Share Comments/Suggestions on Draft of Examination Guide: Service Mark Specimens

We appreciate your input on proposed new trademark policy guidance, and therefore have posted for comment a draft version of an examination guide entitled "Service Mark Specimens."

The purpose of the examination guide is to provide public notice about acceptable specimens for various services, promote consistency in examination, and provide examples illustrating the concepts discussed.

You can submit comments on the examination guide using our web-based collaboration tool, IdeaScale®, which some of you may have already used to comment on the TMEP or other guides. The tool allows users to post comments on a topic, and view and respond to others' comments. In addition, users may vote to indicate agreement or disagreement with a particular comment. We will use the collaboration website to address comments and will take all timely comments into account before issuing a final version of the guide.

Please submit all comments on the examination guide via IdeaScale® by July 16, 2014.

Instructions for Accessing the IdeaScale® Website

The draft of the "Service Mark Specimens" examination guide can be accessed at This copy of the guide contains hyperlinks in each section, taking you to the IdeaScale® website where you can post comments about the guide.

To post comments, you must be registered with, and logged on to, the IdeaScale® collaboration website. To register, you must choose the "Register Now" link. You will then be prompted to provide an email address, solve a basic math problem (for spam bot prevention), and agree to the terms of service. Shortly after completing the registration page, you will receive an email verifying your account and allowing you to create a password. Once you have created a password, you can access the website.

On the website, you will see a menu on the left side of the screen showing the heading "Service Mark Specimens." Click on the plus symbol next to this heading to expand the menu and display the various sections of the examination guide (e.g., Part I, Part IIA, Part IIB, etc.).

To submit a new comment on a particular section, click on the "Submit New Idea" button above the menu and ensure that the correct section of the examination guide is selected in the drop-down menu under "Campaign." To submit a general comment about the guide, select "General Comments" in the drop-down menu. If you click on one of the IdeaScale® hyperlinks in the draft of the guide, the appropriate section of the guide will be pre-selected in the drop-down menu.

Please direct questions regarding accessing and using the IdeaScale® website to