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Notice Concerning Payment of Appeal Forwarding Fee under 37 CFR 41.45 and Improper Use of Deposit Account General Authorization under 37 CFR 1.25(b)

The Office has issued a notice concerning the payment of the appeal forwarding fee and the improper use of the deposit account general authorization under 37 CFR 1.25(b) to pay appeal fees. As detailed in the notice, the Office is temporarily waiving the timing requirement of 37 CFR 41.45(a) as to payment of the appeal forwarding fee and additionally accepting payment of appeal and petition fees under 37 CFR 41.20 that mistakenly relied on general deposit account authorization to make payment until May 1, 2014.

To assist appellants in the payment of appeal fees, the Office has amended Notice of Appeal forms SB/31 (Pre-AIA) and AIA/31 (AIA) by removing the box that erroneously provided authorization to charge a general deposit account.  The removal of this box from the form will prevent the applicant from mistakenly authorizing payment under 37 CFR 1.25(b).

The Office has also created a new appeal forwarding fee transmittal form (AIA/34).

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