March 2015 Enhancements to the Beta version of the Trademarks Next Generation ID Manual

The USPTO is pleased to announce the deployment of enhancements to the “beta” version of the Next Generation Trademark Manual of Identification and Classification of Goods and Services (IDM-NG) available at

Customer input and feedback was heard and several of the updated functionalities are a direct result of requests made by customers.

The IDM-NG search system and results display have been updated to include the following features:

  • Cursor “focus” on search term in the search box; just start typing to modify your search
  • Removal of “MORE”/“LESS” toggle from descriptions of long goods/services [the “MORE” remains only for “Notes” field]
  • “Advanced Search” box remains open when results are displayed to modify search criteria for revised search; the box may be opened/closed at any time by clicking the “Advanced Search” label
  • Wildcard “*” character and Boolean search operators to allow for constructed search queries
  • Updated content of the “Guidance for Users” and “Searching the ID Manual” information pages available from the main page “Resources” section
  • Improved page display and demotion of footer for maximum results display; please check your browser settings to optimize your preferred display settings.

Please continue to send input or feedback to with the subject “TMNG IDM Feedback.”