Reponse 2016 Booker

July 15, 2015

Ms. Margaret Focarino Commissioner for Patents

United States Patent and Trademark Office Office of Independent Inventor Programs 600 Dulaney Street

Madison East, Rm 1OC65

Alexandria, VA  22313

Re:     Eugene T. Booker

Dear Ms. Focarino:

In accordance with the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999, we are responding to the complaint of Eugene T. Booker, dated March 27, 2015, which was attached to your letter dated June 17, 2015.

Mr. Booker contracted for the first stage of our services nearly twenty (20) years ago. We prepared a Basic Information Package (BIP) on his invention.  The BIP assembled basic information about his invention and the history of its development in a report format.  Our records indicate that Mr. Booker did not contract for the second stage of our services and we never submitted information regarding Mr. Booker's invention to industry.  Therefore, his discovery of a product which he believes to be similar to his invention has absolutely nothing to do with lnventHelp.

Further, lnventHelp has not moved since Mr. Booker contracted with us; therefore, we have no idea why he is making this claim.

Due to the length of time that has elapsed since Mr. Booker contracted with our company and the complaint's lack of validity, we respectfully request that your file on this matter be closed.


Nora H. Miller

Compliance Director