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Participate in the Patent Center 2019 Beta release

Feedback provided by participants will guide further improvements to new system

Patent Center is the USPTO's next generation patent filing and application management system and will eventually replace both EFS-Web and PAIR. Patent Center features a unified, user-friendly interface that will eventually incorporate and surpass all capabilities of the older systems. The beta release is scheduled to begin in October 2019.

In Patent Center Beta, participants will utilize newly developed filing and management features to submit and manage active patent applications. Feedback provided by participants will help guide further improvements to the system.

Stakeholders can participate in this project by signing up to join the waitlist for the Patent Center Beta. Interested participants should email with the subject line “Participation Request: Patent Center Beta Release.” Our project team will contact external stakeholders in phases for group training and access to Patent Center as the Beta progresses.

For more information, please visit the Patent Center webpage. For questions or comments regarding Patent Center, please contact

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Patent Electronic Business Center

The Patent Electronic Business Center (EBC) assists customers with the various Patent Electronic Systems which include filing their electronic patent application submissions via the Electronic Filing System (EFS-Web) and with the review of patent applications in Public and Private PAIR, as well as supporting customers while Searching the Patent and Application Full-Text Image DatabasesThe Electronic Business Center proudly serves the IP community with extended daytime and after-hours technical assistance on a wide range of support topics related to these systems.

Check the System Alerts pages for announcements of all planned and unplanned outages of all USPTO Online Business systems.  See also EFS-Web Announcements  and PAIR Announcements.
Patent Electronic Business Center Contact Info

1-866-217-9197 (toll-free)
571-272-4100 (local)

6:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday

Fax:  571-273-0177
Postal Address: Mail Stop EBC
Commissioner for Patents
PO Box 1450
Alexandria, VA 22313-1450

New to Patents?

Please first review the New Users section and Frequently Asked Questions for introductory information about the various USPTO Patent Electronic Systems and tools.

How We Can Help

The EBC offers in-depth technical support to external users of the USPTO's Patent Electronic Systems comprised of EFS-WEB, Public and Private PAIR, and Patent Center.  We offer one-on-one support, online electronic filing information, instructional material, support and is available to assist users through one-on-one support during its normal business hours. The EBC also serves as a liaison in directing customers to other USPTO organizations that can address their specialized business issues and needs.

If you are having a problem with a system on the website, you are experiencing a problem after regular USPTO business hours, or you are not even exactly sure what is wrong, our staff of highly trained customer support specialists can help you identify the root problem, assist you, direct you to the appropriate call center, or escalate your issue to a specialized group as needed.  We are here to help!

Major Support Areas

  • Submitting your Patent Application via EFS-Web
  • Viewing Application information in Public and Private PAIR
  • Searching for Patents in AppFT and PatFT
  • Patent Electronic System Verification Form and Customer Number Issues and Assistance
  • account authentication for Private PAIR and EFS-WEB including Web Browser Problems
  • Technical Problems or Errors with your Patent Application
  • PDX/DAS Registration Inquires and Issues
  • Technical Problems with Biotech Tools such as PatentIn and Checker 

Becoming a Registered Account User

Customer Number and a registered account are required to take full advantage of the Patent Electronic Systems. The EBC also assists customers in managing customer number associations with addresses and filed applications.

Related Forms

  • Patent Electronic  Verification Form [PDF, 63kB]   Instructions  [73kB PDF Document]  
    This form is used to register your account which will provide you the means to gain secure access to your application information as well as public domain info.
  • Customer Number Request form  [fillable PDF, 208kB]  
    This form is used to request a customer number. 
    New - Customer Number requests can now be submitted online via Private PAIR where you will immediately receive your new number - More info
  • Request for Customer Number Data Change [filllable PDF, 180kB]  
    This form is used to request changes in current customer number information.
  • Customer Number Upload Spreadsheet  [MS Excel, 241kB]  
    This is a spreadsheet template used to associate your customer number with your applications. 
    One can additionally file a change of correspondence address form PTO/AIA/122 or PTO/SB122 to an individual application to change the correspondence address to a customer number. 
    New – Correspondence and Maintenance Fee address changes can now be submitted online via Private PAIR  - More info
    *Address changes made via Private PAIR are only available to registered practitioners who have been given power of attorney in the application.  
  • Request to Update a PCT Application with a Customer Number form [MS Word, 34.5kB] 
    This allows you to  associate a PCT application in the International phase with a Customer Number for purposes of viewing the PCT application in Private PAIR.

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