Eligibility Forum (Subject Matter Eligibility)

A public forum will be hosted at the Alexandria campus of the USPTO on Jan. 21, 2015, to receive public feedback from any interested member of the public. The Eligibility Forum will be an opportunity for the Office to provide an overview of the Interim Eligibility Guidance and for participants to present their interpretation of the impact of Supreme Court precedent on the complex legal and technical issues involved in subject matter eligibility analysis during examination by providing oral feedback on the Interim Eligibility Guidance and claim example sets. Individuals will be provided an opportunity to make a presentation, to the extent that time permits.

Date and Location: The Eligibility Forum will be held on Jan. 21, 2015, from 1pm – 5pm EST, in the Madison Auditorium North (Concourse Level), Madison Building, 600 Dulany Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. The meeting will also be accessible via WebEx.

Requests for Attendance at the Eligibility Forum: Requests for attendance to the Eligibility Forum should be submitted by electronic mail through the Internet to 2014_interim_guidance@uspto.gov by JAN. 9, 2015. Requests for attendance must include the attendee's name, affiliation, title, mailing address, and telephone number. An Internet e-mail address, if available, should also be provided.

When requesting attendance, individuals should indicate whether they wish to make a formal presentation. The Office will attempt to accommodate all persons wishing to make a presentation, but may need to limit the length or number of presentations given time constraints. Individuals will be notified of accepted requests for attendance by the USPTO no later than one week prior to the date of the meeting. Space is limited. Accordingly, it may not be possible to accommodate all requests, and only those with an accepted attendance request will be permitted to attend. If necessary, non-accepted requesters will be notified by the USPTO. The meeting will also be accessible via WebEx. Access instructions will be posted on this page by the forum date.

In order to ensure a broad cross-section of attendees, the USPTO reserves the right to limit the number of attendees from any single organization or law firm. Therefore, organizations and law firms must designate their official representatives.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Raul Tamayo by telephone at (571) 272-7728 or Jennifer Lo at (571) 272- 7640 or via email to Raul.Tamayo@uspto.gov or Jennifer.Lo@uspto.gov.