eMod Text Pilot Program

Published on: 01/13/2017 9:27 AM


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eMod Text Pilot Program

We are excited to announce the expansion of the eMod Text Pilot Program, which was developed by the USPTO in response to significant input and feedback from many users of the current EFS-Web and PAIR systems.

To participate in the eMod Text Pilot Program, please carefully review the eMod Text Pilot Participant Guidelines and make sure that the use of the Text features offered in the pilot is the right choice for you as it changes current processes for many filing activities.  Participation in the program will allow participants access to new functionality and incentives such as the ability to submit text and receiving Office actions in text but does not change any statutory obligations associated with filing a patent application.  If you agree to the terms stated in the Pilot Participation Guidelines, please fill out our participation form

The goal of the eMod Text Pilot Program is to have applicants utilize new features to file patent applications (specifically the specification, claims and abstract for new utility applications) in text, and provide feedback to the eMod Team for further improvements. The new text features introduced in EFS-Web and Private PAIR through the pilot program will be incorporated into Patent Center, the new patent electronic filing and management system in development.  For more information about the eMod Text Pilot Program, please visit our eMod Participant Programs page.

Please send any comments or questions about the Pilot Program to eMod@USPTO.gov.