Precedential Opinion Panel (POP) Request: Amicus Form

PTAB/AF/1 (11/20)

This submission form allows individuals to submit an amicus request supporting or opposing a pending request for POP review in a particular case. Individuals must provide certain information about themselves and the case in which the POP request has been made, can explain why they support or oppose the POP request (e.g., the decision is/is not contrary to Supreme Court, Federal Circuit, or Board precedent), and must certify that the form is being submitted within seven business days of entry of the Notification of Receipt of POP Request into the case docket or patent application file. This information will be entered into the record of the case or patent application.

*items are mandatory


(e.g., none, law firm, university, company, association)

(e.g., none or XYZ, Inc.)

(e.g., IPR2020-01234; 2008-001183)

(e.g., ABC Corp. v. 123 Corp.)

(For IPR, PGR, or CBM case numbers; e.g., Paper 115)

(Limited to 3000 characters)

(e.g., none or subsidiary of ABC Corp.)


 (e.g., /signaturename/)