Complaints: February 2017 Holbrook


DATE OF CORRESPONDENCE: February 24, 2017 

Name of the Invention Promotion  Company:  World Patent Marketing 

Invention Promoter's Address: 1680 Meridian Ave Ste 6000 Miami Beach, Florida 33139 

ShapeComplainant's Name:  Holbrook  Whitham 

Complainant's Address:  10924 Bayfield Way Parker, CO  80138 

Customer's  Name:  Holbrook Whitham 


Name  of mass media  invention promoter advertised  in: Internet 

Invention promotion service offered to be performed: Research, Development and Designing, Marketing and Patent Attorney contracting For USPTO Filing of invention 

Explanation of complaint between customer and invention promoter: 

-Misleading information + inaccurate statements of what aspects can be incorporated in each type of patent application 

-Unauthorized World Patent Marketing staff submittance of never seen altered illustrations of my invention to the contacted Patent Attorney who filed them with the USPTO 

-Lacks of communication from the contracted attorney for verification from me on illustration approval prior to filing a misrepresentation of my invention with the USPTO 

-Failure to pay second Patent Attorney who was working on fixing the errors of the first attorney filing 

-Failure to refund me my vested $7000.00 based on breach of contract + services not rendered 


Signed:/s/ HolbrookDate: 2-24-17