Enhanced Version of the Electronic Trademark Official Gazette

On September 24, 2013, the USPTO introduced an enhanced version of the electronic Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG). A reminder that while the TMOG contains bibliographic information and a representative drawing for each mark published, along with a list of cancelled and renewed registrations, it does not contain USPTO Notices, which instead can be found here. Information about each mark may also be found in the searchable trademark database, Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).

The TMOG in a web-based form allows simple search and filtering, which should allow customers to find cases that appear in each issue much more quickly and efficiently than in the past. Customers can:

  • view a consolidated list of the cases appearing in up to 5 issues of the TMOG simultaneously (roughly 72,000 cases)
  • gather a list of up to 200 cases (a collection) that interest them that they can then e-mail to others
  • create a PDF of the cases in the collection
  • download the contents of the entire issue in PDF format.
  • play multimedia representation of the trademarks that have them
  • change the order and content appearing in the list / result set
  • change the list / result set view into a grid view
  • view the details of a single case that appears in the TMOG
  • use an API to get a copy of the entire issue of the TMOG in PDF format.

NOTE: The USPTO will continue to offer the old PDF format for a period of time.