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a) By submitting the following to the USPTO:

i) A written request to enter the insignia;

ii) A depiction of the insignia that:

(1) is not larger than 4x4;

(2) is placed at or near the center of 8.5x11 paper;

(3) includes headings bearing name of the tribe and the address for correspondence.

iii) A copy of tribal resolution adopting the insignia as the official one;

iv) A statement, signed by an official with authority to bind the tribe, confirming that the insignia submitted is the one referred to in the resolution;

v) For tribes recognized only by a state government:

(1) Each of the items described above; and either;

(a) A document from a state official showing that the state recognizes group as a tribe, or;

(b) A citation to a state statute designating the entity as a tribe.

b) These materials should be sent to the following address:

Native American Tribal Insignia

ATTN: Commissioner for Trademarks

600 Dulany Street


Alexandria, VA 22314-5793

Alternatively, the materials may be faxed to 571-273-8950. There is no form available to enter official insignia in the database.

No. When it receives a request to enter an insignia into the database, the USPTO does not investigate whether the insignia is actually the official insignia of the tribe that made the submission. Instead, the USPTO complies with any request to enter an insignia into the database, provided that the request is made by a federally or state recognized Native American tribe, and provided that the request includes each of the necessary elements for it to be entered into the database.  See listing of elements necessary for the insignia to be entered into the database in the below FAQ.

A database that features insignia that various federally and state recognized Native American tribes have identified as their official tribal insignia.