Madrid - Electronic Forms for Madrid-Protocol Related Submissions


The USPTO's Trademark Electronic Application Submission International (TEASi) includes electronic forms for the filing of an application for international registration, subsequent designation, request for transformation, request to note replacement, and response to a notice of irregularity issued by the International Bureau of WIPO.

NOTICE: If you have a priority filing deadline of today for an "Application for International Registration" and the TEAS forms are unavailable, please fill out the MM2 form from the WIPO website at and then file a "Petition to the Director under Trademark Rule 2.146" ( using the basic application serial or registration number. Attach the MM2 form in the "File Upload" section. Request that the $100 petition fee be applied to the U.S. certification fee(s). Indicate whether you would like to be contacted to provide the international application fees, that you authorize payment to USPTO deposit account or that you will pay WIPO directly. You will be notified of any certification fee deficiency. Once the petition is filed, contact the Petitions Office at 571-272-8950 and let them know that an International Application was filed by petition. Provide the basic application serial or registration number used for filing the petition and request that processing be expedited.

Filing on Paper

Paper submissions are also acceptable. When submitting paper documents, applicants/holders must use the forms provided by the International Bureau (IB) of the World Intellectual Property Organization. These forms can be completed online, printed, and then mailed or hand delivered to the USPTO. Please note that the IB will not accept an international application or subsequent designation that does not appear on an IB form.

International applications submitted on paper must be accompanied by the USPTO certification fee , and subsequent designations submitted on paper must be accompanied by the USPTO transmittal fee . However, these submissions should not include the international fees that are charged by the IB. Instead, those fees should be sent directly to the IB.

All Madrid-related documents should be mailed to the USPTO at the following address:

Madrid Processing Unit
600 Dulany Street, MDE-7B87
Alexandria, VA 22314-5793

This address should be used only for Madrid-related documents. Any other trademark-related documents that are mailed to this address will not be accepted, and will be returned to the sender.

Applicants who wish to hand deliver Madrid-related documents to the USPTO should submit these documents to the Trademark Assistance Center, which is located at:

James Madison Building - East Wing
Concourse Level
600 Dulany Street
Alexandria, Virginia

The Trademark Assistance Center is open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on all weekdays, except holidays.