Complaint 2013 Tipton



Name of the Invention Promotion Company: Davison

Invention Promoter's Address: 595 Alpha Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2991

Complainant's Name: Laura Tipton

Complainant's Address: 400 N. Faver Drive, Castle Rock, CO 80109

Customer's Name: Laura Tipton


Name of mass media invention promoter advertised in: Internet

Invention promotion service offered to be performed: Create presentation material, product sample, packaging sample, product quotes, provisional patent application & hard copy for the executive summary.

Explanation of complaint between customer and invention promoter: This being my first experience with an invention, I went with the company called Davison. They promised in a written and signed document that they would provide me with Presentation Material, Product Sample, Packaging Sample, Production Quotes, Provisional Patent Application and Hard Copy for the Executive Summary.

I never received the Production Quotes or Hard Copy of the Executive summary. I was initially charged $8815.00 and an agreement to pay Davison 10% of any profit made off the sale of the invention, and was told there would be no further fees if I agreed to this payment term. Once production was in the works, I was given a different contact person who then asked me for a $125 filing fee for my provisional patent filing. When I questioned the fee, they said it was because of the Federal filing fee, it had nothing to do with our agreement.

Once production was done, I was then asked to pay a $385 "handling fee" in order to package and present to a client. At this time I was also asked to pay a $2500 film fee to make a video commercial of the product. I questioned the fees again and was told that this was the last step in getting my product licensed and on the market. I looked back at the contract and it does state in section L. "The Client shall not be responsible for any additional expenses to Davison within the scope and term of this Agreement." They name that I may have to pay 1 additional "handling fee". So I declined the video fee and paid the handling fee. My product sat on the shelf for months before it was offered to another party, and I was then told I would have to pay another "$385" handling fee to get it seen by another party. I terminated the relationship at this point and asked for all my materials to be sent to me. I was NOT sent the full prototype and advertising material, but should also have the FULL Patent, not just a provisional one in place! I sincerely feel they have ripped me off financially as well as ethically. They should not be allowed to operate as a business. I also believe they intentionally tried to let my provisional patent run out so they could potentially take my product for their own benefit!


Signed:/s/ Laura Tipton Date: January 5, 2013