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Silicon Valley Roundtable

This event has already been held.  The information below is provided for reference purposes.

February 2013 Listening Sessions

To kick-off the Software Partnership, the USPTO sponsored two events in February. The events had identical agendas and provided a forum for the public to offer input on topics within the purview of the USPTO, such as enhancing the quality of software-related patents through implementing best practices in patent application preparation and utilizing the existing statutory framework to improve examination.

Silicon Valley Roundtable

The first roundtable was held in Silicon Valley at Stanford University on February 12, 2013. It was well attended and featured 12 speakers from different areas of the software community.


For each session, three topics related to software-related patents and applications were covered:

  1. establishing clear boundaries for claims that use functional language;
  2. future discussion topics for the Software Partnership; and
  3. preparation of patent applications by employing certain claiming techniques.


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A recording of the Silicon Valley roundtable is available in three parts:  Part I; Part II; Part III. Each part has been captioned.

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