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ChallengeHER Arlington

July 19, 2018 America/New York
ChallengeHER is a national initiative to boost government contracting opportunities for women-owned small businesses with a special focus on the Women-owned Small Business (WOSB)...

Fort Belvoir Technology Plus & Small Biz Procurement Expo

April 26, 2018 America/New York
Defense Tech Expos presents: Special Invitation to the Fort Belvoir Technology Plus & Small Biz Procurement Expo on Thursday, April 26th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will be...

2018 Big "A" Conference: SB Matchmaking

May 9, 2018 America/New York
Join us for the 2018 Big "A" Conference: SB Matchmaking event on Wednesday, May 9, at the USPTO's Alexandria campus. More details about this event and its location can be found on...

Small business vendors information

Information for small businesses interested in working with the USPTO. Learn more about requirements and opportunities to become a vendor for our agency.

Vendor Information

.more-action-link {display:none;} The USPTO FY19 Acquisition Forecast The USPTO Acquisition Process Small Business Information Vendor Invoices The United States Patent and...

28th Annual Government Procurement Conference

April 19, 2018 America/New York
The 28th Annual Government Procurement Conference fosters business partnerships between the federal government and small, minority, veteran-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned,...

Winter showcase small business seminar

February 22, 2018 America/New York
Join the United States Patent and Trademark (USPTO) at the GovConectx winter showcase small business seminar and match maker event . This event is for all small businesses...

Office of Procurement


The USPTO Office of Procurement (OP) awards and administers a wide variety of contracts and simplified purchases for the acquisition of goods and services in support of the agency's mission. OP continually strives to remain on the leading edge of procurement reform and current technology. To that end, the Office of Procurement uses USPTO's unique Patent and Trademark Acquisition Guidelines (PTAG) (adopted March 10, 2003; revised October 3, 2013) to conduct acquisitions in an efficient and innovative manner, including using performance based contracts, contracting for commercial items, reverse auctioning, and oral proposals. It is our goal to continually identify and utilize new techniques to develop partnerships with industry.

Our Vendor Information page includes helpful information, such as current USPTO contracts and awards, information for small businesses, the USPTO Vendor Portal (eInvoicing/eDeliverable submission), information on our Performance Based Organization (PBO) procedures, and other related topics.

Cheryl Newberger is the Acting Director of the Office of Procurement.

The Office of Procurement is composed of the Policy, Programs and Compliance Division and three operational contracting support divisions: CIO Systems Division, Patents Systems and Software Division, and the Trademark and Corporate Systems Division.  

Policy, Programs and Compliance Division

Policy, Programs and Compliance Division has primary responsibility for the following functions and activities:

  • Coordinating, implementing, and maintaining OP policies and guidance, including guidance related to simplified acquisition procedures, contracts, and purchase card procurements;
  • Measuring OP performance against established goals for competition, performance-based service contracts, and various small business programs;
  • Evaluating the execution of the procurement function to assess compliance with legislation, regulations, and Department of Commerce and USPTO OP policies and procedures;
  • Ensuring that Federal Procurement System Next Generation (FPDS-NG) procurement data is current, complete, and accurate;
  • Managing and overseeing the USPTO Purchase Card Program;
  • Ensuring that completed contracts are closed out and excess funds are recouped; and
  • Familiarizing the small business community with USPTO product and service needs.

Loren Sunell is the Division Chief of the Policy, Programs and Compliance Division.

Operational Contracting Support Divisions

The operational contracting staff divisions are strategically aligned with our USPTO customer base to facilitate effective business partnerships and leverage process efficiencies for the acquisition of quality products and services.  The goals, objectives, and responsibilities of the operational divisions are as follows:

  • Serve as the acquisition and business adviser and interact with USPTO business units to implement all Department of Commerce, UPSTO, OCFO, and OP procurement and acquisition policies and procedures;
  • Ensure USPTO compliance with applicable acquisition rules and regulations;
  • Ensure that the highest level of procurement integrity is followed in all procurements;
  • Research and implement innovative and effective business solutions in support of the USPTO, OCFO, and OP mission;
  • Establish advance planning techniques in partnership with program offices to link their goals with the USPTOs strategic, budget, and information technology plans;
  • Coordinate and conduct all procurement planning, solicitation, proposal evaluation, negotiation, and award functions in support of USPTO business units;
  • Provide customers and associated contractors timely and efficient contract execution, administration, funding, and closeout services;
  • Foster open communications to promote, build, and nurture effective partnerships with industry, other agencies, and internal stakeholders to keep abreast of best practices; and
  • Respond to internal and external data calls and requests for procurement and contracting information.

Kristin Fuller is the Division Chief of the CIO Systems Division.

Nadine Rafaels is the Division Chief of the Patents Systems and Software Division.

Nicole Smith is the Division Chief of the Trademark and Corporate Systems Division.