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File and search Inter Partes Review (IPR), Transitional Program for Covered Business Method Patents (CBM), Post Grant Review (PGR), and Derivation Proceeding (DER) America Invents Act (AIA) review cases


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  • To search without creating a user id and password:
    1. Fill out at least one of the four Search PTAB fields on the login page.
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Technical issues

1. Only PDF and MPEG format files (MPEG, MPG, MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, M1A, M2A, M1V, MPA, MPV) may be uploaded in PTAB E2E. Password-protected files are not accepted. Users are encouraged to convert other file types, such as Microsoft Word documents, into text-searchable PDF files instead of printing and scanning to make flat PDF files.

2. To request a conference call for a particular case (e.g., to request authorization to file a motion), contact the Board at (link sends e-mail). Copy the other party or parties to the proceeding on your email, indicate the relief being requested or the subject matter of the conference call, state whether the opposing party or parties oppose the request, and include times when all parties are available. Unless otherwise authorized, do not include attachments in the email and do not use the (link sends e-mail) email address for substantive communications to the Board. Parties may also contact the Board by telephone at (571) 272-7822.

3. Effective October, 2, 2020, new fees will be charged for filing a petition for an inter partes review, post-grant review, or covered business method patent review. See Setting and Adjusting Patent Fees, 85 Fed. Reg. 46932 (37 C.F.R. § 42.15); also see FAQs E6-E7.

4. Effective March 16, 2013, an applicant for a first inventor-to-file patent may file a derivation petition. See FAQs I1-I5.

5. Effective January 14, 2013 (effective date of the AIA Technical Corrections Act), a petitioner may file an inter partes review petition challenging a first-to-invent patent or reissue patent upon issuance including during the first nine months after issuance.

6. Petitioner can pay for their petition using another individual's account if they have authorization:

  • The petitioner must create an account via MyUSPTO (if one does not already exist)
    • Contact the individual whose account the petitioner will be using to pay for the AIA trial; that individual must be the administrator of the payment account in Financial Manager.
    • The administrator of the payment account adds the new user. Find out how to do so at Financial Manager user permissions.
    • Once the account is set up, the new user can pay for the AIA Trial.
    • For more information, visit Financial Manager help

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PTAB E2E demo - Boardside Chat, June 23, 2016


PTAB E2E external user guides 

  • How to use PTAB E2E (updated Oct. 14, 2017)



PTAB E2E Frequently Asked Questions 



Previous changes

An update standardized the PTAB E2E menu dropdown options for upload documents.  The edit pencil icon includes a dropdown for filing documents related to either Motions, Rehearing and Appeal, and the AIA Actions dropdown includes an Other Documents option (which is the same as the edit pencil icon).

For help with questions about PTAB E2E, contact PTAB at 571-272-7822 or email,