ID Manual Enhancements

The USPTO's Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual (ID Manual) has been enhanced to add new features and resources.

The letter "X" was recently added to the existing status codes, "A" (Added), "M" (Modified), and "D" (Deleted). The letter "X" indicates an entry that is an example of an acceptable identification of goods or services. These "X" entries often include more detail or specificity than is required for an acceptable identification.

Status checkboxes have been added to enable initial and refined search results to be filtered by the status of the entries retrieved. The default configuration of the checkboxes is to retrieve only active entries. To see all entries containing particular search criteria, either check or uncheck all of the checkboxes.

The Quick Tips available on the ID Manual Main Page have been updated to include the new features and more detailed information about using the ID Manual.

The "Guidance for Users" link on the ID Manual Main Page replaced the previous "Notices" link. The "Guidance for Users" link is used to access a wide array of information about the ID Manual and USPTO identification and classification policy and practice.

The "Searching the ID Manual" link on the ID Manual Main Page replaced the previous "Help" link. The "Searching the ID Manual" link can be used to access detailed information about performing searches of the ID Manual.

The ID Manual Main Page continues to feature links to Trademark Information Network videos on "Goods and Services" as well as "Filing Basis," as well as a link to the TMIDSuggest procedures page.