image Capture and Retrieval System (TICRS) in a 24-hour period, in JPEG in black and white, grey-scale, or color and TIFF format in black and white)

Information and download links:

  • Trademark Registration Multi-Page Images (formerly USA Mark)
    (images of U.S. registered trademarks from 1870 to the current calendar year in TIFF format).


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