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Images of Innovation

The 2014 Innovation Festival was held November 1-2 at the  National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Beneath the museum's iconic lunar modules and fighter jets, over 32,000 visitors experienced up close and personal investigations of innovation at work. Festival attendees met face-to-face with inventors of advanced technologies, heard from some of the past's most inspiring innovators through actor reenactments, and learned about the important role intellectual property plays in bringing about the innovations that shape our lives and our future. 


attendees mull about the 2014 Innovation Festival with a space-age traveler

actors portraying Leonardo DaVinci and Albert Einstein converse amusedly

A student demonstrates a FIRST robot to onlookers

Overhead shot of 2014 innovation festival at Air and Space Museum

A festival exhibitor helps a young attendee with a touch screen display