Complaint: December 2014 Grant


DATE OF CORRESPONDENCE: December 2nd, 2014

Name of the Invention Promotion Company: Davison

Invention Promoter's Address:   595 Alpha Drive Pittsburgh PA. 15238 Complainant's Name: Debra Grant

Complainant's Address: 117 Royal Oak RD. Canton, MS. 39046 Customer's Name: Debra Grant


Name of mass media invention promoter advertised in: TV

Invention promotion service offered to be performed: Service offered, was to develop my idea and product a product sample and packaging.

Explanation of complaint between customer and invention promoter:

My complaint against Davison is after having scheduled meetings with Benjamin Hunter, the director of product design from September 2008 to March 2009 I gave him many ideas. At the initial stage of our contract I gave Davison a preliminary sketch of my idea called the "Curved Iron". I paid $600.00 in hopes of receiving help to develop my idea. What I received was a "poorly", but professional idealization drawing "that was bate", to spark my interest. We had conference calls and brainstorming sessions that I thought was to redesign my idealization drawing, but at the end of all of the discussions it was never changed. Davison gave me the names of company's he would pitch my ideal to, Conair was one of them. I fell that Davison got a utility patent for my idea and received license agreements with companies for the use of the techniques that was never seen on the market until I gave Davison my ideas. The"You Style, You Curl, The Infinity Pro, all use the technology that I gave to Davison. The last call and conversation I had with Benjamin was him asking me for $14,000.00 I did not have. I told him before I paid him $ 685.00, that I would pay the amount only if he knew that Davison would not come back and ask for more money. He told me that they would not and for the .$685.00, the least that I · would receive would be a product sample and its packaging. I reported Davison to the Better Business Bureau, someone from Davison answered my complaint but never denied that they stole my idea. The only thing I want is assurance that Davison is not associated with the "You Style, You Curl, the Infinity Pro, or the Curl Secret Trademark. If Davison is associated with the curl secret technology, sold licensing agreements or s affiliated with the utility patent of curling apparatus in 2009-2014 then he should be obligated to pay me the royalty. I would like the FTC to provide me with the name afflicated with the trademark, utility patent and license agreements for the You Style, You Curl, the Infinity Pro, and the Curl Secret Trademark this information would be very helpful to me. How could someone continue to run a deceptive scam even while being sued and on trial. He shouldn't be allowed to patent anything and his business needs to be shut down.


Signed:/s/                                            Date:  1/28/2015