How to Access the IdeaScale Website

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) uses the IdeaScale online collaboration tool to solicit input from its trademark stakeholder community on selected sections of the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP), Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure (TBMP), as well as draft versions of policy guidance. IdeaScale allows users to:

  • Post comments about individual TMEP and TBMP sections, suggest clarifications, and add examples of interpretations.
  • Comment on draft policy guidance before it becomes official.
  • Discuss and debate topics such as how to interpret recent court decisions.
  • Comment and vote on ideas submitted by other community members.

To use the trademark policy collaboration tool to comment on the TMEP and/or draft policy guidance, you must be registered with and logged on to the IdeaScale webpage at To comment on the TBMP, you must be registered with and logged on to the IdeaScale webpage at

If you have not used the IdeaScalewebsite previously, you must choose the "Register Now" option, which will require you to provide your USPTO email address, solve a basic math problem (for spam bot prevention), and agree to the terms of service. Shortly after you complete the registration page, you will receive an email verifying your account and allowing you to create a password. Once you have created a password, you can access the website.

On thewebsite, you will see an "Active Campaigns" menu displaying the topics available for comment. Click on the plus symbol next to a heading to expand the menu and display the various sections of that campaign.

To submit a new comment on a particular section, click on the "Submit New Idea" button above the menu and ensure that the correct topic is selected in the drop-down menu under "Campaign." You will also need to add a "tag" to describe your comment. Please note that your name will appear in connection with any comment you post.

For additional assistance, see the comprehensive user guide. Please direct questions regarding accessing and using the IdeaScale® website to the TMPolicy mailbox.